Military Cryptanalytics, Part III

Schneier on Security

The NSA has just declassified and released a redacted version of Military Cryptanalytics , Part III, by Lambros D. If there is any lesson for today, it’s that modern cryptanalysis is possible primarily because people make mistakes.

African American Women in the Military During WWII

Unwritten Record

For some great background information, be sure to visit our previous blog – Their War Too: Women in the Military During WWII. American citizens surged to enlist in all branches of the US Military and women wanted to serve their country too.


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Chinese Cycldek APT targets Vietnamese Military and Government in sophisticated attacks

Security Affairs

China-linked APT group Cycldek is behind an advanced cyberespionage campaign targeting entities in the government and military sector in Vietnam. “The final payload is a remote administration tool that provides full control over the victim machine to its operators.”

InvisiMole group targets military sector and diplomatic missions in Eastern Europe

Security Affairs

Security researchers at ESET recently uncovered a campaign carried out by the InvisiMole group that has been targeting a small number of high-profile organizations in the military sector and diplomatic missions in Eastern Europe.

University of Mosul Library Director Sayf Al Ashqar on life after ISIS


CILIP Conference and Expo is taking place in Liverpool on 7 and 8 July, and here Rob Green speaks to keynote speaker Sayf Al Ashqar, Director of the Central Library at the University of Mosul, about how the library has literally risen from the ashes. Back from the brink.

Making space for Armed Forces life in children?s libraries


s libraries. Libraries are treasure troves of information that help teach children about core subjects, and open up understanding about other countries, cultures, religions and experiences. Most importantly, it helps them realise they are not alone.

No Mail, Low Morale: The 6888th Central Postal Battalion

Unwritten Record

It would take an even further push to send them overseas to serve supporting the war effort. Original Caption: “After the battalion had set up its facilities at Rouen, France, it held an `open house’, which was attended by hundreds of Negro soldiers.

A brief history of data and how it helped change the world


It involved thousands of workers, each of whom required a daily ration of food, which of course had to be grown, harvested and delivered on schedule. . In short, it required a system—a system tracked, 4,500 years ago, with ink on papyrus.

We Can Do It!: World War II Posters at the Still Picture Branch

Unwritten Record

“We Can Do It!” Many recognize Rosie the Riveter’s “We Can Do It!” The messages range from the promotion of Victory Gardens to recruitment for the various branches of the military. “Give It Your Best!” ” 179-WP-1563, NAID: 535413.

Remembering the Vietnam War this Veterans Day

Unwritten Record

The images broadcast in America’s living rooms during the war were often captured by military combat photographers. The military increased their production of photographs and moving images and because of this, NARA’s motion picture holdings relating to the Vietnam war are quite expansive. It also details day-to-day job related activities such as film editing. Ceremonies and special events were also captured by military camera crews at home and abroad.

Lesser-Known and “Hidden” Newsreels of NARA

Unwritten Record

As I found it, the catalog entry contained a general note indicating that it is an episode of Universal Newsreel. Lo and behold, it is release 18-410 – a release we don’t hold in the Universal Newsreel collection! Perhaps it was one of the episodes lost in the 1978 nitrate fire. Military Motion Pictures World War II newsreels

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in April 2021 – 1 billion records breached

IT Governance

It was another busy month in the cyber security sector, as we discovered 143 incidents that resulted in 1,098,897,134 breached records. In case you missed it, you may also be interested in our first quarterly review of data breaches and cyber attacks.

Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Transcontinental Railroad

Unwritten Record

It connected California and the West Coast with the East Coast, allowing for the quicker, safer, and less expensive transportation of goods and people from coast to coast. ” Library of Congress. Cartographic Records Maps Military railroads U.S.

Exclusive: Pakistan and India to armaments: Operation Transparent Tribe is back 4 years later

Security Affairs

The Operation Transparent Tribe was first spotted by Proofpoint Researchers in Feb 2016, in a series of espionages operations against Indian diplomats and military personnel in some embassies in Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan. Then it is possible to deobfuscate them.

Statement of solidarity with librarians, archivists and information professionals in Ukraine


We the undersigned, representing the UK community of librarians, archivists and information professionals, wish to extend our solidarity and support for our professional colleagues in Ukraine during the current military action by Russia. Liz Jolly , Chief Librarian, British Library.

