7 tips for preventing ransomware attacks

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Top tips for defending against ransomware . That is, of course, easier said than done, particularly if you don’t have a cyber security expert onboard. The post 7 tips for preventing ransomware attacks appeared first on IT Governance Blog.

New Video Course for State Agencies

The Texas Record

We are pleased to announce a new online video course for state agency records management officers and records liaisons. we are currently revamping local government online courses as well!). Click here to access the video on the course page.

3 GDPR compliance tips for small businesses

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Depending on how well versed they are in the Regulation’s requirements, managers might benefit from taking a foundation training course that provides a practical demonstration of the implications and legal requirements of the GDPR for organisations.

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5 tips to keep your data safe and secure

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To avoid this fate, you should enrol your staff on a phishing staff awareness course to help them identify scams and learn what they should and shouldn’t do if they receive one. One way to do this is to enrol your employees on an information security awareness course.

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New Pluralsight Course: Care and Maintenance of Development VMs

Troy Hunt

Regular readers will know I create a lot of Pluralsight courses. It's now 5 years ago I started writing my first one which incidentally, is still my highest rated course every month (apparently the OWASP Top 10 as it relates to ASP.NET is still a big thing). Most of the time, the courses I create are on topics I know well, primarily on security but occasionally with a bit of cloud and development practices sprinkled in for variety.

Top tips for starting a career in cyber security

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Tips for starting a career in cyber security . Attending relevant training courses will give you the vital skills and experience needed to fulfil a cyber security role.

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E-Commerce Holiday Planning with Pricing Tips

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In this article, we are not going to bombard you with conventional marketing tips. Instead, from a pricing expert perspective , we are going to cover this niche topic and give you some proven pricing tips for e-commerce holiday planning to boost your sales and increase the margins.

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Tips for Reverse-Engineering Malicious Code

Lenny Zeltser

This cheat sheet outlines tips for reversing malicious Windows executables via static and dynamic code analysis with the help of a debugger and a disassembler. Additional Code Analysis Tips.

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8 Tips for Building a Security-Aware Culture


Of course, vendor costs aren’t your only cost. Our next tip: Build your awareness initiative in a way that gels with these goals by address topics pertinent to your company and your overall mission. The post 8 Tips for Building a Security-Aware Culture appeared first on MediaPRO.

3 tips for successful GDPR staff training

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3 tips for successful GDPR staff training. IT Governance has an extensive suite of awareness solutions to help with introducing a GDPR staff training programme, including customised books , e-learning courses , and in-house training courses.

Top 5 Tips for Interviewing Project Managers


Using a few tips can mean the difference between a successful interview process and a disastrous one. Here are the top 5 tips for interviewing project managers: 1. Project managers have to boost team morale, set a course, and alleviate tension.

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4 tips for achieving better ISO 27001 audit results

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Alternatively, the company can acquire the necessary practical skills to conduct an effective internal audit through a recognised, qualification-based internal audit training course.

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Google Now: The Tip of A Very Long Spear

John Battelle's Searchblog

The post Google Now: The Tip of A Very Long Spear appeared first on John Battelle's Search Blog. This, of course, has been the holy grail of tech for some time – predating Google and even Microsoft.

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Starting your first NHS librarian post: top tips


Of course, being new at the whole ?being So, for any new LIS graduates starting their first professional post, here are my top tips. also crop up a lot; try and book yourself onto courses, or read up about these terms.

Having trouble complying with the PCI DSS? Here are some tips

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This information is needed far less often than cardholders’ names and card numbers, but organisations habitually collect all three as a matter of course, going to extra measures to protect something they don’t even need.

Tools TSLAC Uses To Access and Make Available Older Formats

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In our courses, we offer several strategies for providing continuous access, one of which involves holding onto older hardware and software needed to access these older formats.

Tips for Twitter Newbies


There is a really smart list of newbie Twitter tips from @silkcharm. The trick of course is to integrate one or more Twitter apps into your personal information workspace, which makes it so much easier to follow and participate in the flow. The one thing I’d add is that I think some people make the mistake of just looking at the Twitter website and wondering what’s the point.

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RIM Month Fun: Emoji Records Management

The Texas Record

At some point in the introduction to records management training courses for both local governments and state agencies we discuss what the different retention codes on the retention schedules mean. Emoji Records Retention Schedule.

Your Employees Want to Learn. How Should You Teach Them?

Dark Reading

Here are eight tips to consider as you plan your course of action Security practitioners are most likely to stay at organizations that offer career development.

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Shared Drive Cleanup Success Story

The Texas Record

There were many lessons learned over the course of this project. Tips ARIS Cloud electronic records records management shared drive TSLACThis is a guest post by Reference Librarian Mackenzie Ryan from TSLAC’s ARIS division.

