Digital Preservation futures: looking ahead to 2030….


After this year’s PASIG conference in vibrant Mexico City, Preservica ran a community panel session to debate the challenges of preserving digital content, with a focus on casting our minds forward 10 years to the year 2030.

Blog Post: Saudi Vision 2030

Schneier on Security

By David Gurteen I've just spent a few days in Riyadh where I gave a talk and run a Knowledge Café as part of a KM Forum entitled "Knowledge Management Utilization in Realizing Saudi Vision 2030" organized by the Naseej Academy. Saudi Vision 2030 is a plan to reduce Saudi Arabia's dependence on oil, diversify its economy, and develop public service sectors such as health, education, infrastructure, recreation, and tourism.

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One Step Closer to Saudi Vision 2030 | General Auditing Bureau Conclude the Fourth stage of SHAMEL with Everteam


This was part of the process in achieving Saudi Vision 2030 for creating smart cities, the National Transformation Program 2020, and in order to implement the strategic plan for the digital transformation of the General Auditing Bureau.

Implications of a buyers’ market for enterprise software, 2020–2030

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A buyers’ market for enterprise software will emerge in the next decade, which will bring more choices, more transparency and more interoperability. Software development Software professionals Hardware and software

One Step Closer to Saudi Vision 2030 | General Auditing Bureau Conclude the Fourth stage of SHAMEL with Everteam


This was part of the process in achieving Saudi Vision 2030 for creating smart cities, the National Transformation Program 2020, and in order to implement the strategic plan for the digital transformation of the General Auditing Bureau.

Top Management from Everteam and Jeraisy Meet in Paris | Setting Digital Transformation Plan in line with Saudi Vision 2030


This digital shift will assist in bringing the kingdom a step closer to achieving Saudi Vision 2030. We have the confidence that through Jeraisy Computer and Communication Services, a subsidiary of Jeraisy Group specialized in IT, data, software, and solution matters and its collaboration with Everteam, we will be able to provide various companies with solutions that are in line with vision 2030.”

2020: The year of digital products

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By 2030, this tech evolution will have reshaped every product we use today. The convergence of advanced tech that ushered in the era of digital business continues to develop at accelerated rates. Digital transformation Data strategy Data management

Artificial intelligence seen taking over most project management functions

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By 2030, 80 percent of the work of today’s project management discipline will be eliminated as AI takes on traditional PM functions such as data collection, tracking and reporting. Artificial intelligence Data management Data strategy

A Look Into One Bank’s Digital Transformation


Gartner predicts that 80% of traditional banks will go out of business by 2030. One bank is working to make sure it sticks around by starting its digital transformation journey. NatWest is using AI, big data, and chatbots to create new services and meet customer expectations. Learn more here. Financial Services News banking banks Digital transformation Natwest

4 AI-related trends shaping insurance

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An in-depth examination at what the industry may look like in 2030 highlights dramatic changes across the value chain. Artificial intelligence Machine learning Analytics McKinsey & Company

Take these steps to reskill your workforce for the Age of Automation

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And by 2030, 375 million workers will need to find new work, as automation […]. By Ben Eubanks, Principal Analyst, Lighthouse Research & Advisory The age of automation is radically disrupting work as we know it. By 2022, seventy-five million jobs in 20 economies are expected to disappear, just as 133 million new jobs are created. Applications Leadership and Success Robotics Workplace human capital management reskilling

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World's biggest AI startup raises $1.2B in mere months

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Investors are handing billions of dollars to Chinese artificial intelligence startups, hoping to ride a wave of support from a government intent on becoming the world leader in the technology by 2030. Artificial intelligence Machine learning Data management

Technology and Psychology are Merging to Address the Mental Health Crisis


In fact, the World Health Organization estimates that by 2030 depression will be the number one cause of global disease burden. Globally, the mental health of individuals is a growing concern. However, some technology is trying to address this issue and change mental health outcomes by measuring wellbeing and promoting psychology interventions. Read more here. News Uncategorized health IT mental health World Health Organization

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How artificial intelligence is reshaping jobs in banking