Spotlight: Remembering Ernie Pyle

Unwritten Record

It is Ernie’s first trip into the Pacific. He suffered a slight cut on the face and is here looking at his bed from which he had just left to watch the bombing, when the roof fell on it. 111-SC: Photographs of American Military Activities, ca. MCA/Universal Pictures Collection: Motion Picture Releases of the Universal Newsreel Library, 1929 – 1967. Uncategorized Military Motion Pictures Photographs U.S.

Jedediah Hotchkiss: Mapmaker of the Confederacy

Unwritten Record

It includes a label that states it should be returned to “Jed. Library of Congress. Note: The Library of Congress also holds many of Hotchkiss’ maps, including his famous map of the Shenandoah Valley created for General Jackson. Cartographic Records Civil War Maps Military Uncategorized Cartographic Branch mapsThe Cartographic Branch holds numerous maps created by noted Civil War mapmaker Jedediah Hotchkiss.

The power of solidarity: Support for Ukraine


Executive Director of the Ukraine Library Association, Yaroslava Soshynska, talks to Rob Green about life in Ukraine as Russia wages war on its neighbour, the role of libraries in the country and how moral support is keeping people strong. it is really a people?s

James Reese Europe: America’s Jazz Ambassador

Unwritten Record

The musical career of American jazz bandleader, composer, and arranger James Reese Europe (1881-1919) was as influential and unique as it was tragically short. consisted of 125 musicians, and it took New York City by storm when it performed a concert at Carnegie Hall in 1912.

The Importance of a Proactive Cyber Defense Solution To Protect Your Critical Data

Security Affairs

Personal and Corporate data is now regularly targeted and traded by unscrupulous actors, protect it with a proactive Cyber Defense solution. The recent security exploit perpetrated on the Cybersecurity software company SolarWinds is a dramatic example of how bad and ugly it can actually get.

State of Preservica - Highlights and Momentum Looking Ahead


It has driven rapid growth in the adoption of Preservica’s software with the user community climbing by over 500% in 2021 including more than 1,700 users of our new Preservica Starter edition.”. Upload a photo, it's always good to put a face to the name.

New Gallmaker APT group eschews malware in cyber espionage campaigns

Security Affairs

A previously unknown cyber espionage group, tracked as Gallmaker, has been targeting entities in the government, military and defense sectors since at least 2017. According to researchers from Symantec, who first spotted the threat actor, the group has launched attacks on several overseas embassies of an unnamed Eastern European country, and military and defense organizations in the Middle East.

XDSpy APT remained undetected since at least 2011

Security Affairs

The APT group, recently discovered by ESET, targeted government and private companies in Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, and Ukraine, including militaries and Ministries of Foreign Affairs. It can also take screenshots.

Weekly podcast: 2018 end-of-year roundup

IT Governance

Hello and welcome to the final IT Governance podcast of 2018. As is now traditional, I’ve installed myself in the porter’s chair next to the fire in the library, ready to recap some of the year’s more newsworthy information security events. Even government and public bodies’ websites – including, ironically, the ICO – were found to be running cryptomining software after a third-party plug-in was compromised, but it transpired. In March, it transpired that a further 2.4

IT 44

Archives*RM Testimonial #5

The Schedule

During WWII it was the largest industrial complex in New York state – a 300-acre facility employing 70,000 civilian workers repairing over 1,000 ships. Thus, it requires arrangement, description, digitization, and ingest into our DAM/public facing digital library at the item level.

MY TAKE: How advanced automation of threat intel sharing has quickened incident response

The Last Watchdog

So why hasn’t it made more of an impact stopping network breaches? Related: Ground zero for cybersecurity research Having covered the cybersecurity industry for the past 15 years, it’s clear to me that there are two primary reasons. military complex, who got frustrated by their inability to extract actionable intel from a deluge of threat feeds. There was so much information about what the bad guys were up to that the organization simply couldn’t deal with it.”

Meet Ike

Archives Blogs

An opportunity to get to know this man can be found at the newly unveiled Eisenhower Memorial in Washington, DC , and the all-new exhibits in the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum in Abilene, Kansas. The library building houses the documents of his administration.

