Key trends for the Financial Services industry in 2022

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As we head into 2022, it’s clear that the Financial Services industry overall has responded well to the impact of COVID-19 — but it hasn’t emerged unscathed. Banking & Insurance employee experience Financial Service Industry personalization in banking

Information Advantage for Financial Services in 2020

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For 2020, we’re going to see financial services companies accentuate and accelerate the priorities of recent years. Financial Services and Insurance organizations will continue … The post Information Advantage for Financial Services in 2020 appeared first on OpenText Blogs.


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Financial Service versus Fraud – the Battle Continues

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How Banks and Insurance Providers can Leverage Modern Solutions for Modern Fraud Despite these financial headwinds, new ways are emerging for FIs to differentiate on the quality of fraud prevention and outreach they can provide to customers

Key financial services trends as the world emerges from COVID-19

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In January, I wrote a predictions blog that said the priorities of the financial services industry would not change greatly over the next 12 months! Industries Banking & Insurance financial services digital financial services

Three use cases for cloud fax in financial services

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It stands to reason, then, that fax would be the bedrock of financial communications, but are there ways to make it even better? The paper problem Financial services workflows have always been heavily paper-based.

Financial services are embracing multi-cloud


That’s according to an independent report by 451 Research, ‘Multi-Cloud Fundamental to Financial Services Transformation.’ Banking & Capital Markets Cloud Insurance financial services hybrid cloudMulti-clouds — environments made up of multiple public and private clouds typically used for different purposes — may well be the cloud of choice for banks.

Industry Guide to Financial Services: What’s driving digital transformation across financial services institutions?

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To compete and succeed in today’s fast-changing business climate, banks, insurance companies and other financial services institutions (FSIs) need to have three priorities to contend with new technologies, new market entrants and new ways of working that are changing expectations for the industry. Enterprise World Industry Bank banks Enterprise World 2019 financial services Insurance insurance industry

The Financial Service and Insurance Industries Need Intelligent Document Processing; Here’s Why

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Analyst firm IDC recently published a Vendor Spotlight report featuring ASG Mobius Content Services (Mobius) and its applications in the financial service and insurance industries. IDP Trends in the Financial and Insurance Industries.

Could digital fax be a secret weapon for cybersecurity in financial services?

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It’s estimated that the financial services sector could see as much as $6 trillion in cybercrime damages in 2021. In fact, research shows that financial services firms are over 300 times more … The post Could digital fax be a secret weapon for cybersecurity in financial services?

Bridging the data ‘achievement gap’ for financial services

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Every financial services organization today understands the importance of data maturity. Most financial institutions are striving to combine … The post Bridging the data ‘achievement gap’ for financial services appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

AI in Financial Services is growing, but there’s a way to go

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We recently wrote a blog on how AI in Financial Services can improve customer experience. It came as a bit of a surprise as … The post AI in Financial Services is growing, but there’s a way to go appeared first on OpenText Blogs. It’s funny how the world works. Then, my bank showed me that there’s still some work to be done. Let me explain. Last week, I received a letter from my bank.

A time of reflection: Five tips for Financial Services in 2019

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The New Year is upon us, and with it come new challenges and opportunities for the Financial Services industry. Enterprise World Industry 2019 financial services financial services industry financial services institutions Insurance trends

Achieving digital transformation in the insurance industry

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Research has consistently shown that senior management within the insurance sector think digital transformation is critical to their business. While executives see transformation as essential, achieving success is proving to be much more difficult, with a global report recently published by Cap Gemini suggests that insurance companies are lagging behind other Financial Services organizations.

New York Department of Financial Services Issues First Guidance by a U.S. Regulator Concerning Cyber Insurance

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On February 4, 2021, the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) issued Circular Letter No. 2 announcing a Cyber Insurance Risk Framework (the Framework) that describes industry best practices for New York-regulated property/casualty insurers. According to NYDFS, the incorporation of these practices should be proportionate to each insurer’s size, resources, geographic distribution, and other factors. Rigorously Measure Insured Risk.

