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Joe Shepley, PhD, CIPP/US present Information ArchitectureWhat is Information Architecture and why does your company need one?What What approaches for building an Information Architecture? ARMA IG News Information Governance Webinar ARMA St.

Why Information Architecture is VITAL to Information Governance

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Our very own Kevin Parker has written another stellar piece on the importance of information architecture to information governance. You can read it in ARMA’s Information Management Magazine – and if you want to learn more, register for Kevin’s ARMA iMasters Webinar on February 27. The post Why Information Architecture is VITAL to Information Governance appeared first on Holly Group.


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Understanding Information Architecture


I found a great resource today on Understanding Information Architecture by Peter Morville. Information ArchitectureWhen viewing the presentation, go full screen!

Word Cloud: Information Architecture Taxonomy


I created an Information Architecture Taxonomy word cloud at www.wordle.net , built from the Information Architecture Taxonomy available at www.iainstitute.org : Information Architecture taxonomy word cloud

CMSWire Article: How Information Architecture Improves Customer Experience


My latest CMSWire article is " How Information Architecture Improves Customer Experience ": Have you ever had a problem finding information on a website or app? If so, you were experiencing a poor information architecture (IA). While information architecture doesn't get the headlines that personalization or chat bots receive, when built on a unified information strategy, IA can improve the overall customer experience (CX) in several ways.

The Star Wars Pointer Scene and Information Architecture


understandability— the degree to which information is easily understood by the intended audience. First we'll look at why understandability matters, then what the pointer scene is, and finally how we apply it to information architecture. accessibility— the degree to which information is accessible by as many people as possible. usability— the degree to which information and information formats are easily usable and learnable.

Information Architecture for Audio: Doing It Right - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design


After this, Jens worked as a consultant and information architect for website, museum and edutainment projects.He authored or co-authored several books, among them “Website-Konzeption” on information architecture and workflow for creating successful websites. Become a sponsor Information Architecture for Audio: Doing It Right by Jens Jacobsen on 2008/09/12 | [7 Comments] Content today is increasingly delivered by audio both online and in the real world.

AI, IG and what it all means: Our Interview with Reid Smith


The mission of i2k Connect is to revolutionize information discovery using its novel artificial intelligence (AI) technology, informed by industry knowledge, to transform unstructured documents into structured data. information architecture classification machine learning metadataRecently, Gimmal interviewed Reid Smith, co-founder and CEO at i2k Connect.

3 Necessary Information Governance Capabilities That Don’t Come Out of the Box


SharePoint and Office 365 are the ideal platform for enterprise collaboration, and offer some enterprise-grade information governance features. information architecture information governance records management records in the cloud in-place records management

The Business Case for Information Strategy and Architecture


Information Management is a meta discipline that combines strategy, architecture, technology, and governance to get the right information to the right people at the right times to do the right things in support of an organization’s mission, vision, and values. Information Management happens at the intersection of people, process, information, and technology. Information Management is not universally understood the way project management is today.

The journey to AI is easier than you might think

IBM Big Data Hub

Only IBM has step by step framework that helps clients accelerate their journey to AI – and it starts with Information Architecture.

Introducing the Information Governance Maturity Model (IGIM)

ARMA International

This year, ARMA International released the Informational Governance Implementation Model (IGIM), beta version. There are, of course, other information governance (IG) models available to the community, each looking at IG through a different lens.

Webinar: Finding the Right Information in Your Stockpiled Content


On March 3, 2017 I presented an AIIM Webinar on how to make enterprise information more findable. AIIM auto-classification content analytics findability Information Architecture metadata Search Speaking WebinarYou can view the replay on YouTube below. You can also download the deck on SlideShare here. Note: There is a pause in the audio from 0:22 to 0:28, but the rest of the recording is there.].

The AI database is upon us

IBM Big Data Hub

IBM General Manager for Data and AI Rob Thomas has said organizations can't have effective AI without sound IA (Information Architecture). And one of the pillars of any IA is data management

Speaking at AIIM16


In this session, we will explore how to make SharePoint useful, usable, and used through simple information architecture and governance. AIIM Information Architecture SharePoint usability User ExperienceAt this year's AIIM Conference , I will be speaking on SharePoint planning for user adoption: Don't Make Us Think: Getting SharePoint to be Useful, Usable, and Used. SharePoint is infamous for being unuseful, unusable, and unused.

