Fileless Malware: What Mitigation Strategies Are Effective?

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Security Practitioners Highlight Ways to Fight Against the Threat As the threat of fileless malware continues to persist worldwide, security professionals are devising targeted risk management strategies

'Five Eyes' Intelligence Agencies Discuss Strategies

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The latest edition of the ISMG Security Report describes a discussion among "Five Eyes" intelligence agencies at the recent CyberUK conference. Plus, an update on a Huawei 'backdoor' allegation and new research on managing third-party risk

White House National Cyber Strategy: An Analysis

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Security Experts Examine Administration's Document and Rhetoric A national cybersecurity strategy document released by the White House last week - along with comments from a top Trump administration official that the U.S.

Japan's IoT Security Strategy: Break Into Devices

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Nation to Allow Researchers to Brute-Force 200 Million Devices Japan plans to identity vulnerable internet of things devices the same way hackers do: by trying to log into them. The country wants to gauge its cybersecurity readiness for next year when it hosts the summer Olympics. If vulnerable devices are found, the plan is to notify device owners

Embedded BI and Analytics: Best Practices to Monetize Your Data

Speaker: Azmat Tanauli, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Birst

4 best practices for improving governance strategies

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Data governance Data management Data strategyA failure to articulate the correct approach to IT governance could result in costly mistakes that prevent the organization from being successful.

The US National Cyber Strategy

Schneier on Security

Last month the White House released the " National Cyber Strategy of the United States of America. And the strategy includes no details. I generally don't have much to say about these sorts of documents. They're filled with broad generalities.

4 reasons every organization needs a data governance strategy

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Data governance Data management Data strategyEverybody knows data is essential in business today, but handling it effectively and ethically is no easy task. That's where data governance comes in.

Data governance, digital transformation driving ITAM strategies

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The success of IT asset management both now and in the future lies in the value it offers the business through insights into all its technology investments. Hardware and software Infrastructure Data management

A Fraud-Fighting Strategy for P2P Payments

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Customer lifecyle data management can play an important role in cracking down on fraud tied to the growth in real-time P2P payments, says David Barnhardt of the security firm GIACT

Why so many organizations sideline Internet of Things strategies

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Internet of things Mobile technology Data strategyThe challenge for both consumers and businesses is comparable — and ironic: It’s difficult and often expensive to connect connected systems.

FDA Reacts to Critique of Medical Device Security Strategy

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Watchdog Agency Cited Deficiencies, But Agency Says Many Have Already Been Addressed The FDA's procedures for handling cybersecurity concerns in medical devices once they are on the market are deficient, according to a new federal watchdog agency report.

Organizations need to rethink their data architectures and strategies

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Emerging technologies, dwindling resources, and rapidly increasing data requirements will drive the need to re-evaluate our data architecture and strategy. Data strategy Data management Hardware and software

Technology Strategies to Reduce False Positives

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Go-To-Market Strategy in the Clouds

Perficient Data & Analytics

After more than four years as part of the management consulting team, I am now responsible for launching our go-to-market (GTM) strategy for our firm’s cloud services. I’ve embarked on a new journey with Perficient.

A Rich Content Strategy Empowered by Chatbots | everteam.chatbot


Roadmap to a Successful Chatbot Content Strategy. Therefore, our expertise have complied the main steps to help you have a bright content strategy for chatbots. The post A Rich Content Strategy Empowered by Chatbots | everteam.chatbot appeared first on EVERTEAM.

The Reaction to New White House Cybersecurity Strategy

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Leading the latest edition of the ISMG Security Report: The reaction to the recently released White House cybersecurity strategy. Also featured: A discussion of GDPR's impact on class action lawsuits

A Successful Strategy for Fighting Phishing

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Brent Maher of Johnson Financial Group Offers Real-World Lessons Learned The key to lowering the risk of employees becoming victims of phishing is to adopt an "adult learning" approach to training, says Brent Maher, CISO at Johnson Financial Group

China's AI Strategy and its Security Implications

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Allen at the Center for a New American Security has a new report with some interesting analysis and insights into China's AI strategy, commercial, government, and military. Gregory C.

4 Tips for Implementing a Mature Endpoint Security Strategy

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Insights on Vulnerability Management and Incident Response An effective endpoint security strategy can be as layered as you want it to be. But you'll have a strong foundation if you build off of these four key steps

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Hybrid strategies are top choice among growing cloud adopters

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Cloud computing Data management Data strategyCloud adoption continues to gain momentum, with hybrid cloud the most common architecture, according to a new study.

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The 5 top trends for data governance strategies in 2019

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Data governance Data management Data strategyAt the heart of all things data-oriented is the concept of data governance, which calls for proper protocols for data collection, storage, management, security and processing.