Application Programming Tip: Let DB2 do the Work for You

Robert's Db2

Back in the 1980s, when DB2 was relatively new, you had, of course, a lot of application developers who were learning how to program using SQL (IBM invented the relational database and Structured Query Language). Though SQL is pretty intuitive, mastery takes time and so it was understandable that some programmers early on did in their code things that would more effectively be done by DB2.

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FAQ: So text messages can be records – how do we capture and retain them?

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Of course, you might think that all of this is too much trouble and just bar your employees from using text as a format when communicating information that would be considered a record, but for many others, the genie is already out of the bottle.

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Time to Change Your Password!

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I consider myself fairly tech-savvy, so over the course of the last decade I’ve learned how to follow some of the best password creation techniques for nearly all of my personal and professional accounts. Tips Cyber Security eRecords Local Governments security State Agencies

This is the old ChiefTech blog.: The Art of Web 2.0 PowerPoint


PowerPoint A nice hat tip from James Robertson and others for my "lovely looking slides". slides out there , produced of course on an iMac. Tip: You can restrict your clipart search to just photos. This is the old ChiefTech blog. Nice of you to drop in and visit. However, you need to come over and see my new blog at chieftech.com.au. ©2005-2009. ©2005-2009. Disclaimer: Information on this blog is of a general nature and represents my own independent opinion.

Tips on collecting data for social network analysis (SNA)


As a healthy but slight change from recent topics , I was going through some old notes and thought it might be worthwhile sharing some tips with you about collecting data for Social Network Analysis (SNA). Of course, let me know if you need help with your SNA project or contact my good friends over at Optimice.

Happy 9th Birthday, KrebsOnSecurity!

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Your correspondence and tips have been invaluable, so by all means keep them coming. For the record, I’m reachable via a variety of means, including email , the contact form on this site , and of course Facebook , LinkedIn , and Twitter (direct messages are open to all).

3 Tips for Choosing a Network Document Scanner

Shoreline Records Management

Try not to consider your entire backfile scanning project when making this determination, either - just think about how many pages you're likely to capture on a daily basis during the normal course of business.

Meet Bluetana, the Scourge of Pump Skimmers

Krebs on Security

Data collected in the course of the investigation also reveals some fascinating details that may help explain why these pump skimmers are so lucrative and ubiquitous.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday, June 2019 Edition

Krebs on Security

And of course Adobe has its customary monthly security update for Flash Player. Microsoft on Tuesday released updates to fix 88 security vulnerabilities in its Windows operating systems and related software.

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Patch Tuesday Lowdown, April 2019 Edition

Krebs on Security

As always, if you experience any problems installing any of these patches this month, please feel free to leave a comment about it below; there’s a good chance other readers have experienced the same and may even chime in here with some helpful tips.

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How to start your career in cyber security

IT Governance

In this blog, we provide tips for getting your cyber security career started no matter your background. Of course, any prior experience is a massive advantage, despite the skills gap. A version of this blog was originally published on 8 December 2017.

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Canadian Police Raid ‘Orcus RAT’ Author

Krebs on Security

Tips from international private cyber security firms triggered the investigation.”. These are, of course, on top of the obviously ominous features such as password retrieval and key logging that are normally seen in Remote Access Trojans.”.

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Patch Tuesday, November 2018 Edition

Krebs on Security

Of course, if the target has Adobe Reader or Acrobat installed, it might be easier for attackers to achieve that log in. Microsoft on Tuesday released 16 software updates to fix more than 60 security holes in various flavors of Windows and other Microsoft products.

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Are your staff GDPR trained? Find out what you need to do

IT Governance

It’s for these reasons that the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requires organisations to conduct regular training courses. Read our 7 tips for GDPR staff awareness training to find out more.

Are your staff GDPR trained? Find out what you need to do

IT Governance

It’s for these reasons that the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requires organisations to conduct regular training courses. Read our 7 tips for GDPR staff awareness training to find out more.

How to Shop Online Like a Security Pro

Krebs on Security

So here’s a quick refresher course on how to make it through the next few weeks without getting snookered online.

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5 essential controls to include in your cyber security checklist

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Training courses show staff how security threats affect them and help them apply best-practice advice to real-world situations. Achieving effective cyber security doesn’t have to be a long and expensive process. There are many simple controls you can implement to boost your defences.

5 ways to become a successful distance learning student

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Distance learning has opened doors for people who want to gain new skills but for whatever reason are unable to take traditional, classroom-based courses. There certainly are some pitfalls, but you can safely avoid them by following these four tips.

How to start your career in cyber security

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Books and e-learning courses might be better options, as they allow you to study specific topics at your own pace. Forbes recommends that people “get involved in meetups, attend conferences [and] ask for tips over coffee with current security professionals of local tech companies”.

How to implement a GDPR staff awareness training programme

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To help you get started with your GDPR staff awareness training, we’ve highlighted our top seven tips for ensuring your programme is a success. . How to deliver staff awareness training – seven top tips .