New Video Course for State Agencies

The Texas Record

We are pleased to announce a new online video course for state agency records management officers and records liaisons. we are currently revamping local government online courses as well!). Click here to access the video on the course page.

Collection Management: a Crash-Course

The Security Ledger

Thomas Hofmann, the Vice President of Intelligence at Flashpoint offers a crash-course in creating an effective collection management program. Effective collection management is integral to the success of an intelligence operation. What is it and how does it work? Collection management is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood aspects of an. Read the whole entry. »

CISMP training courses now available in Glasgow

IT Governance

High demand means we are now offering our CISMP training course in different locations, including Glasgow. Our CISMP training course is delivered by an experienced cyber security consultant over five days and enables you to put your new knowledge and skills to work instantly.

New Pluralsight Course: Adapting to the New Normal: Embracing a Security Culture of Continual Change

Troy Hunt

Which, of course, also means you can't tell people to look for the company name in the address bar either! Best of all, we've made this series easily accessible to everyone: This course and the entire Security Culture series is still 100% free!

New Pluralsight Course: Bug Bounties for Researchers

Troy Hunt

I wrote about that in the aforementioned post which went out in May and I mentioned back then that we'd also created a second course targeted directly at researchers. This course covers many of the issues folks considering getting involved in bug bounties often ask: How do they find bounties? This is only a 36-minute course and it's in the very casual Play by Play format (basically just Casey and I having a chat and sharing some screen content) so it's easy watching.

New Pluralsight Course: Modern Browser Security Reports

Troy Hunt

Rounding out a recent spate of new Pluralsight courses is one final one: Modern Browser Security Reports. You may remember Scott from such previous projects as , Report URI and, as it relates to this course, our collective cleaning up at a couple of recent UK awards nights: With @Scott_Helme (at a different awards night) learning we both just scored at the European Cyber Security Blogger Awards!

New Pluralsight Course: OWASP Top 10, 2017

Troy Hunt

Just a tad over 5 years ago, I released my first ever Pluralsight course - OWASP Top 10 Web Application Security Risks for ASP.NET. More than 32k people have listened to more than 78k hours of content in this course making it not just the most popular course I've ever released, but also keeping it as my most popular in the library even today by a long way. Because this is a "Play by Play" course, it's only an hour and 12 minutes of easy listening.

New Pluralsight Course: Modern Web Security Patterns

Troy Hunt

Whilst this blog post is about a Pluralsight course I created with Lars Klint , it only really hit me during that bank conversation just how much there is to take onboard when it comes to securing things in the browser today. There were so many edge cases and angles not just to the security controls the folks at the bank had heard of before, but of course all those others that were entirely new to them.

New Pluralsight Course: Emerging Threats in IoT

Troy Hunt

It's another Pluralsight course! It's another "Play by Play" course which means it's Lars and I sitting there having a conversation like this: We choose to talk about IoT because frankly, it's fascinating. And of course, they're just a tiny snippet of the broader set of things we're seeing go wrong with IoT. These Play by Play courses are easy watching.

Three Decades On: RSA Labs Sets Course for Future

The Security Ledger

RSA Chief Technology Officer and head of RSA Labs Zulfikar Ramzan says his company, which pioneered commercial applications of public key cryptography, is setting its sites on the future as it looks to embrace the disruptive security solutions of the future.

New course dates for GDPR training in Edinburgh and Glasgow

IT Governance

We run two different GDPR training courses across the UK, providing employees with an introduction to the Regulation and the knowledge required to manage a GDPR compliance project. High demand means we’ve added new course dates in Edinburgh and added Glasgow courses to our schedule.

Why the Certified Ethical Hacker course is for you

IT Governance

View this infographic and find out why the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Training Course is for you: Book your place on the CEH Training course with IT Governance and gain the skills to be a Certified Ethical Hacker.

Progress your career with an ISO 27001 Lead Implementer course

IT Governance

However, information security is a complex, multidisciplinary field, and knowing which course is right for you can be tricky. If you’re interested in gaining that qualification, you should enrol on our ISO27001 Certified ISMS Lead Implementer course.

New Pluralsight Course: JavaScript Security Play by Play

Troy Hunt

So that's the course in a nutshell, "Play by Play: JavaScript Security" is now live! BTW - fun fact: Aaron was responsible for introducing me to the folks at Pluralsight back in 2012 which ultimately led to many courses and my independence from corporate life and indeed, life as I know it today. Ah JavaScript, the answer to - and cause of - all our problems on the web today! Just kidding, jQuery has solved all our JS problems now.

