Auto insurers mining data to develop ridesharing and autonomous products

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Analytics Driverless Sharing economy Farmers Insurance Allstate Uber LyftCarriers are looking to learn as much as they can about these emerging macro trends now so that they can be prepared for a transformative future.

First American Financial Corp. Leaked Hundreds of Millions of Title Insurance Records

Krebs on Security

The Web site for Fortune 500 real estate title insurance giant First American Financial Corp. based First American is a leading provider of title insurance and settlement services to the real estate and mortgage industries. “Closing agencies are supposed to be the only neutral party that doesn’t represent someone else’s interest, and you’re required to have title insurance if you have any kind of mortgage,” Shoval said.


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ABBYY Releases Research: State of Process Mining and Robotic Process Automation

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Global survey results released today found that process knowledge is the primary success factor for robotic process automation (RPA) projects, yet only 31% of US organizations are currently using process mining tools to understand their processes. Process mining .

8 schools with insurance analytics programs

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College recruiting Analytics Data Scientist Data science Real-time data Data mining Data Analyst Unstructured data Data strategy Data architecture Data modeling Machine learning Artificial intelligenceSeveral top colleges and universities are offering courses and concentrations in applying data to the sector.

MassMutual unit, iPipeline partner to distribute risk model

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The life insurer’s LifeScore Labs division is ready to make its data tool available to other carriers in the space. Customer data Unstructured data Data modeling Data ownership Data integration Data visualization Data mining Data types Data discovery Big data Patient data Data strategy Data architecture Data science Life insurance MassMutual

Risk 28

USAA to add 1,000 tech jobs in Phoenix by end of 2020

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Military insurer will predominantly be looking to hire software engineers and applications developers, it says. Recruiting Customer experience Analytics Data management Data mining USAA

ABBYY Partners with Alteryx Extending the Alteryx Analytic Process Automation Platform with Deeper Process Intelligence

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According to the Constellation Research ShortList for Robotic Process Automation , “the RPA market is converging with business process management, process mining and workflow tools,” and “buyer’s should expect these tools to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to blur the lines between human and machine processes.” Analyst firm NelsonHall estimates the process mining and discovery market will grow up to $5.4 Integrated Solution Accelerates Key Digital Transformation Initiatives.

With Google’s 2012 Zeitgeist, You Won’t Learn Much. Why?

John Battelle's Searchblog

Imagine if Google took its massive search query database and worked with some of the leaders in the open data movement to mine true insights? For example, here are some of the top searches for Saudi Arabia, translated (roughly I am sure) by the Google Translate service: Student outcomes Arab Idol insurance Ramadan Series 2012 Mohamed Morsi explosion Riyadh Burma Free Syrian Army Shura Council tornado Sandy. The post With Google’s 2012 Zeitgeist, You Won’t Learn Much.

First American Financial Pays Farcical $500K Fine

Krebs on Security

The SEC says First American derives nearly 92 percent of its revenue from its title insurance segment, earning $7.1 Title insurance protects homebuyers from the prospect of someone contesting their legitimacy as the new homeowner.

#ModernDataMasters: Mike Evans, Chief Technology Officer


A passion of mine is imparting the knowledge and experience that the data leaders of today possess to the next generation of data professionals. Uncategorized B Compliance & GDPR B Consumer 360 B Customer 360 B Digital Transformation B Financial Services & Insurance B Healthcare B High-Tech & Manufacturing B IT B Business B Life Sciences B Machine Learning B Patient & Member 360 B Retail & CPGKate Tickner, Reltio.

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NY Charges First American Financial for Massive Data Leak

Krebs on Security

In May 2019, KrebsOnSecurity broke the news that the website of mortgage title insurance giant First American Financial Corp. based First American [ NYSE:FAF ] is a leading provider of title insurance and settlement services to the real estate and mortgage industries.

Spike in “Chain Gang” Destructive Attacks on ATMs

Krebs on Security

Tracey Santor is the bond product manager for Travelers , which insures a large number of financial institutions against this type of crime.

#ModernDataMasters: Steve Whiting, Chief Operations Officer


I worked in several Telcos and latterly in the City for an international insurance company. There are several other business book favourites of mine including “The Lean Startup” , “Shoe Dog” , “The Upstarts” , and “The Pumpkin Plan” I take inspiration from them all as they have helped me to develop Agile Solutions into the company it is today. Kate Tickner, Reltio.

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British campaigners file US lawsuit against firms controlled by Arron Banks

The Guardian Data Protection

Case filed in a Mississippi court alleges data mined in UK was illegally sent abroad by two of Banks’s companies A British public interest group has filed a lawsuit in a Mississippi court against two companies controlled by Arron Banks, the pro-Brexit donor, following allegations that the firms may have violated UK data protection rules in an attempt to sway the 2016 vote to leave the EU.

