Norton 360 Now Comes With a Cryptominer

Krebs on Security

Norton 360 , one of the most popular antivirus products on the market today, has installed a cryptocurrency mining program on its customers’ computers. ” NortonLifeLock began offering the mining service in July 2021, but the program gained broader attention on Jan.

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How natural language processing will help achieve a payback on EHRs

Information Management Resources

With almost all healthcare organizations now using electronic records, computer algorithms will increasingly mine unstructured data to help improve care. Machine learning Healthcare analytics EHR analysis EHR documentation


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EVRAZ operations in North America disrupted by Ryuk ransomware

Security Affairs

Computer systems at EVRAZ, a multinational vertically integrated steel making and mining company, have been hit by Ryuk ransomware. EVRAZ is one of the world’s largest multinational vertically integrated steel making and mining companies with headquarters in London.

Will Lawyers Ever Embrace Technology?: eDiscovery Best Practices, Part Four

eDiscovery Daily

Craig Ball once made a great point in responding to a post of mine about educating lawyers when he said “ We not only need to persuade lawyers to take the plunge, we need to insure there’s a pool for them to jump into. Do they go to a community night course on computers? Beyond that, I’d also suggest the following books which are worth consulting as well: A Process of Illumination: The Practical Guide To Electronic Discovery , Mary Mack (available on Amazon here ).

Breach Exposes Users of Microleaves Proxy Service

Krebs on Security

Microleaves , a ten-year-old proxy service that lets customers route their web traffic through millions of Microsoft Windows computers, recently fixed a vulnerability in their website that exposed their entire user database.

GUEST ESSAY. Everyone should grasp these facts about cyber threats that plague digital commerce

The Last Watchdog

Malware, a combination of the terms ‘malicious’ and ‘software,’ includes all malicious programs that intend to exploit computer devices or entire network infrastructures to extract victim’s data, disrupt business operations, or simply, cause chaos. There’s no definitive method or technique that defines malware; any program that harms the computer or system owners and benefits the perpetrators is malware. Computer Viruses. Computer worms.

Steelcase office furniture giant hit by Ryuk ransomware attack

Security Affairs

Bleeping Computer, citing a source in the cybersecurity industry, confirmed that Steelcase suffered a Ryuk ransomware attack. A few days before, EVRAZ , one of the world’s largest multinational vertically integrated steel making and mining companies, has been hit by the Ryuk ransomware.

Sopra Steria hit by the Ryuk ransomware gang

Security Affairs

A cyber attack was detected on the Sopra Steria computer network on the evening of October 20. A few days before, EVRAZ , one of the world’s largest multinational vertically integrated steel making and mining companies, has been hit by the Ryuk ransomware.

Free Tool: Honey Feed

Security Affairs

Hi folks, today I’d like to point you out another tool of mine which extracts suspicious IPs from undesired connections. I am a computer security scientist with an intensive hacking background. I do have a MD in computer engineering and a PhD on computer security from University of Bologna. I do have experience in security testing since I have been performing penetration testing on several US electronic voting systems.

Security Affairs newsletter Round 181 – News of the week

Security Affairs

Google Android team found high severity flaw in Honeywell Android-based handheld computers. Magecart cybercrime group stole customers credit cards from Newegg electronics retailer. Ngrok Mining Botnet. A new round of the weekly SecurityAffairs newsletter arrived! The best news of the week with Security Affairs. Let me inform you that my new book, “Digging in the Deep Web” is online with a special deal. 20% discount. Kindle Edition. Paper Copy.

Could Beto O’Rourke become the first US President with a past of hacking?

Security Affairs

Mr. O’Rourke, 46, was a member of the Cult of the Dead Cow in the late 1980s when he was going online with the moniker “Psychedelic Warlord,” he also contributed to electronic magazines published online decades earlier by the hacker group. This happiness was mine by right. There is no indication that O’Rourke ever engaged in the edgiest sorts of hacking activity, such as breaking into computers or writing code that enabled others to do so,” Reuters concluded.

Sustes Malware: CPU for Monero

Security Affairs

Sustes ( is a nice example of Pirate-Mining and even if it’s hard to figure out its magnitude, since the attacker built-up private pool-proxies, I believe it’s interesting to fix wallet address in memories and to share IoC for future Protection. In this scenario, it is used to make money at the expense of computer users by abusing the infected computer to mine Monero, a cryptocurrency.

How To Protect Yourself From Hackers

Cyber Info Veritas

Before we outline the safety hacks, let us briefly discuss why you need to protect yourself from hackers: How Safe Is Your Data: Why You Need To Protect Yourself From Hackers As the internet, computers, and connected devices (smart homes, smart appliances, etc.) As computers and smart devices creep into every crevice of our life, the need to protect yourself from hackers has never been greater.

