Today We are Launching a new Series of Information Governance Case Studies


We are pleased to bring the IGI community another series of case studies about how professionals like you are tackling IG. IG Snapshots are compact case studies drawn from IGI’s interviews and discussions with our community of IG practitioners. Our first Snapshot focuses on the interplay between IG and privacy by telling the story of Sarah, an attorney in a large pharmaceutical company who leveraged GDPR compliance momentum to build a broader IG program.

Data Mapping Tools: What Are the Key Differentiators


Now with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in effect, data mapping has become even more significant. The scale of GDPR’s reach has set a new precedent and is the closest we’ve come to a global standard in terms of data regulations. Because of GDPR, organizations that may not have fully leveraged data mapping for proactive data-driven initiatives (e.g., Arguably, GDPR’s implementation can be viewed as an opportunity – a catalyst for digital transformation.

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IG Guru

We are looking for presentations on solutions to the IG challenges created by new and emerging technologies, the latest legal and regulatory developments that affect IG programs and professionals, practical advice and guidance on traditional IG challenges, and relevant case studies […].


Retail Privacy Network

Data Matters

This interactive meeting will include hot topics in UK/EU data privacy and cybersecurity with practical case studies on retail industry issues. The agenda will include discussions on: Lessons learned from GDPR enforcement actions and update on cookies. You are invited to join privacy professionals in the retail sector for topical conversation, learning and networking at the first Retail Privacy Network meeting.

Destroying Barriers to Destruction


While there’s a case to be made that more destruction is occurring because of new business demands, I’m not confident that much will have changed in the intervening two years since the last survey. The Guide also includes a number of relevant case studies. Storage & Destruction "GDPR" CaCPA ILM privacy law secure destructionGoing through a downsizing exercise at home has heightened my awareness of how difficult it is to let go of items.

Free download: A Beginner’s Guide to the DPO

IT Governance

Since the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into effect in May 2018, many organisations are asking whether they’re supposed to have a DPO (data protection officer), but sometimes the answer isn’t that simple. The guide explains the GDPR, with reference to recitals and guidelines from other authorities, to create a clear picture of the DPO role. Case study examples of a DPO in action. Do you need a data protection officer?


Successful Information Governance when the Bosses Just Don't Care


Risk and Compliance - In the age of GDPR , where every week brings another data breach, organizations have a duty to their customers to safeguard information, especially personal data, and to be able to demonstrate their effective handling of information. In all cases, case studies and stories can really help make the case. We regularly discuss the value and importance of information governance - at our conference, in our training courses, in our virtual events.

5 best online cyber security training courses and certifications in 2020

IT Governance

To help you on your way, we have made a number of our courses available remotely, enabling you to study from the comfort of your own home and without jeopardising your health. This one-day course is designed and run by real-world practitioners, who help you gain an understanding of risks through practical exercises, group discussions and case studies. Certified GDPR Foundation Training Course.

NEW TECH: This free tool can help gauge, manage third-party cyber risk; it’s called ‘VRMMM’

The Last Watchdog

According to a recent Ponemon Institute study , some 59% of companies experienced a third-party data breach in 2018, yet only 16% believe they are effectively mitigating third-party risk. Privacy Shield , as well as the new EU privacy rules known as General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. Members gain access to third-party IT security risk management best practices via case studies, surveys, whitepapers, webinars, meetings and conferences.

Risk 120

Welcome to Legaltech New York 2020!: eDiscovery Trends

eDiscovery Daily

Case studies where DApps have been successfully deployed. In just 10 years the case law around eDiscovery AI & Analytics has exploded. Survey the key case law governing the application of machine learning to eDiscovery. Key takeaways: Key updates on GDPR & CCPA.

EUROPE: New privacy rules for connected vehicles in Europe?

DLA Piper Privacy Matters

These draft guidelines highlight the data protection risks related to such applications, with general recommendations regarding the processing of personal data in relation to the non-professional use of connected vehicles and present some use cases. Quality of the user’s consent: The fact that a user is not aware of the data processing carried out in his vehicle constitutes a significant barrier to demonstrate valid consent under the GDPR, as the consent must be informed. 10 GDPR.

CNIL Adopts Referentials On DPO Certification

Hunton Privacy

The French Data Protection Act, as amended on June 20, 2018 to supplement the GDPR, allows the CNIL to draft certification criteria and approve certification bodies for the purpose of certifying individuals as DPOs. It is a purely voluntary process to assist in demonstrating compliance with the GDPR requirements.


(Discussion Recap) A Perfect Storm? Panel Discussion on Handling a Cybersecurity Incident

HL Chronicle of Data Protection

Accountability is a key requirement under the GDPR, and to comply with this, the business will need to have up to date security policies – as well as incident response plans – in place, together with compliant contracts with any external third parties. Peter Marta. Arwen Handley. Philip Parish. Nicola Fulford.

Privacy and Cybersecurity May 2019 Events

HL Chronicle of Data Protection

Bret Cohen will speak on the Privacy Bar Section Forum panels, “Working Across Borders: Partnering and Vetting,” and “Case Study: How Working Across Borders Worked for Me,” during the 2019 IAPP Global Summit. Please join us for our May events. May 1. IAPP Global Summit.