E-Verify’s “SSN Lock” is Nothing of the Sort

Krebs on Security

Also, the idea that an account protected by multi-factor authentication could be undermined by successfully guessing the answer(s) to one or more secret questions (answered truthfully and perhaps located by thieves through mining one’s social media accounts) is bothersome.

Capital One Data Theft Impacts 106M People

Krebs on Security

consumers, and roughly 1 million Social Insurance Numbers (SINs) for Canadian credit card customers. Specifically, Erratic mentions one botnet involved in cryptojacking, which uses snippets of code installed on Web sites — often surreptitiously — designed to mine cryptocurrencies. Federal prosecutors this week charged a Seattle woman with stealing data from more than 100 million credit applications made with Capital One Financial Corp.

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Prometei botnet is targeting ProxyLogon Microsoft Exchange flaws

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The crypto-mining has a modular structure and employes multiple techniques to infect systems and evade detection. Prometei has been observed to be active in systems across a variety of industries, including: Finance, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, Utilities, Travel, and Construction.”

Google’s Project Nightingale Health Data Practice Raises Privacy Concerns

Adam Levin

Of perhaps even greater concern is the fact that Google’s apparent data mining is legal according to federal law, specifically the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, or HIPAA. Google is collecting the health record data of millions of U.S. citizens, raising serious concerns about patient privacy.

ABBYY Announces Its Agreement to Acquire TimelinePI to Deliver Digital Intelligence for Enterprise Processes

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TimelinePI’s vision of combining the most versatile process mining and operational monitoring with cutting-edge, process-centric AI and machine learning will serve as a critical cornerstone to ABBYY’s Digital IQ strategy. With TimelinePI, ABBYY will have the most comprehensive process intelligence platform for empowering companies to go beyond traditional text analytics and process mining to achieve true digital intelligence.

Access to over 3,000 compromised sites sold on Russian black marketplace MagBo

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Most of the compromised websites are e-commerce sites, but crooks also offered access to websites of organizations in healthcare, legal, education and insurance industries and belonging to government agencies. “ Illicit access to compromised or backdoored sites and databases is used by criminals for a number of activities, ranging from spam campaigns, to fraud, or cryptocurrency mining.”

Episode 204: Josh Corman of CISA on securing the Vaccine Supply Chain

The Security Ledger

In recent years, China has made a habit of targeting large health insurers and healthcare providers as it seeks to build what some have described as a “data lake” of U.S. residents that it can mine for intelligence.

ABBYY Acquires TimelinePI to Strengthen Leadership Role in Digital Transformation

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The acquisition of TimelinePI represents a significant milestone in establishing ABBYY’s leadership role in the digital transformation market as well as a global player in the emerging process mining market, which Gartner estimates will triple by 2023. ABBYY will continue to market and enhance the TimelinePI platform and offer it to its thousands of customers globally, including healthcare providers, banks, insurance companies, government agencies and others. MILPITAS, Calif.,

Expect More Spam Calls and SIM-Card Scams: 400 Million Phone Numbers Exposed

Adam Levin

As much as I love this one friend of mine, nothing is private when we’re together. Make sure you get on top of any incursion into your identity quickly and/or enroll in a program where professionals help you navigate and resolve identity compromises–oftentimes available for free, or at minimal cost, through insurance companies, financial services institutions and employers. You probably have a friend like this.

An Overview of the Proposed India Privacy Law


A few months ago, India proposed a similar framework that would require technology companies to get permission from individuals before collecting and mining their personal data. In May of 2018, the European Union implemented the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

MY TAKE: Poorly protected local government networks cast shadow on midterm elections

The Last Watchdog

As Ananth explained, the city did two things right: they had cyber insurance and they didn’t pay the ransom. This makes government networks even more vulnerable and hackers see them as a gold mine. In March 2018, the city of Atlanta fell victim to a ransomware attack that shut down its computer network. City agencies were unable to collect payment. Police departments had to handwrite reports. Years of data disappeared. Related: Political propaganda escalates in U.S.

Q&A: Why SOAR startup Syncurity is bringing a ‘case-management’ approach to threat detection

The Last Watchdog

SOAR, if you haven’t heard, is a hot new technology stack that takes well-understood data mining and business intelligence analytics methodologies — techniques that are deeply utilized in financial services, retailing and other business verticals – and applies them to cybersecurity. The ability to prove you have a process, and demonstrate the audit trail showing you used that process, will become the subject of increased scrutiny by regulators and cyber insurance underwriters.

