New US Electronic Warfare Platform

Schneier on Security

The Army is developing a new electronic warfare pod capable of being put on drones and on trucks.the Silent Crow pod is now the leading contender for the flying flagship of the Army's rebuilt electronic warfare force. Insiders call this cognitive electronic warfare ).

Maze ransomware operators claim to have breached LG Electronics

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Maze ransomware operators claims to have breached the South Korean multinational electronics company LG Electronics. Researchers at Cyble discovered a data leak of LG Electronics published by Maze ransomware operators. SecurityAffairs – LG Electronics, Maze ransomware).

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Germany and the Netherlands agreded to build TEN, the first ever joint military internet

Security Affairs

The governments of Germany and The Netherlands agreed to build the first-ever joint military Internet, so-called TEN (Tactical Edge Networking). “The name of this new Dutch-German military internet is the Tactical Edge Networking, or TEN, for short.”

The Myth of Consumer-Grade Security

Schneier on Security

Barr repeated a common fallacy about a difference between military-grade encryption and consumer encryption: "After all, we are not talking about protecting the nation's nuclear launch codes. The thing is, that distinction between military and consumer products largely doesn't exist.

Court Denies Criminal Defendant’s Motion to Suppress Evidence Obtained via Warrantless Search: eDiscovery Case Law

eDiscovery Daily

The defendant was also subject to the Oregon National Guard’s acceptable use policy and Employees of the Oregon National Guard, including the defendant, were required to sign the policy before they received computer access. Case Law Electronic Discovery Email Privacy

Germany makes its cyber capabilities available for NATO alliance

Security Affairs

Germany announced it is going to make its cyber capabilities available for the NATO alliance to help fight hacking and electronic warfare. Germany is going to share its cyber warfare capabilities with the NATO alliance to protect members of the alliance against hacking and electronic warfare.

DHS report – Voting systems in North Carolina county in 2016 were not hacked

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Computer faults that disrupted voting in a North Carolina county in 2016 were not caused by cyber attacks, a federal investigation states. The investigation involved 21 laptops used for the voters’ identification and experts performed a forensic exam of the seized computers.

US Army stopped using floppy disks as storage for SACCS system that manages nuclear weapons arsenal

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The news is quite curious, the US military will no longer use 8-inch floppy disks in an antiquated computer (SACCS) to manage nuclear weapons arsenal. This system runs on an IBM Series/1 Computer—a 1970s computing system— and uses 8-inch floppy disks.”

MY TAKE: Why security innovations paving the way for driverless cars will make IoT much safer

The Last Watchdog

Intelligent computing systems have been insinuating themselves into our homes and public gathering places for a while now. Driverless autos, trucks and military transport vehicles are on a fast track for wide deployment in the next five years. military and intelligence agencies. Our smartphones and laptop computers generally become obsolete and get replaced by more secure versions every 24 months.

IoT 116

Cyber is Cyber is Cyber

Lenny Zeltser

Computer security, perhaps? This might be because the industry continues to embrace the lexicon used in government and military circles, where cyber reigns supreme. If you’re in the business of safeguarding data and the systems that process it, what do you call your profession?

Supply Chain Security is the Whole Enchilada, But Who’s Willing to Pay for It?

Krebs on Security

based tech firm to secretly embed tiny computer chips into electronic devices purchased and used by almost 30 different companies. The chips were alleged to have spied on users of the devices and sent unspecified data back to the Chinese military.

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MartyMcFly Malware: new Cyber-Espionage Campaign targeting Italian Naval Industry

Security Affairs

The victim was one of the most important leaders in the field of security and defensive military grade Naval ecosystem in Italy. I am a computer security scientist with an intensive hacking background.

The evolutions of APT28 attacks

Security Affairs

APT28 is a well known Russian cyber espionage group attributed, with a medium level of confidence, to Russian military intelligence agency GRU (by CrowdStrike). I am a computer security scientist with an intensive hacking background.

Y2K: The New Year’s Disaster That Wasn’t

Unwritten Record

Governments and businesses around the world proactively prepared their computer systems to seamlessly to the year 2000 rather than travel back to 1900. The Air Force has many Military Working Dogs.

Capturing Paper Documents - Best Practices and Common Questions


To a greater or lesser degree, most significant information management initiatives will involve a scanning capability to capture hard copy paper documents as electronic images. To build a scanning capability as part of your implementation, you will need to understand and balance the benefits of capturing paper documents as electronic documents compared to dealing with the ‘paper legacy’. What are the costs of scanning and capturing paper electronically? What is Capture?

Episode 103: On the Voice-Controlled Internet, How Will We Authenticate?

The Security Ledger

» Related Stories Episode 100: Estonia’s Former CIO talks about engineering a secure electronic vote Fitness apps: Good for your health, not so much for military security Episode 101: The Dystopian IoT looks a lot like the Printer Ink Aisle and City of Atlanta Employees phished on Rogue Wi-Fi. Voice makes interacting with e-commerce sites like Amazon frictionless, which is why companies like Amazon love them and see them as the future of computing.

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in May 2020 – 8.8 billion records breached

IT Governance

Russian military accessed Chancellor Angela Merkel’s emails in 2015 hack (unknown). Advanced Computer Software Group exposed data of 190 law firms (10,000). Tesla has been getting rid of computers without wiping the hard drives (unknown).

On Open Platforms, Wifi, Home Automation, and Kitty Litter

John Battelle's Searchblog

Another wonderful example is the Global Positioning System (GPS), once the realm only of the United States military, but now the driver of countless commercial opportunities around the globe (again thanks to decisions made during the Clinton administration).

Profile: The EPIC quest to build privacy rights on a foundation of integrity

Privacy Surgeon

In the first of an occasional series on the world’s leading privacy organisations, Simon Davies looks at the Washington DC-based Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC). Quite a few of those supporters congregated at the annual Computers, Freedom & Privacy (CFP) conference.


Amid Growing Threats, White House Dismantles Top Cybersecurity Post

Data Matters

should understand that “the costs to them… will be so high that they will simply consign all their cyberwarfare plans to their computer memories to gather electronic dust.”. Consistent with his background in arms control and military affairs, this op-ed reflects a focus on the national security aspects of cybersecurity. On May 15, 2018, various media outlets reported that the Trump administration decided to eliminate the position of White House Cybersecurity Coordinator.