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More than 1 million jobs will be lost to AI by 2030, according to one estimate. But new jobs are also being created. Are banks and their employees ready? Artificial intelligence RPA Bank technology Workforce management

Automated systems and security: Threats and advantages

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By 2030, it’s estimated that automation could fully replace more than 800 million jobs. Automation is the biggest driving factor for change in most modern industries. Automation Data security Cyber security Cyber attacks

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Robot invasion will widen U.K.'s North-South economic divide

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million in total -- could be displaced by 2030 because of automation and globalization, according to a new study by the Centre for Cities. One-in-five existing jobs in British cities -- about 3.6 Robotics Artificial intelligence Machine learning

Booz Allen's chief warns U.S. of a 'close race' with China on AI

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Chinese President Xi Jinping has made a 10-fold increase in artificial intelligence output a national priority as the world’s second-largest economy seeks to dominate the industry by 2030. Artificial intelligence Machine learning Data strategy

Everteam Awards Jeraisy Computer & Communication Services Best Partner of the Year


Our partnership with Jeraisy is important towards Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030. They understand the importance of automation and the vital role it plays for Digital Transformation and vision 2030.”

And the winners for CILIP?s 2020 Building Bridges Grants programme are.


The four winners have been selected by a jury consisting of members from Arts Council England, Public Libraries 2030, and CILIP?s And the winners for CILIP?s s 2020 Building Bridges Grants programme are.

MY TAKE: How digital technology and the rising gig economy are exacerbating third-party risks

The Last Watchdog

By 2030, 50 percent of employees are expected to be contract workers, Allen noted. Accounting for third-party risks is now mandated by regulations — with teeth.

Risk 180

Can smart cities be secured and trusted?

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It is the year 2030, and you have had another busy day. As you finish what you thought would be your last espresso and grab your laptop to leave work, your colleague tells you that you need to stay late for an urgent meeting. Panic sets in, but you push past it and put a plan into motion.

European cooperation on flexibility to accelerate the energy transition


In the UK, energy flexibility is viewed in the context of a commitment to generate 70% of electricity from low-carbon sources by 2030 to help meet net zero emissions targets by 2050. Offshore wind energy revolution to provide a third of all UK electricity by 2030.



May be worth $750 billion by 2030. Appliances we use often capture data about how we use them. Who owns that data, where is it stored, and what is it used for (and by whom)? “What Your Car Knows About You,” The Wall Street Journal , August 18, 2018 B4. Large of amounts of data being collected from on-board devices, and used by car makers and others. Will this lead to more targeted advertising? How much of that will the car owners get?

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Preservica International User Group 2019: meeting the future of digital preservation, together


Digital preservation in 2030. Earlier this month over 100 Preservica users from 14 countries gathered in Oxford, UK for our annual community meeting. It was a really energising two days where users immersed themselves in the very latest version of Preservica (v6.0)

How AI can make fully autonomous driving a reality

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Driverless cars with various levels of human participation will roll out in stages over the next few years, with fully-autonomous SAE Level 5 driving on the scene by 2030. Tech companies and the auto industry are working hard in tandem to make autonomous driving a reality by the early 2020s. Today, most automotive manufacturers have […]. Analytics Automotive artificial intelligence autonomous cars level 5 autonomy self-driving car

The rise of cyber crime

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Just over 51% of the world’s population currently uses the Internet, and this is expected to increase to 75% by 2022 and 90% by 2030. There’s no denying that cyber crime is getting worse every year, but how much has it actually risen over the past few years? Number of records breached.

The Guardian view on AI in the NHS: a good servant, when it’s not a bad master | Editorial

The Guardian Data Protection

The prime minister on Monday said that 30,000 lives a year would be saved by 2030, mostly through earlier and more accurate diagnosis. The NHS collects vast amounts of data. It must be used in imaginative ways that respect privacy and make life better for patients and health workers Technology helps us live better and for longer; in fact it has been doing so since the birth of modern medicine.

