What does asset performance optimization mean for energy and manufacturing?

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These conversations boiled down the three core issues around asset performance: deploying digital technologies, the ‘first to be second’ approach and the … The post What does asset performance optimization mean for energy and manufacturing? Analytics Digital Process Automation Digital Transformation Enterprise World IoT AI Enterprise World 2019 industrial IoT Manufacturing Industry Oil and Gas Predictive Analytics predictive maintenance Utility Industry

We need to talk about content

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Let’s start with a question: In the current focus on digital initiatives, are energy companies overlooking the importance of content? The potential of digital transformation The wave of sweeping themes, like the 4th Industrial Revolution, Industry/Manufacturing 4.0,


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Coronavirus-themed campaign targets energy sector with PoetRAT

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Threat actors employed the previously-undetected PoetRAT Trojan in a Coronavirus-themed campaign aimed at government and energy sectors. . The malware infected ICS and SCADA systems used to control the wind turbines within the renewable energy sector.

DoS attack the caused disruption at US power utility exploited a known flaw

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A DoS attack that caused disruptions at a power utility in the United States exploited a flaw in a firewall used in the facility. In May, the Department of Energy confirmed that on March 5, 2019, between 9 a.m. a cyber event disrupted energy grid operations in California, Wyoming, and Utah. The report did not include the name of the utility company that suffered the incident. . SecurityAffairs – power utility, hacking).

Utilities Digital Journey Insights (Part 4): Utilities’ pursuit of new business models accelerates


Utilities Digital Journey Insights (Part 4): Utilities’ pursuit of new business models accelerates. Some utilities even provide vehicle-to-grid services and home energy management systems to help consumers manage their electricity usage. To seize these new business opportunities, utilities are increasing investments in new products and services, making it the second largest IT spend driver and a top innovation investment (73%) over the next three years.

Delivering on the benefits of data: How utilities can get the first-mover advantage


Delivering on the benefits of data: How utilities can get the first-mover advantage. With the energy transition underway, there is a similar bold “rethink” taking place in the way energy companies view solutions, particularly around managing data. However, there is still ground to be covered before the near real-time data requirements of distributed energy resources, balancing and consumer access are met.

Lessons for In-House Counsel from Cybersecurity’s Front Lines

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Indeed, in just the past few years, a variety of cyber adversaries have attacked financial institutions, social media sites, a movie studio, hospital systems, a peer-to-peer ridesharing company, the Democratic National Committee, hotel chains, city governments, educational institutions, telecommunications and energy utilities, prominent retailers, manufacturers, and even the mobile app of a well-known coffee and donut chain.

DHS and FBI – Hackers Are Targeting US Nuclear, Energy, and Manufacturing Facilities

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According to a new joint report issued by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), hackers have been penetrating the computer networks of companies that operate nuclear power stations, energy facilities, and manufacturing plants in the US since May 2017. If you or your enterprise is engaged in the energy or manufacturing sectors, cyber threat preparation and monitoring is your first line of defense against bad actors.

Kali Project Encryption and Isolation Using Vagrant and BitLocker


Once the disk is mounted, the script invokes the BitLocker utility to encrypt the drive. Once we’ve found the correct storage image, then it can be encrypted using the Virtualbox management utility. In the screenshot below, the Virtualbox management utility collects the password that we’ll use to encrypt, then unlock the VM during the boot process. Imagine that you work on different engagements or projects in which Kali Linux is one of your primary tools.

Smart Dust – Personal Clouds


Although the technology has a long way to go before we will see broad scale utilization I believe it will deliver astounding results in the future. Automotive Cloud Commerce Communications Consumer Markets Data & Analytics Digital Transformation Energy Financial Services Healthcare High Tech Integration & IT Modernization Life Sciences Manufacturing cloud Environmental sensory microelectromechanical system Neural dust personal cloud Sensor clouds smart dust

PseudoManuscrypt, a mysterious massive cyber espionage campaign

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of all systems targeted by the PseudoManuscrypt malware are part of industrial control systems (ICS) used by organizations in multiple industries, including Engineering, Building Automation, Energy, Manufacturing, Construction, Utilities, and Water Management.

Sustainability: The COVID Window of Opportunity


The world will consume 6% less energy this year – equivalent to losing the entire demand of India. This pushes up the data processing and transmission overhead of course, but a video conference uses only a few percent of the energy of a face-to-face meeting.

The Growing Presence (and Security Risks) of IoT

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That pace is unlikely to slow down over the coming years; Pagely noted that organizations are still turning to IoT devices as a way to automate and optimize their business processes as well as save on energy costs. In the absence of IoT security regulations, many smart product manufacturers simply release new devices that lack built-in security measures and have not undergone proper security review and testing. Take manufacturing, for instance.

MY TAKE: Iran’s cyber retaliation for Soleimani assassination continues to ramp up

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Issued a few days after the killing, the report assesses cyber risks of North American electrical utilities, identifying 11 hacking groups that target energy sector companies. Less than 48 hours after the killing of Iran’s General Qasem Soleimani, the U.S.

