Botnet Designed to Mine Virtual Currency Shut Down

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ESET: 'VictoryGate' Infected 35,000 Devices VictoryGate, a recently discovered botnet that infected about 35,000 devices with malware, has been disabled by researchers from security firm ESET. The botnet's main purpose was mining monero cryptocurrency

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Zoom Removes Data-Mining LinkedIn Feature


The feature, criticized for "undisclosed data-mining," is only the latest privacy faux pas for Zoom this month. Privacy Vulnerabilities Web Security Data Mining Data security disabled LinkedIn linkedin feature navigator public response removes Security issues zoom zoom data zoom security

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Government Websites Deliver Cryptocurrency Mining Code

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Security of Code Pushed by Content Delivery Networks Remains Ongoing Concern More than 4,200 websites, some belonging to the U.S., and Australian governments, have been turning their visitors' computers into mining machines to harvest the virtual currency Monero.

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Ngrok Mining Botnet

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Specifically, it demonstrates a novel, dynamic and robust operational security model and the ability to detect and attack newly deployed and misconfigured infrastructure. Firstly nearly all attacks observed were Crypto-mining attackers. Security Affairs – Ngrok, malware ).

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Blue Mockingbird Monero-Mining campaign targets web apps

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Crooks exploit CVE-2019-18935 deserialization vulnerability to achieve remote code execution in Blue Mockingbird Monero-Mining campaign. Each payload comes compiled with a standard list of commonly used Monero-mining domains alongside a Monero wallet address,” continues the analysis. “So

Hospital Hit With Cryptocurrency Mining Malware

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Do healthcare entities face a growing risk of being hit with cryptocurrency mining attacks, which have become more common in other sectors? A Tennessee hospital may be the first victim in the sector, and some security experts predict many more such incidents

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Hacked MicroTik Routers Serve Cryptocurrency-Mining Malware

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Researchers: Attackers Have Compromised More Than 209,000 Routers Attackers have targeted a patched vulnerability to exploit more than 209,000 carrier-grade routers made by Latvian manufacturer MicroTik and infect them with two types of malware - Coinhive and Crypto-Loot - designed to mine for cryptocurrency, security researchers say.

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Prometei, a new modular crypto-mining botnet exploits Windows SMB

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Prometei is a crypto-mining botnet that recently appeared in the threat landscape, it exploits the Microsoft Windows SMB protocol for lateral movements. move laterally across systems while covertly mining for cryptocurrency. .

Ghost Blogging Platform Hacked To Mine Cryptocurrency

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Hackers successfully breached the servers of a popular blogging platform and used them to mine cryptocurrency. As of May 4, Ghost announced that it had successfully purged the cryptocurrency mining malware from its systems. Data Security Data breach featured ghost cms salt

Google bans cryptocurrency mining apps from the official Play Store

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Google has updated the Play Store Developer Policy page to ban mobile mining apps that mine cryptocurrencies using the computational resources of the devices. “We don’t allow apps that mine cryptocurrency on devices,” reads the entry included in the policy.

Court Rules in Favor of Mining LinkedIn User Data

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A federal appellate court ruled that mining and aggregating user data publicly posted to social media sites is allowable by law. The post Court Rules in Favor of Mining LinkedIn User Data appeared first on Adam Levin. Data Security Privacy featured linkedin data mining

Pacha Group declares war to rival crypto mining hacking groups

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Two hacking groups associated with large-scale crypto mining campaigns, Pacha Group and Rocke Group , wage war to compromise as much as possible cloud-based infrastructure. org is in this blacklist and it is known that Rocke Group has used this domain for their crypto-mining operations.

Cryptojacking: Hackers Mining Bitcoin on Your Dime!


When cryptojacking, criminal hackers use enterprise computers to mine cryptocurrencies like bitcoin without the organization’s knowledge or consent, escaping the upfront costs of buying computers or computer processing power for the job. Illicit cryptominers seize a computer’s or device’s processor to mine the cryptocurrency. On mobile devices and any computers, block all installs that the internal information technology or security team does not initiate.

Employees abused systems at Ukrainian nuclear power plant to mine cryptocurrency

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The Ukrainian Secret Service is investigating the case of employees at a nuclear power plant that connected its system online to mine cryp tocurrency. The security incident has happened in July at the South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant at Yuzhnoukrainsk, in the south of the country.

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Cryptocurrency Mining Employees Expose Nuclear Plant to Internet

WIRED Threat Level

Xbox eavesdropping, email scammers, and more of the week's top security news. Security Security / Security News

Q&A: Crypto jackers redirect illicit mining ops to bigger targets — company servers

The Last Watchdog

Illicit crypto mining is advancing apace. It began when threat actors began stealthily embedding crypto mining functionality into the web browsers of unwitting individuals. Related article: Illicit crypto mining hits cloud services. Cybercriminals have shifted their focus to burrowing onto company servers and then redirecting those corporate computing resources to crypto mining chores. It’s likely IT and security teams won’t find the infection for months.

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Blue Mockingbird Monero-Mining Campaign Exploits Web Apps


Cryptography Vulnerabilities Web Security ASP.NET blue mockingbird cryptomining CVE-2019-18935 deserialization vulnerability Exploit Monero project telerik ui Red Canary remote code execution XMRig

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Will cryptocurrency mining soon saturate AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud?

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On the face, the damage caused by cryptojacking may appear to be mostly limited to consumers and website publishers who are getting their computing resources diverted to mining fresh units of Monero, Ethereum and Bytecoin on behalf of leeching attackers. You can mine them, if you have a powerful CPU. Or you can hijack other people’s computers to do the mining. LW: I can’t really use my MacBook to mine Bitcoin, can I?