How to Leverage SharePoint 2013 to Organize, Label, Navigate, and Search Your Information


How to Leverage SharePoint 2013 to Organize, Label, Navigate, and Search Your Information from Kevin Parker. The AIIM Resource Centers offer lots of tutorials, webinars, publications, perspectives and more on SharePoint and a host of Information Management topics. AIIM Information Architecture information management Office 365 SharePoint SharePoint 2013 SharePoint Online SUGDC

How advanced analytics is transforming marketing

IBM Big Data Hub

This is where good information management and analytics come into play. Explore IBM’s solutions today: Modernization of your information architecture and Advanced Analytics Segmentation, targeting, positioning – how does an organization optimize these strategic approaches in the context of retention? Which factors should the segmentation take into consideration?

Plan a Successful Information Management Solution Implementation


How do you plan a successful information management solution implementation? In my recent Pulse article on information management and technology , I state: The solution to your business information problems are things technology vendors cannot sell you in a box or digital download. And: Your information strategy, architecture, and governance provide the comprehensive set of business requirements that should define your IT solutions.

No, Technology Can’t Solve Your Information Problems


You see the vendor sales pitches all the time: “Our innovative technology products will solve all of your information problems and make you look super smart!” The solution to your business information problems are things technology vendors cannot sell you in a box or digital download. Is technology part of the solution to your information problems? IT is not the solution to information problems any more than calculators are the solution to financial problems.

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Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act)


There is a lot of work to be done for this enormous data strategy, architecture, and governance endeavor, but I believe it will have a fairly quick ROI and continue to improve our government's data management for many years to come. Well, since you are reading this, count yourself among the very informed. data DATA Act data architecture data governance Enterprise Information Architecture governance government Information Governance

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Hybrid use cases to dominate machine learning in 2018, part 1

IBM Big Data Hub

Big Data and Analytics Hub spoke with IBM Distinguished Engineer John Thomas (@johnjaithomas) about some of the importance of focusing on information architecture to make algorithms meet enterprise needs, as well as how machine learning can most effectively be applied in hybrid scenarios in 2018

Hybrid use cases to dominate machine learning in 2018, part 2

IBM Big Data Hub

Big Data and Analytics Hub spoke with IBM Distinguished Engineer John Thomas (@johnjaithomas) about some of the importance of tuning information architecture to make algorithms meet enterprise needs, as well as how machine learning can most effectively be applied in hybrid scenarios in 2018

5 Key Elements of Effective Web Design


It’s about usability, communication and information architecture – all of which are crucial to your site’s success. Web design is about more than just aesthetics.

What is a SharePoint Architect?


It's about Enterprise Information Architecture and Enterprise Content and Records Management. You must have real depth of "information" skills and "soft" skills as well. Enterprise Information Architecture Skills. Information Strategy. Information Governance (not your typical "I.T. Information Infrastructure. Information Organization & Access (IOA). Information Change Management. Information Security.

ECM 46

Types of Sites and Site Collections in SharePoint 2013


I am glad they had the information available. :). accessibility CSS HTML Information Architecture SharePoint SharePoint 2013 usabilityWhen researching the available types of sites and site collections that come standard with SharePoint 2013, I came across the TechNet page " Overview of sites and site collections in SharePoint 2013 ".

How modern RIM professionals are staying relevant – Part 2

TAB OnRecord

This allows them to apply their expertise in information architecture, [.] In a three-part blog post we are outlining the ways that modern RIM professionals are increasing the value they provide to the organization. In part one of our blost post we discussed how records managers are extending their reach beyond the filing and storage rooms. Read More.

Supercharge Your Search Accuracy with Auto-Applied Email Metadata Upon Ingestion


As the amount of data entering the organization proliferates, and the amount of content with business value (deemed a “record” in many cases) also increases, organizations everywhere are struggling with a massive information overload problem.

I Believe in AIIM Training


I am a Certified Information Professional. My areas of expertise include Enterprise Information Architecture and Management, Business Process Management, User Experience Design, Web Application Architecture, and SharePoint Architecture. I believe in AIIM training for information professionals. And now I teach several of these courses for AIIM, equipping other information professionals and advancing our industry.