Spotlight Podcast: Security Automation is (and isn’t) the Future of Infosec

The Security Ledger

By 2030 AI could deliver additional global economic output of $13 trillion per year to the global economy according to McKinsey Global Institute research. In this Spotlight Podcast, we speak with David Brumley, the Chief Executive Officer at the security firm ForAllSecure and an expert on the use of machine learning and automation to cyber security problems.

Preservica and History Associates partner to provide a one-stop solution for planning, implementing and sustaining a long-term digital archive program


Meet up with our teams on site to discuss your long-term digital archive requirements, and be sure to attend our workshop ‘Digital Preservation : 2030’.

VI Congreso Ciudades Inteligentes: Descarbonizar, digitalizar y distribuir

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El segundo punto abarca actuaciones sobre el transporte con la introducción de movilidad alternativa y cambios de comportamiento de la ciudadanía; “el plan prevé 5 millones de vehículos eléctricos en 2030”.


The Business of Data Newsletter – Issue 10

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After all, with data-fueled applications of artificial intelligence projected, by McKinsey, to generate $13 trillion in new global economic activity by 2030, this could determine the next world order, much like the role that oil production has played in creating economic power players in the preceding century.” Which Countries Are Leading the Data Economy? – Harvard Business Review. 24 January 2019 “Which countries are the top data producers?

Trump is targeting China's push to make Its economy high-tech

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The country's AI industry will be 'in line' with those of the most advanced countries by 2020, and will be the world’s primary AI innovation center by 2030, a State Council statement said in July. Artificial intelligence Machine learning Data science

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Utilities: Study the past, if you would define the future.


At the end of June the Committee on Climate Change published its 2017 Report to Parliament with a Roadmap for Flexibility Services to 2030. So, if we want to understand what the sector’s journey towards 2030 might look like then, to make the link to the title of this blog, “Study the past, if you would define the future”, we’ve been looking at the journeys of other technology enabled market transformations and have captured our thoughts in a new white paper – ‘Beyond Smart’.

Everteam and Technology Vs Corruption


This was part of the overall plan that the kingdom has initiated; Saudi Vision 2030 for creating smart cities. The world is leaning towards digital transformation and automated processes in its government transactions, aiming to improve the communication between citizens and public institutions.

Sharing format preservation information and how this will benefit us all


I am looking forward to World Digital Preservation Day 2030 when we don’t even know preservation is happening. World Digital Preservation Day is all about the global community coming together to share ideas and collaborate.

Is Artificial Intelligence the ‘Killer App’ for Data Governance?

Perficient Data & Analytics

A September 2018 report from McKinsey and Company predicts that artificial intelligence (AI) will boost the global economy by $13 trillion by 2030, adding roughly 1.2% For the very few that are not familiar with the term “killer app” we will start with a definition. Merriam-Webster defines “killer app” as “a computer application of such great value or popularity that it assures the success of the technology with which it is associated.”

Utilities Digital Journey Insights (Part 4): Utilities’ pursuit of new business models accelerates


CGI UK’s latest research report, Embracing Flexibility: Transforming the Power System by 2030 finds that 100% of the aggregators and flexibility providers see providing I&C demand side flexibility as a current opportunity.

A flexible energy system – the end of the beginning?


In June 2017, the Committee on Climate Change published its 2017 Report to Parliament with a Roadmap for Flexibility Services to 2030. So how has this progress influenced the views of the sector’s leaders in our 2018 research – Embracing Flexibility – Transforming the Power System by 2030 ? A flexible energy system – the end of the beginning? Mon, 08/20/2018 - 06:25.

A greener library: The Bodleian?s push for sustainability


We launched a new ambitious carbon target in June last year, we are committed to reducing emissions by 50 per cent by 2030 ( [link] ), however, we haven?t A greener library: The Bodleian?s s push for sustainability. A greener library: The Bodleian?s s push for sustainability.

Josh Frydenberg wins a battle, but energy war still looms – politics live

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CraigKellyMP : The target of the 26 per cent reduction in emissions could be backloaded out to 2030. The national energy guarantee has passed a critical hurdle, getting majority support from the coalition backbench committee despite Tony Abbott’s dissent.