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NEW TECH: DigiCert Document Signing Manager leverages PKI to advance electronic signatures

The Last Watchdog

Most of us, by now, take electronic signatures for granted. Yet electronic signatures do have their security limitations. And PKI , of course, is the behind-the-scenes authentication and encryption framework on which the Internet is built. Related: Why PKI will endure as the Internet’s secure core.

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Best Encryption Software for 2022

eSecurity Planet

It’s been a couple of decades since data tapes delivered by trucks made encryption a standard enterprise cybersecurity practice. Yet even as technology has changed, sending and receiving data remains a major vulnerability, ensuring encryption’s place as a foundational security practice. What is Encryption?


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Delta Electronics, a tech giants’ contractor, hit by Conti ransomware

Security Affairs

Delta Electronics, a Taiwanese contractor for multiple tech giants such as Apple, Dell, HP and Tesla, was hit by Conti ransomware. Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company Delta Electronics was hit by the Conti ransomware that took place this week. ” reported a statement from the security company cited by CTWANT.

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Supply-Chain Attack against the Electron Development Platform

Schneier on Security

Electron is a cross-platform development system for many popular communications apps, including Skype, Slack, and WhatsApp. The vulnerability is not part of the applications themselves but of the underlying Electron framework -- ­and that vulnerability allows malicious activities to be hidden within processes that appear to be benign.

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CryptoAgility to take advantage of Quantum Computing

Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing

CryptoAgility to take advantage of Quantum Computing. The same goes with the advent of Quantum Computing , which is supposed to bring exponential computing power that shall not only bring endless benefits but also raises question marks on the current state of cryptography that is the bedrock of all information security as we know today.

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Russia-linked APT28 used new malware in a recent phishing campaign

Security Affairs

The Computer Emergency Response Team of Ukraine (CERT-UA) warned of a new cyber espionage campaign carried out by the Russia-linked group APT28 (aka “ Forest Blizzard ”, “ Fancybear ” or “ Strontium ”). The malware communicated with C2 infrastructure via TCP, it use the AES-128-CBC algorithm to encrypt the traffic.

Phishing 121
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Keeping up with Quantum Technology | Quantum Computing


While everyone is digging deep into the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain and many other new digital transformation phenomena, Quantum Computing has been transformed from theory to reality. Let’s move to how it’s related to computers. What is Quantum Computing? A Quick Quantum look. Too much physics?