IGI and TGCI’s “The Exchange” Presents The Information Governance Forum 2017


GDPR and IG: What You Can Do Today. Case Studies in IG. November 1 st , 2017-The Buckhead Club. Atlanta, GA. Colloquium Lead Moderators: Barclay T. Blair. Information Governance Initiative. Jason R. Baron. Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP. The Exchange” Information Governance Forum – Atlanta, is the first program developed and delivered through the new TGCI partnership with IGI.


Ireland: New DPC Guidance Sets Regulatory Expectations around Use of Website Cookies

DLA Piper Privacy Matters

The law on cookies is complex: national ePrivacy laws sit alongside the GDPR meaning that different international supervisory authorities have adopted varying approaches in their guidance and enforcement. The report also emphasised the importance of organisations understanding their role under the GDPR in relation to cookies, finding that some organisations incorrectly described themselves as processors in relation to third party cookies. The Law – Interaction with the GDPR.


Wednesday LTNY 2020 Sessions: eDiscovery Trends

eDiscovery Daily

Join us for our annual examination of developments in data privacy and protection, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Key takeaways: Briefing update on GDPR & CCPA.

Why Is TAR Like a Bag of M&M’s?, Part Four: eDiscovery Best Practices

eDiscovery Daily

Tom has also written several terrific informational overview series for CloudNine, including eDiscovery and the GDPR: Ready or Not, Here it Comes (which we covered as a webcast ), Understanding eDiscovery in Criminal Cases (which we also covered as a webcast ) and ALSP – Not Just Your Daddy’s LPO. Is there a standard, either statutory or in case law to help us with this determination? Most case studies I have seen emphasize speed or accuracy and don’t even mention cost.

Welcome to Legaltech New York 2019!: eDiscovery Trends

eDiscovery Daily

GDPR went into effect May 2018. Data privacy in global investigations: compliance with local law, including GDPR in Europe. Case studies with best practices, ROI benefits and efficiencies achieved. The panel will share case studies covering the lifecycle of an AI solution, from assessing contractual risk issues to upstream/downstream customization of the tools to developing internal champions who will ensure adoption.

Thursday LTNY 2019 Sessions: eDiscovery Trends

eDiscovery Daily

Hear lessons learned and case studies on: (i) the record classification of 1.5 In this session, highly experienced lawyers and technologists will discuss the major cases and trends from 2018 and will address practical measures organizations can take to try to reduce their risks of breaches and resultant legal liability. GDPR 8 Months Later: Trends in Litigation and Regulation.

Cloud 30

Time for Another Relativity Fest? Giddyup!: eDiscovery Trends

eDiscovery Daily

Chris Dale of the eDisclosure Information Project leads the discussion on a hot topic this year with GDPR. We’re about three weeks out from the 2018 Relativity Fest conference, conducted every year by Relativity, which is three weeks earlier than last year! I guess they couldn’t wait!

Resourceful Records Managers! Courtney Bailey, Chair, SAA Records Management Section 2019-2020

The Schedule

Whenever I had the opportunity to focus my own research, I tried to focus on a topic that would fill in a gap for me, and in this case, I looked into records management in the business arena. You can find all the details in the case study I wrote for the Government Records Section.). I also think it’ll be interesting to see how GDPR filters into the U.S.

Can Enterprises execute a GRC Movement?

Security Affairs

Like the GDPR Law has shown comprehensive checks and deterrents to protect the EU citizen data. remember Article 17 ‘right to be forgotten’ in GDPR ). Are applications or use cases of GRC platforms or products for enterprises going to be different for different organisations? If yes then what kind of use cases? Managed security services or security operations, cloud security, GRC is one of the fastest growing solutions in the world.

Risk 66

Legaltech 2019 Preview Edition: eDiscovery Trends

eDiscovery Daily

The panel will share case studies covering the lifecycle of an AI solution, from assessing contractual risk issues to upstream/downstream customization of the tools to developing internal champions who will ensure adoption. In this session, highly experienced lawyers and technologists will discuss the major cases and trends from 2018 and will address practical measures organizations can take to try to reduce their risks of breaches and resultant legal liability.

ICO Consultation on Draft AI Auditing Framework Guidance for Organizations

Hunton Privacy

The Guidance outlines some AI-related considerations (including examples) for each of the General Data Protection Regulation’s (“GDPR”) lawful bases to assist in determining whether an organization can, for example, rely on consent or performance of a contract, etc. In cases where the training data reflects past discrimination, an organization could either modify the data, change the learning process or modify the model after training.

Risk 51

Connected Customer 360 Profiles for Retail & Luxury Brands


Think of Reltio Connected Customer 360 as a recomposable Customer API that can support any use case. Connected Customer 360 Profiles enable you to do this and simplify compliance with GDPR, CCPA and future privacy laws. In my next blog, I’ll share some retail and luxury brand case studies. 3 Things Data Innovators at Retail & Luxury Brands Have in Common. Retail and luxury brand leaders may use different terms to describe customers, including “clients” or “guests.”

Welcome to Relativity Fest 2019!: eDiscovery Trends

eDiscovery Daily

Chief legal officers provide a unique perspective, and to analyze that perspective, Relativity and the FTI Technology business unit of FTI Consulting commissioned a study by Ari Kaplan Advisors, surveying general counsel on a wide variety of legal issues affecting business and the legal profession. Limiting the study to chief legal officers, the survey covered topics ranging from the technical competence of legal teams to preparedness for cyberattacks. Supreme Court case, Georgia v.