Three data-driven trends to watch in financial services in 2022


The financial services industry has had a longstanding tradition of being at the forefront of adopting new technologies. To drive successful AI initiatives at scale, financial institutions will require a comprehensive AI governance strategy as a foundational pillar.

US banks Q3 results shine light on financial services innovation

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For example, ChatBot technology is becoming particularly popular in banking for customer service, by cutting down handling times and accelerating payments processing, enabling better customer interaction by eliminating errors and increasing efficiency. Tony Antenucci, VP of Banking, Financial Services and Insurance for Teleperformance Digital Integrated Business Services comments : “The way customers interact with their bank in the US is changing.

NY Department of Financial Services Issues Cyber Fraud Alert to Regulated Entities Using Instant Quote Websites

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The NYDFS learned of the threat after receiving reports from auto insurers that cybercriminals were targeting their premium quote sites to steal driver’s license numbers. Cybersecurity Financial Privacy U.S.

New York Department of Financial Services Issues Guidance Regarding Life Insurers’ Use of External Consumer Data in Underwriting

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On January 18, 2019, the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) issued Circular Letter 2019-1 (the Circular Letter), addressing insurers’ use of external consumer data and information sources in underwriting for life insurance. In other words, insurers may not use an external data source to collect or use information that the insurer would otherwise be prohibited from collecting or using directly.

First American Title Insurance Co. Faces Charges in NY

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Company Could Be Fined $1,000 for Each Violation of State Cybersecurity Law The New York State Department of Financial Services has filed civil charges against First American Title Insurance Co.,

First American Financial Pays Farcical $500K Fine

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In May 2019, KrebsOnSecurity broke the news that the website of mortgage settlement giant First American Financial Corp. NYSE:FAF ] was leaking more than 800 million documents — many containing sensitive financial data — related to real estate transactions dating back 16 years.

Historic Charges: First Enforcement Action Filed by New York Department of Financial Services Under Cybersecurity Regulation

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On July 21, 2020, the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS or the Department) issued a statement of charges and notice of hearing (the Statement) against First American Title Insurance Company (First American) for violations of the Department’s Cybersecurity Requirements for Financial Services Companies, 23 N.Y.C.R.R. The NYDFS alleges that First American, one of the largest providers of title insurance in the U.S.,

Nurturing relationships while working remotely

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As more and more people are instructed to stay at home, it’s impossible to overestimate the importance of seamless and continuous engagements with financial services customers. Customer Experience Industries Banking & Insurance financial services Banking financial services industry digital banking coronavirus Covid-19

NY Charges First American Financial for Massive Data Leak

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In May 2019, KrebsOnSecurity broke the news that the website of mortgage title insurance giant First American Financial Corp. First American Financial Corp. Data Breaches The Coming Storm First American Financial Corp.

Why `digital fakers’ have nowhere to hide

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Banking & Insurance Customer Experience digital financial services digital transformationI recently attended two really amazing events: the MoneyLive Summit in London and the OpenText™ Middle East Summit in Dubai.

Why trusted advise is vital in uncertain times

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Customer Experience Banking & Insurance financial services digital financial services digital banking retail banking coronavirusThere’s a danger that writing a blog focused on the current Coronavirus outbreak could be seen as a cynical marketing ploy.

Friend or foe? Data interoperability key to trust in payments

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Information Management IoT & Supply Chain Industries Banking & Insurance Banking Payments digital transformation digital financial services Financial Service Industry data integration digital banking finextra payments industry data interoperability

NY Payroll Company Vanishes With $35 Million

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Unlike many stories here about cloud service providers being extorted by hackers for ransomware payouts , this snafu appears to have been something of an inside job. — disclosed last week in a rather unceremonious message to some 4,000 clients that it would be shutting its virtual doors and that companies which relied upon it to process payroll payments should kindly look elsewhere for such services going forward.

NY Investigates Exposure of 885 Million Mortgage Documents

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New York regulators are investigating a weakness that exposed 885 million mortgage records at First American Financial Corp. That measure, which went into effect in March 2019 and is considered among the toughest in the nation, requires financial companies to regularly audit and report on how they protect sensitive data, and provides for fines in cases where violations were reckless or willful. ” A Little Sunshine Data Breaches First American Financial Corp.