A Certified Ethical Hacking Course with a difference

IT Governance

Michael Stout, our course trainer, has led CEH courses for more than ten years, and has worked for all the major training centres in the UK and Western Europe. He was the first CEH trainer on the continent and helped roll out training courses in a number of European markets.

New Pluralsight Course: Care and Maintenance of Development VMs

Troy Hunt

Regular readers will know I create a lot of Pluralsight courses. It's now 5 years ago I started writing my first one which incidentally, is still my highest rated course every month (apparently the OWASP Top 10 as it relates to ASP.NET is still a big thing). Most of the time, the courses I create are on topics I know well, primarily on security but occasionally with a bit of cloud and development practices sprinkled in for variety.

New Pluralsight Course: Defending Against JavaScript Keylogger Attacks on Payment Card Information

Troy Hunt

Only a few weeks ago, I wrote about a new GDPR course with John Elliott. We've been getting fantastic feedback on that course and I love the way John has been able to explain GDPR in a way that's actually practical and makes sense! When we recorded that course in London a couple of months back, we also recorded another one on Defending Against JavaScript Keylogger Attacks on Payment Card Information.

How an ISO 27001 Foundation course can help build your career path

IT Governance

The ISO 27001 Certified ISMS Foundation Training Course is the starting point for all prospective ISO 27001 project managers and auditors, or anyone who wishes to build a career in information security management. Book a course today to build you career path >> ISO 27001

New Pluralsight Course: The State of GDPR - Common Questions and Misperceptions

Troy Hunt

Which brings me to the new course and I put precisely this question to John Elliott whilst in London last month, only a couple of weeks after GDPR had hit. I've known John for a while via Pluralsight channels and we recorded 2 courses together that day, this one and another I'll announce after it goes live. Of course, we also talk about penalties too and what levels will likely apply in what cases, plus how they'll be enforced in jurisdictions outside the EU too.

Simple Security Flaws Could Steer Ships Off Course


A PoC shows how ships could be hacked and fooled into changing direction - all due to simple security issues. Hacks Vulnerabilities admin credentials CVE-2016-9361 hack operational technology Proof of Concept ship attack shipping

Records Management Training – Upcoming Courses – March, April, May, 2018

National Archives Records Express

We offer a Certificate of Federal Records Management Training to individuals who successfully complete Knowledge Area courses 2-6 and pass exams associated with each course. Upon completion of the courses and exams, participants will receive a certificate signed by the Archivist of the United States. Online courses.

New Pluralsight Course: The Role of Shadow IT and How to Bring it out of the Darkness

Troy Hunt

It's a new Pluralsight course! Yes, I know I said that yesterday too , but this is a new new Pluralsight course and it's the second part in our series on Creating a Security-centric Culture. As I wrote there back in Jan, we're doing this course on a quarterly basis and putting it out in front of the paywall so in other words, it's free! This course looks at how shadow IT is changing, what it means in a cloud era and what practices we can apply to address it.

Google offers online course in jobs push amid concerns about AI

Information Management Resources

The firm has poured billions into artificial intelligence, a technology that many expect will render jobs across several fields obsolete. Artificial intelligence Machine learning Google

Of Course Apple Is Going to Do Search.

John Battelle's Searchblog

Yep, it was search, and the signal was the link, interpreted, of course, through PageRank and ultimately hundreds of other sub signals (click through, freshness, decay, etc.). you just have to rethink what "search" really means. Last night Jobs said he had no interest in search. I am quite certain what he meant is he has no interest in HTML, "traditional" search. But think about what search really is, and I am certain, Apple will be in the search business.

The Periscope Podcast – Reporting on staff training and awareness

IT Governance

BreachReady Podcast Uncategorised accountability under gdpr Certified GDPR training course GDPR GDPR FoundationStep into the Breach. Welcome to the IT Governance Periscope Podcast.

Of Course Apple Is Going to Do Search.

John Battelle's Searchblog

Yep, it was search, and the signal was the link, interpreted, of course, through PageRank and ultimately hundreds of other sub signals (click through, freshness, decay, etc.). you just have to rethink what "search" really means. Last night Jobs said he had no interest in search. I am quite certain what he meant is he has no interest in HTML, "traditional" search. But think about what search really is, and I am certain, Apple will be in the search business.

