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“Edited by Laura Thornburgh,” Pioneer of Motion Picture Education

Unwritten Record

It might be surprising to learn that there was a time when the case had to be made for the value of motion pictures in education. It may require digging into the USDA’s textual records, but we hope they will be uncovered someday.

Visual Cues and Clues: Looking ON the Photo

Unwritten Record

Moreover, sometimes you can track down the archival institution that houses a photo you found online or in a book by simply examining what markings you can find on it. If you’re looking for information on the photo, typically it will be marked in the corners or along the sides of the image.

Web 2 Preview: DigitalGlobe: The World Is The Index

John Battelle's Searchblog

And it's known for having the stalwarts of the Internet industry represented as well - leaders from Google, Twitter, Yahoo, AOL, Newscorp, and Microsoft will also be there. It sends super expensive satellites into space, and takes high resolution, geographic-data tagged pictures of every square foot of the earth. It then makes these images available to anyone willing to pay* (and sometimes to those who can't but really need the data, as it did with the recent LA fires).