New edition of Metadata for Digital Collections Published


In the past he taught MLIS courses on information and knowledge organization, metadata, taxonomies, cataloging, information architecture and linked data. Information Professional. New edition of Metadata for Digital Collections Published. Ideas in the world of metadata have developed significantly in the decade since the first edition of Steven Jack Miller’s Metadata for Digital Collections was published.

Information Governance Expert Roundtable


I was one of four experts interviewed by RecordLion for a virtual roundtable of Information Governance experts. Here's a sample: Question: "How do you define information governance?". My answer: First, it is important to start with Information Strategy followed by Information Architecture. Architecture asks “How do we organize and structure things so that the right information gets to the right people and processes as the right times?”

The State of Content Management in 2020 [Expert Tips & Research]


Few announcements in information management have been bigger than Gartner’s article heard round the world that announced the death of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) as we knew it. Content and Unstructured Information - The Known Evil vs. The Unknown Evil.

Digital Transformation In Action: 21 Things You Need to Know


RULE #15 – A UNIFIED INFORMATION STRATEGY IS NOT A LUXURY. Kevin Parker, NEOSTEK: "Develop and mature your information strategy to include all data, documents, content, knowledge, and records from every major process regardless of format or technology. Build this into an information architecture that works for your business. This will help build a culture of transformation and information management.".

Guest Post -- New Global Data  and Privacy Regulations in 2018 and the GDPR


Technologies as simple as cookie tracking, when combined with other personally-identifiable information (PII), can run organizations afoul of this regulation, no matter where they are based. One-Stop Shops – Organizations must have a defensible process for proving compliance and make that information available to auditors from within a single location. Information governance frameworks and retention policies only work insofar as they can be applied to the content you need to manage.


Content Cleanup and Migration Planning


Here are some important considerations: If there are any information architecture changes required, the migration will be more complex than a simple "lift and shift" of content. This is often a great time to clean up information ROT (redundant, obsolete, trivial). This can make the new information repository cleaner and often lower the effort of the actual migration process. Determine records and information management requirements.

DCMS Wordpress-based intranet case study - cheaper, quicker, and user-centred


It cost £15,000 to develop (~AU$22,000) (the information architecture was developed internally, they didn't bother with wireframes and I assume content migration was managed internally). The results is an intranet that is built in an iterative fashion (it was launched as a 'beta' before it was finished), around a task-orientated information architecture: You can read more detail (and see more screenshots) about this case study on Luke Oatham's blog: An intranet inspired by GOV.UK.

Digitizing the credit management journey


Digital experience means utilizing a lean UX approach for the research, design and implementation of web-based information architectures and web-enabled interactions, along with monitoring and testing to ensure peak performance and goal attainment. . Digitizing the credit management journey. shobana.lv@cgi.com. Fri, 08/16/2019 - 03:19. Effective credit management is more important to the global economy than ever before, yet many businesses still struggle to achieve it.

Welcome to the New ClintonLibrary.Gov!

Archives Blogs

Based on the data collected, the user experience team produced wireframes and moodboards that informed the final site design. The team also refined the website’s information architecture to improve the user experience and meet the Clinton Library staff’s needs.

Part 2: OMG! Not another digital transformation article! Is it about the evolution from RIM to Content Services?

ARMA International

Now information technologies and the information revolution are again transforming society. These trends have “moved the needle” from traditional records and information management (RIM) practices to CS. Information Governance (IG). Information Architecture (IA).

ALL Data as a Service (DaaS/BDaaS) - EAs in a New Role, as DaaS Enablers

Interactive Information Management

And, you'd like this information (all of it, or lots of it) right now, in an easily consumable, visual, semantically-relevant way - to share with your community and to be automatically (or easily) ingested by your other systems or analysis tools. But most of all, you'd like to pay only for the data and the way it's delivered to you - not for a bunch of information technology products and services, hardware and software.

The Intranet Imperative (2005)


The traditionalist view of intranets, one that concentrates on static information built around an impregnable information architecture, creates a risk for organisations that may be oblivious to the rise of collaborative and dynamic “application-nets” that connect users to people, places and things. Clearly the potiential demands placed on intranets are moving well beyond their original scope of simple access to information and documents.