Gettysburg: Civil War Monuments, Nuclear Arsenals, and Dreams of Peace

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Several of these speeches are among the holdings of the Motion Picture Sound and Video Branch here at the National Archives. Over the course of time the audio begins to drift so that the audio occurs ahead of the image.

Weekly Update 95

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Polar Fitness and military personnel tracking. I published Pwned Passwords V3 (which, of course, includes all the Pemiblanc passwords so hopefully that helps people who found themselves in that data set).

Digitizing the Castro Archaeological Site

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Established by Spain in 1663, these missions were built on Apalachee homelands and functioned until they were destroyed in the early 1700s by Anglo-Creek military forces from the Carolina colony.

It’s Time to Combine Security Awareness and Privacy Awareness


He’s got info security folks requiring him to take annual training, posting educational videos, and sending simulated phishing email all the time. Though of course, there are also risks posed by employees who through negligence, ignorance, malice, or inattention pose a threat.).

Q&A: Cloud Providers and Leaky Servers

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And of course, we can’t forget about Uber, who was in the news twice for major data breaches. Before handing off resumes of people with top-secret clearance or military secrets to a vendor , the RFP and service-level agreements must spell out how to protect the data.

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Capturing Paper Documents - Best Practices and Common Questions


New areas of recognition innovation are improving the capture and text extraction from videos, voice recordings, and even photography. This only applies, of course, if the scanned image quality and other factors allow original paper documents to be shredded! Millions of military records were lost; many of those that were not lost were damaged by smoke, heat, and water. What is Capture?