Course Credits as a Reward for Collaboration

Collaboration 2.0

Distance learning - providing access to learning when the source of information and the learners are separated by time and/or distance - has been around since the dawn of postal delivery services. In the current economic climate further education seems likely to take a pounding given the huge personal expense and often substantial debt involved, so

Timehop Reveals Additional Data Compromised by Hacker

Data Breach Today

Course 168

The People Factor: Fight back Against Phishing

Data Breach Today

Phishing remains the top attack vector, and an organization's people of course remain the top target. But how can these same people be leveraged as a key component in your anti-phishing defense? Kurt Wescoe of Wombat shares insight

Florida's Approach to Training Cybersecurity Specialists

Data Breach Today

Universities throughout Florida are adding more cybersecurity courses in an effort to better train the next generation of practitioners, says Ernie Ferraresso of the Florida Center for Cybersecurity, which recently provided a second round of funding for the effort

Prescriptive analytics: The cure for a transforming healthcare industry

IBM Big Data Hub

Based on decision optimization technology, these capabilities allow users to not just recommend the best course of action for patients or providers, they also enable comparison of multiple “what-if” scenarios to assess the impact of choosing one action over another

How to become a certified DPO

IT Governance

It also allows experienced DPOs to take the course exam, proving their knowledge to potential employers. DPOs who have passed the GDPR Foundation and Practitioner training courses can attend the two-day Certified Data Protection Officer (C-DPO) Upgrade Training Course before sitting the exam.

Sharpen Your Security Skills at Black Hat Trainings Chicago!

Dark Reading

Black Hat is bringing its highly-regarded Trainings to Chicago next month, October 22 and 23.Don't miss this opportunity to develop your skills in some of the most technical, hands-on security courses available

ISO 27001 training in Birmingham

IT Governance

High demand means that, for the first time, we are now running ISO 27001 classroom training courses in central Birmingham. ISO27001 Certified ISMS Foundation Training Course. Save 15% with our combination course. . ISO27001 Certified ISMS Lead Auditor Training Course.

Conspiracy Theories Around the "Presidential Alert"

Schneier on Security

This is, of course, ridiculous. Noted conspiracy theorist John McAfee tweeted : The "Presidential alerts": they are capable of accessing the E911 chip in your phones - giving them full access to your location, microphone, camera and every function of your phone.

Everything Attorney General Jeff Sessions Has Forgotten Under Oath

WIRED Threat Level

Over the course of four recent congressional hearings, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has somehow forgotten dozens of people, places, and events. Here's all of them in one place. Security

Is distance learning right for you?

IT Governance

Distance learning is often considered the backup option for those who can’t attend classroom-based courses, and although it certainly does fill that need for a lot of people, it doesn’t have to be your second choice. Distance learning courses often give you immediate access to online exams.

[Podcast] Artificial Intelligence Training for Information Professionals


Which is why AIIM teamed up with Emerging Technology expert Alan Pelz-Sharpe to design a training course around the use of AI for information management. The result was AIIM's Emerging Technology course on Artificial Intelligence. An on-line course designed to teach you: Where AI, machine learning and deep learning fit along with related adjacent domains.

I'm Doing a Reddit AMA

Schneier on Security

It's about my new book , but -- of course -- you can ask me anything. On Thursday, September 6, starting at 10:00 am CDT, I'll be doing a Reddit " Ask Me Anything " in association with the Ford Foundation. No promises that I will answer everything. schneiernews

Special offer: save 10% on ISO 27001 distance learning

IT Governance

To celebrate the launch of our ISO 27001 Certified ISMS Lead Implementer (Distance Learning) training course in September, we are offering 10% off if you pre-order the course before the end of August. Special offer: save 10% on ISO 27001 distance learning.

Kick-start your career in information security management

IT Governance

If you’re looking to develop a career in information security, the CISMP training course is a great starting point. What will you learn on the CISMP training course? To meet demand, IT Governance has added more training course dates in Birmingham, Glasgow, London and Manchester.

SunTrust: 1.5 Million Clients' Details Potentially Stolen

Data Breach Today

Of course, nothing comes for free, at least for 1.5 Blame Insider Theft, 'Not a Data Breach,' Claims Atlanta Bank's CEO Great news: "SunTrust to offer free identity protection. at no cost on an ongoing basis." million customers of the Atlanta bank, whose personal details may have been sold to criminals by a former employee

Project spotlight: Freeing up space at Banner Life Insurance Company

TAB OnRecord

Of course you would. If you could use your space to help generate revenue instead of storing files, would you?