A new piece of Snake Ransomware targets ICS processes

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It is for these same reasons that some RaaS (Ransomware as a Service) offerings utilize the language as well. “ The Snake ransomware targets files associated with SCADA platforms, enterprise management tools, and system utilities.

Critical Success Factors to Widespread Deployment of IoT

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Electric grid utilities are deploying smart meters to better correspond to consumers energy demands while lowering costs. IoT manufacturers may elect either using an on-premises HSM or (even better) using a managed, on-demand cloud-based HSM service.

IoT 84

Webinar on the SAFETY Act and Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Reputation and Reducing Liability Risk

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In 2002, Congress enacted the Supporting Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act (“the SAFETY Act”) to limit the liabilities that energy, financial, manufacturing and other critical infrastructure companies face in the event of a serious cyber or physical security attack. Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP recently represented an electric utility in obtaining a first-of-its-kind enterprise-wide SAFETY Act Certification for its cybersecurity risk management program.

MY TAKE: Why consumers are destined to play a big role in securing the Internet of Things

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This will be led by the manufacturing, consumer, transportation and utilities sectors. One recent study demonstrated how, by analyzing readings from a smart home, such as energy consumption, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide levels, and humidity changes, it was possible to triangulate what someone had for dinner.

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List of data breaches and cyber attacks in May 2021 – 116 million records breached

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unknown) Criminal hackers attack Ehrmann, demand millions in ransom (unknown) Criminal hackers attack Energy Hamburg Radio (unknown) Chemical distribution company Brenntag paid a $4.4 For the second month in a row, ransomware has dominated our list of data breaches and cyber attacks.

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in December 2020 – 148 million records breached

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What else would you expect from the final month of 2020 than the highest number of publicly disclosed incidents we’ve ever recorded? We logged 134 security incidents in December, which accounted for 148,354,955 breached records. That brings the total for 2020 to more than 20 billion.

NHTSA Releases New Automobile Cybersecurity Best Practices

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The National Highway Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) recently issued non-binding guidance that outlines best practices for automobile manufacturers to address automobile cybersecurity. The guidance, entitled Cybersecurity Best Practices for Modern Vehicles (the “Cybersecurity Guidance”), was recently previewed in correspondence with the House of Representatives’ Committee on Energy and Commerce (“Energy and Commerce Committee”).

Digital sobriety


And some were omitted from previous calculations: The cost of water : between water cooling, the manufacture of coolants, the use of water in the manufacture of computer equipment, the cost and pollution of water are not insignificant and often absent from the equation.

China-linked hackers target government agencies by exploiting flaws in Citrix, Pulse, and F5 systems, and MS Exchange

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This tool is commonly used by threat actors, including ransomware operations, utilize to gain access to administrator credentials, and therefore, compromise Windows domain controllers.

USB Drives shipped with Schneider Solar Products were infected with malware

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Both products are part of the solar energy offering of the vendor. Schneider revealed that the USB drives were infected with a malware during manufacturing at a third-party supplier’s facility. “Schneider Electric is aware that USB removable media shipped with the Conext Combox and Conext Battery Monitor products may have been exposed to malware during manufacturing at a third-party supplier’s facility.”

How to Gain Valuable Insights from Untapped Data Using AI

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Manufacturing. Energy & Utilities. You probably know your organization needs to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to take advantage of the deluge of data that mobile and digital users are creating, but do you know why or how? LEGACY ANALYTICS METHODS AREN’T EQUIPPED TO PROCESS ALL DATA TYPES. The majority of data is unstructured (around 80%) which means it isn’t clearly defined or easily searchable the way that structured data is.

Cybersecurity Risks of 5G – And How to Control Them

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Service providers and 5G-enabled device manufacturers both have critical roles to play in the success and sustainability of this wireless network rollout. 5G is on the cusp of widespread adoption.

China Publishes Draft Regulations on Protecting the Security of Key Information Infrastructure

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This post has been updated. . On July 10, 2017, the Cyberspace Administration of China published a new draft of its Regulations on Protecting the Security of Key Information Infrastructure (the “Draft Regulations”), and invited comment from the general public. The Cybersecurity Law of China establishes a new category of information infrastructure, called “key [or critical] information infrastructure,” and imposes certain cybersecurity obligations on enterprises that operate such infrastructure.

NIST Updates Cybersecurity Framework

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As with the first version of NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework, all companies should review the new version, determine its potential utility, and consider adopting, adapting or comparing the new Framework for use within their own cyber ecosystems. The Framework was originally developed to focus on energy, banking, communications, and defense sectors, but has been adopted voluntarily by a much broader group of companies and government agencies.

The Internet of Things (IoT): Managing the Data Tsunami


But exactly how that data is utilized (and potentially monetised) will differ across sectors. For example, an electricity company can utilise data gathered from IoT-enabled smart meters as well as weather sensors to better model and predict energy consumption patterns, which in turn can help optimise pricing and capacity planning strategies. Continued adoption of IoT technologies will pose both opportunities and challenges.