The Importance of “Legacy” in Colleges and Universities

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North Carolina Central University, NC Agricultural and Technical State University, Alcorn State University, Tennessee State University and East Carolina University. COBOL programming has been around for more than 60 years, and many consider this a “legacy” language, even though it is still used by governments and the financial services sector. By Cameron Seay , guest blogger. The global economy runs on mainframes.

EU data governance regulation – a wave of digital, regulatory and antitrust reform begins – Part 1

Data Protection Report

The EC’s digital regulatory and antitrust agenda is highly ambitious, including not only the Digital Strategy, but also the EC’s white paper on artificial intelligence and consultations on the Digital Services Act package, a “ New Competition Tool ” ( NCT ) to allow the EC to investigate and require changes in market structure without showing an antitrust infringement, and the EC notice on market definition. A new category of data broker called data sharing services providers.

Observations on the Cybersecurity Executive Order and Presidential Policy Directive

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The Executive Order, “ Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity ,” and the Presidential Policy Directive (“PPD”), “ Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience ,” signed by President Obama on February 12, 2013, raise the stakes in the national debate over cybersecurity requirements and seem likely, if not designed, to provoke a legislative response. Industry has good reason to pay attention.