The Problem Solvers

Unwritten Record

Chances are it was the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). The USACE is not only responsible for the building of large-scale military projects but also a major chunk of the country’s civil engineering works as well. Army Corps of Engineers Digital Library.

Security Affairs newsletter Round 249

Security Affairs

A new piece of Ryuk Stealer targets government, military and finance sectors. Did H&M spy on its German employees? CVE-2020-7247 RCE flaw in OpenSMTPD library affects many BSD and Linux distros. A new round of the weekly newsletter arrived!

RIM-brain in Movies and TV

The Texas Record

Near the end of the movie the Rebel Alliance infiltrates the Imperial Center of Military Research on the planet Scarif (i.e., Dr. Who – Silence in the Library. But here is where it gets weird and causes RIM-Brain. Ah, working from home!

ROT 82

WinRAR CVE-2018-20250 flaw exploited in multiple campaigns

Security Affairs

A recently patched vulnerability affecting the popular archiver utility WinRAR it becoming a commodity in the cybercrime underground, experts reported it has been exploited to deliver new malware in targeted attacks. The vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2018-20250, was discovered by experts at Check Point in February, it could allow an attacker to gain control of the target system.

China-linked APT40 group hides behind 13 front companies

Security Affairs

“After a long investigation we now know that it is possible to take a province and identify front companies, from those companies identify individuals who work there, and then connect these companies and individuals to an APT and the State.”

Remembering 9/11

Unwritten Record

Original Caption: Civilian and Military personnel are evacuated down Interstate highway I-395, following the 9/11 terrorists attack on the Pentagon Building located in Washington, District of Columbia (DC), Local Identifier: 330-CFD-DN-SD-04-12746.jpeg,

“Edited by Laura Thornburgh,” Pioneer of Motion Picture Education

Unwritten Record

It might be surprising to learn that there was a time when the case had to be made for the value of motion pictures in education. It may require digging into the USDA’s textual records, but we hope they will be uncovered someday.

An Update on Still Picture Catalog Additions

Unwritten Record

Army Signal Corps Photographs Of Military Activity During World War II and The Korean Conflict. This series consists of bound photo albums that document American military activities. It has been fully digitized and made available here.

One Step Closer to Saudi Vision 2030 | General Auditing Bureau Conclude the Fourth stage of SHAMEL with Everteam


The platform which was designed by Everteam, linked more than 180 government entities within the Kingdom in various sectors including civil and military bodies, institutions and companies. The event included launching the system’s electronic library, discussing the future vision of the system and the roadmap of the next stages. The General Auditing Bureau (GAB) was very keen on implementing electronic procedures that help with the automation of its business procedures.

Get time on your side


RE always talking about what the library of the future might look like, but could a library be a place that contains the future? Consultant Matt Finch explains how the fourth dimension can make libraries even more attractive to their communities and funders. Libraries are already widely seen as safe and welcoming places, but Matt says these values can be enhanced by a free resource ? The future is an excellent place for people to come together because it hasn?t

Working with the Napoleon Collection

Archives Blogs

The best part is that all of these items are just waiting inside Strozier Library to be examined and studied. The Napoleon Collection is particularly strong when it comes to Napoleon’s military campaigns and works by and about prominent French Revolutionary and military figures. This over-4000-book collection is the perfect addition to the Napoleon Collection because it adds new dimensions, such as an increase in women’s narratives.

Meet Your 2018-2019 Records Management Section Steering Committee

The Schedule

He provides guidance and consultation on institutional record keeping and best practices, manages the University’s contract with its off-site storage and destruction vendor, and is currently leading a campus-wide working group in revising the University’s general retention schedule and associated policies. Eira has worked as the Digital Archivist/Records Manager at the University of Cincinnati’s Archives and Rare Books Library since 2013.

First Cyber Defence & Information Assurance courses to receive CILIP accreditation


CILIP is delighted to expand its accreditation programme to this area. Information is a strategic asset, the value of which needs to be understood by organisations so that that it can be used to its full advantage. As a strategic asset its value is recognised by a range of stakeholders and with this come a variety of cyber threats. It is the second largest in the world and the only one with a Royal Charter.