MY TAKE: The no. 1 reason ransomware attacks persist: companies overlook ‘unstructured data’

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All too many companies lack a full appreciation of how vital it has become to proactively manage and keep secure “unstructured data.”. One reason for the enduring waves of ransomware is that unstructured data is easy for hackers to locate and simple for them to encrypt. Related video: Why it’s high time to protect unstructured data. For a drill down on our conversation about unstructured data exposures please listen to the accompanying podcast.

“Marie Kondo-ing” Your Unstructured Data


” But what if you could take Kondo’s philosophy and apply it to an organization’s mountain of unstructured data? Right away, there might be a problem: Instead of sparking joy, this growing mountain of unstructured data is more likely to spark woe for the average organization. By 2020, some claim 90% of the world’s stored data will be unstructured. Unstructured Data — What Is It? Sensor and log data.


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Release 16 EP5 gives Magellan more text mining power and better user experience

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In fact, by some estimates nearly 80% of all enterprise information is unstructured data, such as documents, web content, or social media. That’s … The post Release 16 EP5 gives Magellan more text mining power and better user experience appeared first on OpenText Blogs. Analytics are no longer just a matter of “crunching the numbers” in a database or spreadsheet.

New study looks at the top trends in data mining and analytics

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Data mining can help enterprises identify anomalies, patterns, and correlations within large unstructured data sets to predict business outcomes. Analytics Data management Data mining

AI helps you hear your customers’ voice

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Analytics AI artificial intelligence Big Content customer voice magellan Magellan Text Mining Marketing OpenText Magellan OpenText Qfiniti Qfiniti social listening social media text analytics text mining unstructured data Voice of CustomerYour customers are talking to you, and about you, but are you gaining any value from those conversations? Success in business requires a relentless focus on customers.

Announcing OpenText AI and Analytics CE 21.3

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The amount of content and data available to organizations is ever-increasing. It’s reached a point where 95% of businesses consider managing unstructured data a problem. AI AI & Analytics text mining AI analytics Amazon EMR

How precision oncology will use data to advance cancer treatment

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By analyzing clinical, genomic and molecular data sets, oncologists can tap into treatment insights that can improve cancer care and patient outcomes. Healthcare analytics Unstructured data Data mining Genome sequencing Diagnosis and treatment

8 schools with insurance analytics programs

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Several top colleges and universities are offering courses and concentrations in applying data to the sector. College recruiting Analytics Data Scientist Data science Real-time data Data mining Data Analyst Unstructured data Data strategy Data architecture Data modeling Machine learning Artificial intelligence

MassMutual unit, iPipeline partner to distribute risk model

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The life insurer’s LifeScore Labs division is ready to make its data tool available to other carriers in the space. Customer data Unstructured data Data modeling Data ownership Data integration Data visualization Data mining Data types Data discovery Big data Patient data Data strategy Data architecture Data science Life insurance MassMutual

Risk 28

How natural language processing will help achieve a payback on EHRs

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With almost all healthcare organizations now using electronic records, computer algorithms will increasingly mine unstructured data to help improve care. Machine learning Healthcare analytics EHR analysis EHR documentation

Ephesoft Names Naren Goel as Chief Financial Officer

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As CFO, Goel will enact a progressive and responsible fiscal model as Ephesoft scales to meet the growing global demand for its technology, which enables organizations to mine their unstructured data. Using patented supervised machine learning technology, Ephesoft provides organizations with the tools and power to drive decisions from what has historically been inaccessible, unstructured data. Irvine, Calif. – 22, 2018 – Ephesoft, Inc.,

Competitive Advantages of Implementing Artificial Intelligence in Banking


This so-called unstructured data such as emails, phone calls, text documents and images could have great value to financial institutions in helping them better understand customers, assess risk and create new products, but there simply aren’t enough people to read and analyze so much information. Machine learning programs can also comb through large amounts of customer interaction data to identify areas of common concern, helping the bank to prioritize its investments.

Oracle BI vs Tableau vs Microsoft BI

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Tableau: Tableau Software is a software that produces interactive data visualization products focused on business intelligence. MSBI (SSRS): This powerful suite is composed of tools which helps in providing best solutions for Business Intelligence and Data Mining Queries. Slice and dice of data in complex dashboards, through prompts, filters navigation, comparison etc. MSBI: It should be used when there is a need to report large volume of data. Introduction.

OLAP and Hadoop: The 4 Differences You Should Know


OLAP is a technology to perform multi-dimensional analytics like reporting and data mining. Hadoop is a technology to perform massive computation on large data. They can be used together but there are differences when choosing between using Hadoop/MapReduce data processing versus classic OLAP. For transactions and data mining use OLAP. But, for analytics and data discovery use Hadoop. 2 Data Size. 4 Data Structure.

Cognitive Agents to Improve User Experience


quintillion bytes of data is created each day , having a tool to help deliver information to users efficiently is important. And it includes self-learning systems that leverage data mining, pattern recognition, and natural language processing (NLP) to mimic patterns of the human brain. Much of the time, cognitive computing solutions can also process data in real time or near real time. In a world where over 2.5

Test principles – Data Warehouse vs Data Lake vs Data Vault


Understand Data Warehouse, Data Lake and Data Vault and their specific test principles. This blog tries to throw light on the terminologies data warehouse, data lake and data vault. It will give insight on their advantages, differences and upon the testing principles involved in each of these data modeling methodologies. Let us begin with data warehouse. What is Data Warehouse? The Reporting layer helps users retrieve data.

Looking for a needle in a haystack couldn’t be easier!


Big data is a massive opportunity. We’ve all seen the big data statistics: every minute 1,820 TB of data is created, 204m emails and 11 million instant messages are sent, 700,000 Google searches are made and businesses receive 35,000 Facebook likes. How do you turn this explosion of data into value for your organisation? Discovery, to help make sense of large, complex data sets – even when you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.

Utilities Digital Journey Insights (Part 3): Data, the new “digital capital” - Going beyond the hype of advanced analytics and AI


Utilities Digital Journey Insights (Part 3): Data, the new “digital capital” - Going beyond the hype of advanced analytics and AI. The 2018 CGI Client Global Insights reveal that utilities recognize data as the new “digital capital.” What’s holding utilities back from delivering the benefits of data? Quite simply, data. Specifically, more than 30 petabytes of user-generated data that is stored, accessed and analyzed to create precision ads and measurable goals.

What Is Our Professional Future?

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We can also partner with technology in the near term to mitigate the chaos-for example, using R programming tools to mine text, categorize, cluster, and de-duplicate unstructured data collections. Perhaps we will monitor massive data grid activity. And can we keep up with emerging IoT (Internet of Things) platforms, where almost every object will be a substrate covered with sensors, chips, and monitors fire-hosing data all over the place? George Despres, CRM.