Part 1: OMG! Not another digital transformation article! Is it about understanding the business drivers?

ARMA International

This means imaging the “art of the possible” for a new future using a cloud computing model to deliver transformative change. DT is creating real-time data that can be “mined” to uncover information about products, customers, market trends, and financial risks. Abstract.

else 11/25: The Collective Hallucination of Currency

John Battelle's Searchblog

Bitcoin mining operation. A new electronic payment platform that may have significant advantages over most of the existing ones.” How to handle critical response to the NSA is becoming messy, a challenge from the Electronic Privacy Information Center filed directly to the Supreme Court is turned away. If this doesn’t terrify you… Google’s computers OUTWIT their humans – The Register.

Part 2: OMG! Not another digital transformation article! Is it about the evolution from RIM to Content Services?

ARMA International

This means imagining the “art of the possible” for a new future using a cloud computing model to deliver transformative change. Thus, computing resources are available on-demand at any time. This process was called Computer Output to Laser Disk (COLD). Abstract.

To get the most from blockchain in government, a sharing mindset is needed


When I was at university earning my Masters in Computer Science, I devoted a lot of my coursework to distributed computing. The doctor’s office owns the Electronic Health Record system, but that doesn’t give the office ownership of the patient’s medical information or control over the insurance company’s payment decision. So, how do we achieve this new mindset of “what’s yours is mine and mine is yours?”.

Extending intranets to hard-to-reach staff: Controlled documents kiosk example


This Intranet Benchmarking Forum (IBF) post about meeting the needs of hard-to-reach staff reminded me of a kiosk system that was developed on top of an electronic document and records management system at Illawarra Coal (part of BHPB Billiton ) – I was part of the team that helped to implement the system and came up with the conceptual design of the intranet publishing architecture from this system.

The Hacker Mind Podcast: DEF CON Villages


So in this episode, I'm going to share some of the conversations I've had with leaders of some of those more established villages over the last 50 episodes of the hacker mine. Ollam: So lockpicking has always been a huge part of the hacker world and the community, both as a hobby interest and also now increasingly as with faces like mine as a professional endeavor. DEF CON is 30 years old this year, and it’s bigger and better in part because of topic-specific villages.

The Hacker Mind Podcast: Car Hacking 0x05


The point here is that we aren't used to thinking about our cars as computing devices, and yet they are if common thieves are using laptops and mobile devices to gain access to them. So you don't have one computer, you actually have many throughout the vehicle.

The Hacker Mind Podcast: Reverse Engineering Smart Meters


And now it was like how can I contribute back to Tibet and put material out and help other people maybe join in the same way I did by not traditional means like, it wasn't really college or anything that got me into electronics. You can see when a chip is actively computing and when it's not.

The Hacker Mind Podcast: A Hacker From Hollywood


Hughes followed up on his NSF research by lobbying for Lamar and Antheil to receive the 1997 Pioneer Award given by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. She was 85 years old, but her story is still being told at conferences such as the chaos computing Congress and others.

Turning Content Inside Out


Content is produced today by most organisations in the same way since the 1980's when personal computers were introduced and 'personal productivity' software became available. These sites provide ad hoc stores of information that can be followed, searched, and mined but even more critically, help solve information 'unknowns' by linking people together. Pilot shareable, collaboration-built-in electronic formats like Microsoft's OneNote or Google Docs and blog about the successes.

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The Hacker Mind Podcast: Surviving Stalkerware


It's important that people think this isn't mine. What role does technology play in facilitating intimate partner abuse? What role might the security industry have in identifying or even stopping it?

Office 2.0 Conference September 3-5 | ZDNet

Collaboration 2.0

Topics Sony PlayStation 3 , Sony Playstation , Conference , Office 2.0 , Collaboration , Groupware , Game Players , Enterprise Software , Software , Consumer Electronics , Personal Technology , Oliver Marks Blogger Info Oliver Marks Bio Contact Biography Oliver Marks Oliver Marks provides seasoned independent consulting guidance to companies on the effective planning of Enterprise 2.0 All pretty cutting edge in the spirit of this conference which is a personal favorite of mine.

Reverse engineering a forgotten 1970s Intel dual core beast: 8271, a new ISA

Scary Beasts Security

Sometimes the elegant solution isn't the best solution. " -- Dave House, digressing to the 8271 during "Oral History Panel on the Development and Promotion of the Intel 8080 Microprocessor" [ link ], April 26th 2007, Computer History Museum, Mountain View, California.