New Pluralsight Course: OWASP Top 10, 2017

Troy Hunt

Just a tad over 5 years ago, I released my first ever Pluralsight course - OWASP Top 10 Web Application Security Risks for ASP.NET. More than 32k people have listened to more than 78k hours of content in this course making it not just the most popular course I've ever released, but also keeping it as my most popular in the library even today by a long way. Because this is a "Play by Play" course, it's only an hour and 12 minutes of easy listening.

The JavaScript Supply Chain Paradox: SRI, CSP and Trust in Third Party Libraries

Troy Hunt

Or someone else took issue with the bloke (hypothetically, of course) and made a pull request. All of which means this: Versioned external libraries can easily be protected with SRI because the contents of that specific version will never change.

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SHARED INTEL: How ‘memory attacks’ and ‘firmware spoilage’ circumvent perimeter defenses

The Last Watchdog

What does Chinese tech giant Huawei have in common with the precocious kid next door who knows how to hack his favorite video game? Tech consultancy IDC tells us that global spending on security hardware, software and services is on course to top $103 billion in 2019, up 9.4 One rudimentary example is the kid who figures how to carry out a Dynamic Link Library, or DLL, hack of his favorite video game.

How Much Does Records Management Training Cost? Options For Any Budget


Those looking for training should be sure to also check out options available through college courses, online training providers, etc. If you’re looking for a thorough understanding of Records Management, regardless of budget, then you might be interested in AIIM's full Records Management training course. Modern Records Management Training Course. Cost Breakdown: $595 USD for the Online Specialist Course. 1,785 USD for the Online Master Course.

TrueFire Guitar tutoring website was hacked, financial data might have been exposed

Security Affairs

TrueFire has over 1 million users, its customer could pay to receive guitar tutorial from a library of over 900 courses and 40,000 video lessons.

Preservica International User Group 2019: meeting the future of digital preservation, together


We all, of course, also enjoyed sampling Oxford’s historic pubs and colleges, and some even joined an early morning running tour of the city to kick-off day 2. Earlier this month over 100 Preservica users from 14 countries gathered in Oxford, UK for our annual community meeting.

Digitizing the Castro Archaeological Site

Archives Blogs

In a recent collaboration with the Department of Anthropology, FSU’s Digital Library Center has digitized thousands of objects including photos, field notes, and other fascinating material produced during 2000-2002 of the Castro archaeological site located right here in Leon County, Florida.

New Intern in Special Collections

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I am an intern doing a summer internship here at UNCW as part of a course I am taking in my university’s master’s program. Before I began my adventure into the world of libraries, I went to Western Carolina University for four years. Greetings and salutations.

Open your archive – unlock the value: SAA Archives 2017


Other highlights for me on this trip was the Portland Food Truck Experience, and of course the Preservica US User Group meeting and dinner. I recently returned from the Society of American Archivists (SAA) annual members conference in Portland, Oregon.

IRL Analogies Explaining Digital Concepts are Terrible

Troy Hunt

Setting aside for a moment the fact that the music in this piece was itself pirated (or at least misused in such a fashion that it resulted in the rights group that produced the video being fined), clearly these analogies are terrible.

Shirley Yearwood-Jackman's address to the CILIP Employer Forum


The video which you have just watched, pertaining to the challenges which women face obtaining leadership roles does simply showcase the root outcome of inequality. Shirley Yearwood-Jackman's address to the CILIP Employer Forum.

Locking Down Your Website Scripts with CSP, Hashes, Nonces and Report URI

Troy Hunt

No external videos embedded from YouTube, no JavaScript libraries off your favourite CDN and no analytics or tracking from Google. " The irony, of course, is that this is precisely where 98% of websites are today! Incidentally, in case you look at HIBP and wonder why the Google Analytics inline script is using a nonce and not a hash, it's because the library I use to generate the CSP doesn't currently support hashes.

The debate on the Data Protection Bill in the House of Lords

Data Protector

Of course, as new rights like this are created, the Bill will ensure that they cannot be taken too far. It will ensure that libraries can continue to archive material, that journalists can continue to enjoy the freedoms that we cherish in this country, and that the criminal justice system can continue to keep us safe. What follows below is an edited version of the debate in the House of Lords of the Second Reading of the Data Protection Bill, held on 10 October.

GDPR 120

Establishing Records Management at Brandeis—The First Eighteen Months

Brandeis Records Manager

And of course, we’re all fully staffed, right? Underlying communication tools were leveraged early in the game to support the program: a “LibGuide” (Library Guide) reference page with an overview of the program and guidelines, an email service account, a listserv , to which I push a highly selective and small subset of records management news kindly brought to us by Peter Kurilecz and many others, a more formal intranet presence , under construction, and this blog.

This is the old ChiefTech blog.: The Potential for Enterprise Metaverses


Standard phone meetings or even video conferences tend to end in a more instant and dead way. of course, theres no reason not to have fun with it too, even within a business context. Also good would be a video chat ability in addition to standard avatars.