“Edited by Laura Thornburgh,” Pioneer of Motion Picture Education

Unwritten Record

Today, we take for granted that moving images are used to educate. It might be surprising to learn that there was a time when the case had to be made for the value of motion pictures in education. She had access to education and travel, and wrote for a local newspaper. .

Summer Road Trip: Los Angeles

Unwritten Record

The film is part of the Ford Educational Weekly series which was produced by the Ford Company from 1916 through 1921. The weekly series consists of short features about travel, industry, history, geography, and agriculture. Military personnel enjoy their day while riding the Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad , Jungle Cruise , Submarine Voyage , Matterhorn Bobsleds , and It’s a Small World.

Student Societies of Amherst Academy & Their Questions

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Is memory more dependent upon nature than upon habit and Education?”. Ought ladies and gentlemen to obtain their education in separate academies and seminaries?”. Which is the more powerful, Education or wealth?”. Is the manufacturing interest of our Country more important than agriculture?”. Which has the greatest influence in this our country, fashion or Education?”. Have military heroes been beneficial to the world?”.