Providing a superior experience for commercial banking customers

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Content Services Banking & Insurance OpenText cloud financial services Salesforce ECM Banking enterprise content management digital transformation Information Management Extended ECM content services ecm integration better business processes

Vermont Enacts Insurance Data Security Law

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On May 27, 2022, Vermont Governor Phil Scott signed H.515 , making Vermont the twenty-first state to enact legislation based on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners Insurance Data Security Model Law (“MDL-668”).

NY Department of Financial Services Issues Reminder for Cybersecurity Filing Deadline

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On January 22, 2018, the New York Department of Financial Services (“NYDFS”) issued a press release reminding entities covered by its cybersecurity regulation that the first certification of compliance with the regulation is due on or prior to February 15, 2018. As DFS continues to implement its landmark cybersecurity regulation, we will take proactive steps to protect our financial services industry from cyber criminals.”.

Los servicios financieros abrazan la multinube


Eso se desprende del último informe realizado por 451 Research, “Multi-Cloud Fundamental to Financial Services Transformation” y yo no lo pienso discutir. Banking & Capital Markets Cloud Insurance financial services hybrid cloudLos entornos multinube (formados por varias nubes, públicas y privadas, que se utilizan normalmente para diferentes propósitos) pueden considerarse como la opción preferida de los bancos.

NAIC Insurance Data Security Law Annual Certifications: Is Yours Due By February 15?

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Most cybersecurity professionals are aware of the New York Department of Financial Service’s requirement imposed on DFS-licensed entities to certify their cybersecurity program’s compliance on an annual basis (by April 15th of each year), but less well known is that numerous other states impose similar requirements on regulated insurance entities and that deadline for many states is coming up on February 15, 2021.

The state of AI and information readiness in banking

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Yet, only a quarter of respondents felt they could pull front and back end systems together to deliver optimum customer service. According to a new report on the global banking industry from Finextra, 45% of retail banks say they can onboard a new customer in under 40 minutes.

Striking a balance between security and usability of sensitive data

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Last year, the number of personal records exposed by cyber attacks on the financial services industry was an incredible 446,575,334 – more than triple from the year before. The financial and reputational damage from these data breaches can be immense.

Be a digital bank, don’t just look like one

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AI & Analytics Customer Experience Industries Banking & Insurance AI Analytics Banking contextual banking digital banking digital banking report financial service Open BankingThere’s a stark truth in banking: the better your customer experience, the more successful you will be.

How Data Science Experience improves accuracy for the insurance industry

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In this Q&A, IBM financial services solution architect Irina Saburova discusses an insurance use case with IBM Data Science Marketing Lead Rosie Pongracz. In this scenario common to the insurance industry, an organization needs to adjust its operations based on upcoming weather event and multiple weather indicators can improve forecast accuracy

Four Use Cases Proving the Benefits of Metadata-Driven Automation


The banking, financial services and insurance industry typically deals with higher data velocity and tighter regulations than most. Metadata-Driven Automation in the Insurance Industry. Insurance is another industry that has to cope with high data velocity and stringent data regulations. Organization’s cannot hope to make the most out of a data-driven strategy, without at least some degree of metadata-driven automation.

Keeping Up with New Data Protection Regulations


Some industries, such as healthcare and financial services, have been subject to stringent data regulations for years: GDPR now joins the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS). Due to these pre-existing regulations, organizations operating within these sectors, as well as insurance, had some of the GDPR compliance bases covered in advance.

Cybersecurity Standards for the Insurance Sector – A New Patchwork Quilt in the US?

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In the past two years, multiple state bills that have been introduced in the US to provide for cybersecurity requirements and standards to the insurance sector, with recent legislative activity taking place in particular within the States of Ohio, South Carolina, and Michigan. The entering into effect of multiple state laws in this area may present challenges for insurance providers operating in states where such cybersecurity requirements are provided for.