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CyberheistNews Vol 13 #27 [Heads Up] Massive Impersonation Phishing Campaign Imitates Over 100 Brands and Thousands of Domains


Under the guise of diplomats, "hearers" from the GRU and graduates of narrow profile universities related to rocket science, computer technology and exact mathematics are secretly transferred to the island.

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The Hacker Mind Podcast: A Hacker From Hollywood


He told her he really wanted to create faster planes so that he could sell them to the US military. By the end of 1940, the two inventors sent their rudimentary sketches to the National Inventors Council, the Clearinghouse for Military and defense invention submitted by civilians, the council encouraged them to continue their work.


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Happy 13th Birthday, KrebsOnSecurity!

Krebs on Security

You just knew 2022 was going to be The Year of Crypto Grift when two of the world’s most popular antivirus makers — Norton and Avira — kicked things off by installing cryptocurrency mining programs on customer computers. ” The employees who kept things running for RSOCKS, circa 2016.

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Microcontrollers vs. microprocessors: What’s the difference?

IBM Big Data Hub

Replacing antiquated multi-component central processing units (CPUs) with separate logic units, these single-chip processors are both extremely valuable in the continued development of computing technology. The Harvard architecture excels at real-time and high-speed computing tasks.