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Breach Roundup: Canada Bans WeChat and Kaspersky Apps

Data Breach Today

Also: Iranian State Hackers Stalk Middle Eastern Governments This week, Canada banned WeChat and Kaspersky apps, REvil members faced trial in a Russian military court, the British Library experienced an IT outage, Iranian state-backed hackers targeted Middle East governments and European officials extended the ban on Meta's behavioral advertising practices. (..)

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Military Cryptanalytics, Part III

Schneier on Security

The NSA has just declassified and released a redacted version of Military Cryptanalytics , Part III, by Lambros D. Presumably, volumes IV, V, and VI are still hidden inside the classified libraries of the NSA. Callimahos, October 1977. Parts I and II, by Lambros D. Callimahos and William F. I own them in hardcover.

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Targeted operation against Ukraine exploited 7-year-old MS Office bug

Security Affairs

The payload includes a dynamic-link library (vpn.sessings) that injects the post-exploitation tool Cobalt Strike Beacon into memory and awaits commands from the C2 server. “The lure contained military-related content, suggesting it was targeting military personnel. Threat actors used a cracked version of Cobalt Strike. .

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Making space for Armed Forces life in children?s libraries


s libraries. Libraries are treasure troves of information that help teach children about core subjects, and open up understanding about other countries, cultures, religions and experiences. However, there is one area of British life that remains hugely underrepresented in UK libraries and that is Armed Forces life. s literature?

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InvisiMole group targets military sector and diplomatic missions in Eastern Europe

Security Affairs

Security researchers at ESET recently uncovered a campaign carried out by the InvisiMole group that has been targeting a small number of high-profile organizations in the military sector and diplomatic missions in Eastern Europe. The SMInit exploit chain exploits a vulnerability in the legitimate Total Video Player software.

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African American Women in the Military During WWII

Unwritten Record

For some great background information, be sure to visit our previous blog – Their War Too: Women in the Military During WWII. American citizens surged to enlist in all branches of the US Military and women wanted to serve their country too. Their challenge actually began earlier that year, in May of 1941.

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Chinese actor ‘Unfading Sea Haze’ remained undetected for five years

Security Affairs

A previously unknown China-linked threat actor dubbed ‘Unfading Sea Haze’ has been targeting military and government entities since 2018. Bitdefender researchers discovered a previously unknown China-linked threat actor dubbed ‘Unfading Sea Haze’ that has been targeting military and government entities since 2018.

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