State Attackers Moving from Stealing Data to Social Meddling

Ascent Innovations

The new cyber intelligence report expects the monetary benefits will allure the use of crypto-mining malware and cryptocurrencies by cyber attackers this year. They look to steal credit card numbers from financial services & insurance companies or install malware on the critical systems used by healthcare companies. State Attackers Moving from Stealing Data to Social Meddling.

Machine Learning is Carving the Path toward Digital Transformation


For example, what if an insurance company could analyze images of property damage to enable it to offer new categories of coverage based upon structural characteristics? What if recorded customer interactions in a call center could be mined to find the best tactics for converting inquiries into sales? One of the fascinating characteristics of information technology is how small changes can have enormous ripple effects.

Ephesoft Launches Context Driven Productivity at Enterprise Productivity Summit

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solutions include mortgage origination, healthcare patient records, employee onboarding, tax form and insurance claims processing. Inaugural Summit Unites Technology Leaders to Explore Breakthroughs in Enterprise Automation. IRVINE, Calif., 11, 2020 – Ephesoft, Inc.,

Project Svalbard, Have I Been Pwned and its Ongoing Independence

Troy Hunt

These were companies spanning all sorts of different industries; big tech, general infosec, antivirus, hosting, finance, e-commerce, cyber insurance - I could go on.

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Don’t Follow the Money; Follow the Customer!

Bill Schmarzo - Dell EMC

If you complete the full Fluvastatin prescription, then we’ll reduce your monthly healthcare insurance payment by 5%.”. Leading organizations are realizing that instead of “following the money” that they should be “following their customers” and mining their customers’ buying habits regardless of artificially defined industry boundaries (see Figure 5).

Role of Big Data in Human Resource Management


Following the insurance companies’ footsteps, employers gather health-related data of their staff and candidates. Predictive Analytics- Uses the analysis of current and historical facts to predict unknown events using statistics, modeling, machine learning, and data mining. Those who have been practicing Human resource management for years knows the importance of relying on data analytics for creating an enhanced work culture or else they might lag behind that of other departments.

Rebooting Analytics and CAO

Perficient Data & Analytics

OK, that’s partially mine based on what I continue to see). While it’s critical to get the math right, just getting the math right doesn’t drive the change,” said one insurance analytics leader. The same insurance analytics leader stated: “It’s gaining the trust of business-unit leaders by helping them to understand how the models influence business impact and, ultimately, drive profit and loss.

Rebooting Analytics and CAO

Perficient Data & Analytics

OK, that’s partially mine based on what I continue to see). While it’s critical to get the math right, just getting the math right doesn’t drive the change,” said one insurance analytics leader. The same insurance analytics leader stated: “It’s gaining the trust of business-unit leaders by helping them to understand how the models influence business impact and, ultimately, drive profit and loss.

Cognitive Agents to Improve User Experience


And it includes self-learning systems that leverage data mining, pattern recognition, and natural language processing (NLP) to mimic patterns of the human brain. Health Insurance Company | Interactive cognitive agent for providers to quickly access member information. // CHALLENGE? //. A health insurance company with more than 13 million customers in the U.S., In a world where over 2.5

To get the most from blockchain in government, a sharing mindset is needed


But the doctor decides the medical treatment while the insurance provider decides the amount and mode of payment. The doctor’s office owns the Electronic Health Record system, but that doesn’t give the office ownership of the patient’s medical information or control over the insurance company’s payment decision. So, how do we achieve this new mindset of “what’s yours is mine and mine is yours?”.

10 Personal Finance Lessons for Technology Professionals

Troy Hunt

Number 1 is "Mining, Resources & Energy" which had a local boom here but is now rapidly declining (down 14% on the previous year). Take mining out of the picture and the top industry ("Consulting & Strategy"), pays only 5% more than tech. One person emailed me with many that aligned with mine, but he also said "only buy properties that you feel you could live in, they are homes as well as investments". Patience. Frugality. Sacrifice.

Top GRC Tools & Software for 2021

eSecurity Planet

Like other competitive GRC solutions, it speeds the process of aggregating and mining data, building reports, and managing files. Insurance & claims management.

Top 10 Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Vendors

eSecurity Planet

Like other competitive GRC solutions, it speeds the process of aggregating and mining data, building reports, and managing files. Insurance & claims management.

Interview with Gus Tugendhat of Tussell

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The market already has lots of tender portals but nobody has taken the tenders and contracts and turned them into an intelligent database which can be mined efficiently. When SMEs win a government contract, typically the next thing they do is seek financing, insurance, recruitment and other expansion-related services. Gus Tugendhat – Founder, Tussell. I recently sat down with Gus Tugendhat, founder of UK-based government tenders and contracts data provider, Tussell.