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MY TAKE: Knowing these 5 concepts will protect you from illicit cryptocurrency mining

The Last Watchdog

The cryptocurrency craze rages on, and one unintended consequence is the dramatic rise of illicit cryptocurrency mining. So, quite naturally, malicious hackers are busying themselves inventing clever ways to leech computing power from unwitting victims — and directing these stolen computing cycles towards lining their pockets with freshly mined crypto cash. So naturally, cryptocurrency mining services have cropped up.

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Hackers Hijacked Tesla's Cloud to Mine Cryptocurrency

WIRED Threat Level

SecurityThe recent rash of cryptojacking attacks has hit a Tesla database that contained potentially sensitive information.

Happy Data Privacy Day: City Planning Now Mines Everyone’s Data All the Time

Adam Levin

The post Happy Data Privacy Day: City Planning Now Mines Everyone’s Data All the Time appeared first on Adam Levin. Data Security Privacy featured google data privacy day sidewalk labs

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Israel surveillance firm NSO group can mine data from major social media

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The Israeli surveillance firm NSO Group informed its clients that it is able to scoop user data by mining from major social media. The Financial Times reported that the Israeli surveillance firm NSO Group informed its clients that it is able to mine user data from major social media.

Crypto-Mining Attacks Emerge as the New Big Threat to Enterprises

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Attackers looking to hijack systems for illegally mining digital currencies have begun eyeing business systems, security vendors say

Android Debugging Tools Also Useful for Compromising Devices, Mining Cryptocurrency

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In an ideal world, all of the security controls are applied and all of the debugging tools are removed or disabled before the code is released to the public. As long as the adb tools is being used in a secured environment, it presents little risk.

Using Fuzzing to Mine for Zero-Days


Infosec Insider Derek Manky discusses how new technologies and economic models are facilitating fuzzing in today's security landscape. InfoSec Insider ai artificial intelligence fuzzing vulnerabilities zero day

Here’s why LinkedIn is a ‘gold mine’ for foreign spies digging for corporate and government secrets via CNBC

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The post Here’s why LinkedIn is a ‘gold mine’ for foreign spies digging for corporate and government secrets via CNBC appeared first on IG GURU. AI Business IG News Information Governance information privacy information security Privacy Risk News CNBC Espionage LinkedIn

CoinHive Cryptocurrency Mining Service will shut down on March 8, 2019

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The popular in-browser cryptocurrency mining service Coinhive has announced that it will shut down on March 8, 2019. Security firms spotted several hacking campaigns aimed at compromising websites to install JavaScript-based Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency mining scripts and monetize their efforts. When unaware users visit compromised websites, the script starts using their computers’ processing power to mine cryptocurrency.

Group-IB: The Shadow Market Is Flooded with Cheap Mining Software

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Group-IB is recording new outbreaks of illegal mining (cryptojacking) threats in the networks of commercial and state organizations. One cryptocoin after another: what are the dangers of mining?

Self-Propagating Malware Targets Thousands of Docker Ports Per Day


A Bitcoin-mining campaign using the Kinsing malware is spreading quickly thanks to cloud-container misconfigurations. Cloud Security Malware aquasec Bitcoin Mining containers cryptojacking campaign Cryptominer Docker kinsing malware misconfiguration self-propagating

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Coinhive to Mine Its Last Monero in March


Cryptography Malware Web Security CoinHive cryptojacking cryptomining currency value fork hash rate Monero profitability shutting downThe controversial cryptomining service is shutting down.

Russian Developer Snuck Cryptocurrency Mining into Android Apps

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Apps found in Google Play turned mobile devices into cryptocurrency miners unbeknownst to their users, according to researchers from security firm Ixia

Your Garage Opener Is More Secure Than Industrial Remotes

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Trend Micro Says It Moved Cranes Using RF Software Flaws Radio controllers used in the construction, mining and shipping industries are dangerously vulnerable to hackers, Trend Micro says in a new report.

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New Monero Crypto Mining Botnet Leverages Android Debugging Tool


Malware Mobile Security 360 Netlab Android botnet cyyptocurrency Mirai MoneroThe botnet uses port scanning code from Mirai, a first for Android-related attacks, according to researchers.

Smominru Cryptominer Scrapes Credentials for Half-Million Machines


The adversaries have retooled with EternalBlue and credential theft to add a new "access mining" revenue stream. Hacks Malware Vulnerabilities Web Security access mining Carbon Black cryptomining Dark Web EternalBlue RAT selling access Smominru

Weekly podcast: Australian Cabinet Files, Matt Hancock MP’s app and Monero mining

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After all, why lock users’ machines and demand a ransom that they might not even pay when you can just infect their machine with software that mines for cryptocurrency without their knowledge? Wait a moment – cryptocurrency mining ? Let’s just say mining entails solving complex mathematical calculations for a cryptocurrency reward and it requires a lot of processing power because it’s complicated. Cyber Security Other Blogs Podcast

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Kubeflow Targeted in XMRig Monero Cryptomining Campaign

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Researchers: Admin Shortcut May Have Opened the Door to Hackers Microsoft's Azure Security Center has detected a new hacking campaign that for the first time specifically targets the Kubeflow platform on Kubernetes and uses XMRig cryptominer to mine for monero across multiple clusters

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Crypto Miners May Be the ‘New Payload of Choice’ for Attackers


Crypto mining botnets provide a stealthy way to generate big bucks, without the downsides of ransomware. Malware Web Security Botnets Cisco Talos Cryptocurrency malware mining Monero ransomware

Why Election Trust is Dwindling in a Post-Cambridge Analytica World


Featured Privacy Web Security cambridge analytica dark net Dark Web Data Data Mining Data security election security infosecurity Europe political Tor Browser

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