Exploring Cyber's Role in the New National Security Strategy

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An analysis of the cyber component of the Trump administration's just-published National Security Strategy leads the latest edition of the ISMG Security. Also, DHS and industry establish a cyber coordinating council to help secure the U.S. electoral system

Three Fundamental Digital Preservation Strategies

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The post Three Fundamental Digital Preservation Strategies appeared first on IG Guru.

OpenText Extends Cloud Strategy with the Release of OpenText OT2

OpenText Information Management

I’m pleased to announce that today’s release of OpenText products, platforms and services further extends our enterprise cloud strategy, completing the need of our customers to access their business-critical information in the most convenient, secure and agile ways possible.

Why capture is a key foundation of information management strategies

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Effectively connecting … The post Why capture is a key foundation of information management strategies appeared first on OpenText Blogs. Today’s number one business challenge is keeping track of information.

Document Strategy Forum Next Week! My Session – Executing the Information Governance Strategy for the Post-Cloud World

Information Governance Perspectives

Strategy. Data Governance Information Governance Information Technology Millennials Professional Development Automation Conferences Customer Communications Management Document Strategy ForumContent. Communication. I’ve attended and spoken at many different “information management” conferences over the years and each has their strengths and weaknesses.

Three Strategies for Big Data Security

Thales eSecurity

These are great tactics, but I’d like to discuss the three most common overarching strategies I see in Big Data security today. Strategies for Securing Big Data. The post Three Strategies for Big Data Security appeared first on Data Security Blog | Thales e-Security.

Planning Your Information Governance Technology Strategy

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By Dan Griffith As part of your Information Governance strategy, you need a technology strategy. Your information governance technology strategy is a key element of your overall governance strategy […].

Preparing an Omnichannel Anti-Fraud Strategy

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Many banking institutions boast of being "digital first" and enabling "omnichannel banking." But are they fully aware of the new fraud risks they also are inviting? Kimberly Sutherland and Kimberly White of LexisNexis Risk Solutions discuss how to mitigate omnichannel fraud

Harness Your Enterprise Data Warehouse Strategy

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A proper enterprise data strategy can empower a business. A data enterprise strategy is a well-rounded direction for an organization to potentially harness data-driven capabilities. A great enterprise data strategy is composed of 4 major factors. When the strategy is relevant, the information is contextual to the organization, therefore it’s not generic. This strategy should accelerate the business.

Best practices for aligning business strategy with data management

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Data management Data strategy Data transparencyData is the engine that supports both strategic and operational decisions; these decisions depend on what you know and what you know depends on the information provided by the data.

Incorporating privacy into data protection strategy

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Enterprises should start from the top – by incorporating data privacy into the enterprise’s data protection strategy. This will set the direction in which the enterprise will move forward concerning the data privacy initiative. Data privacy Data security Cyber security

Understanding the role of automation in data management strategies

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If you want to be fast and agile with your data, you need a strategy built on enabling you to do that. But your data strategy needs to include more than just raw processing power. Automation Data strategy Data management

8 trends that will impact data management strategies in 2019

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Data management Data strategy Chief Data OfficerAs organizations continued to see data volumes explode and an increasing number of employees need access to critical information, data cataloging considerations shifted from being a department level concern to an enterprise critical issue.

Smart Digital Health Strategy Starts with These Technologies


Are you interested in improving your healthcare organization’s digital health strategy? This means that data including website navigation, call center interaction, connected device data, social media, email, mobile apps and even electronic health records (EHRs) can all be leveraged as part of an informed and consumer-centric digital health strategy. Any digital health strategy will rely heavily on digital communication.

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Data Strategy Framework: Handle with CARE

Perficient Data & Analytics

Therefore, it’s important to have data strategy framework in place. On a daily basis, I come across clients looking for a data strategy. Data Strategy Components. When developing a data strategy we like to use CARE to build the framework.

Necurs Botnet adopts a new strategy to evade detection

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The Necurs Botnet continues to evolve, a new strategy aims at hiding in the shadows, and leverages new payloads to recruits new bots. The post Necurs Botnet adopts a new strategy to evade detection appeared first on Security Affairs.

Is THIS in Your Digital Transformation Strategy? (It Should Be)


But, what do many routinely forget when devising a digital transformation strategy? An effective digital transformation strategy should be developed alongside a solid data lifecycle management (DLM) plan. It’s no small feat to develop and implement a viable DLM plan, let alone incorporate it into your wider digital transformation strategy. With digital transformation, organizations are on a journey to remake themselves these days.

Voice of the Client: Is AI your priority? Start with a data strategy

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Intel's Melvin Greer, Senior Principal Engineer and Chief Data Scientist, Americas writes about the data strategy necessary to execute the promises of AI and touts their collaboration with IBM on Cloud Pak for Data. But before anyone can execute an AI strategy, they’ll need a data strategy

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