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Top predictions for financial services in 2023

OpenText Information Management

With inflation, rising interest rates and general economic uncertainty, last year presented several challenges for financial services institutions (FSIs).

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Data Protection in Financial Services Week 2022

Data Matters

Sidley and OneTrust DataGuidance are pleased to announce that registration is now open for their annual Data Protection in Financial Services (DPFS) Week. Join us from February 28 – March 3 for DPFS Week 2022 , a series of webinars looking at the impacts of data privacy across the financial sector.


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What can AI and generative AI do for governments?

IBM Big Data Hub

When implemented in a responsible way—where the technology is fully governed, privacy is protected and decision making is transparent and explainable—AI has the power to usher in a new era of government services. AI’s value is not limited to advances in industry and consumer products alone.

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[Podcast] Exploring the New Norm of IIM in State and Local Government


More and more records managers in state and local government operations tell me that their job is changing. Marni is a member of the AIIM Leadership Council and an expert in ECM and Digital Transformation with a focus on Healthcare, Financial Services, and state and local government operations. What can you do?

ECM 190
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Financial services continue to lead in cybersecurity preparedness, but chinks appear in the armor

Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing

Financial services continue to lead in cybersecurity preparedness, but chinks appear in the armor. However, all this attention from cyber criminals, as well as regulators and governments, has produced an extremely resilient industry with some of the best cyber security practices of any sector. Thu, 09/01/2022 - 05:15.

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The importance of data quality in Financial Services


Financial services are highly regulated and maintain a strong focus on compliance and risk management. Considering that major financial organizations handle enormous amounts of data today, they require data accuracy and integrity at all times to minimize risks. What is data quality in financial services?

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AI Governance: Break open the black box

IBM Big Data Hub

Customers, employees and shareholders expect organizations to use AI responsibly, and government entities are demanding it. Failure to meet regulations can lead to government intervention in the form of regulatory audits or fines, damage to the organization’s reputation with shareholders and customers, and revenue loss.