What is Cyber Security Awareness and Why is it Important?

IT Governance

For all the talk of criminal hacking, ransomware infections and the technologies to prevent them, the key to protecting your organisation is cyber security awareness training. The importance of cyber security staff awareness. Cyber security awareness best practices.

French Security Firm Says Hackers Accessed Its Source Code

Data Breach Today

Stormshield Is a Major Supplier of Security Products to the French Government French security vendor Stormshield has launched an investigation after an internal review found that hackers accessed the source code of the company's network security product.

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Experts Explain How to Bypass Recent Improvement of China’s Great Firewall

Security Affairs

Experts from Great Firewall Report analyzed recent upgrades to China’s Great Firewall and revealed that it can be circumvented. It was created in 2012 by a Chinese programmer named “ clowwindy “, and multiple implementations of the protocol have been made available since.

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Hackers Hide Software Skimmer in Social Media Sharing Icons

Security Affairs

Security researchers have uncovered a new technique to inject a software skimmer onto checkout pages, the malware hides in social media buttons. Security experts at Sansec have detailed a new technique used by crooks to inject a software skimmer into checkout pages.

Shift Left Security? Development Does Not Want to Own It.

Speaker: Shlomo Bielak, CTO, Benchmark Corp

Shifting security left to the earliest part of development is currently in the spotlight in the developer world. What teams are now discovering is, this approach results in misdirected ownership for developers and a frustrated security team. In the current climate, we cannot afford to let security implementations falter. It's time to manage your team's energies to maximize DevOps efficiency, all the while maintaining top security standards. Join Shlomo Bielak, and learn how to keep your DevSecOps team focused and connected without creating silos.

Florida City's Water Hack: Poor IT Security Laid Bare

Data Breach Today

Oldsmar Used Windows 7, Shared TeamViewer Password, Didn't Have a Firewall The Florida city that experienced a breach of its water treatment system used now-unsupported Windows 7 machines, shared the same password for remote access and had no firewall.

Florida's Water Hack: Poor IT Security Laid Bare

Data Breach Today

Oldsmar Used Windows 7, Shared TeamViewer Password, Didn't Have a Firewall The Florida city that experienced a breach of its water treatment system used now-unsupported Windows 7 machines, shared the same password for remote access and had no firewall.

CIA Finds It Failed to Secure Its Own Systems

Data Breach Today

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Securing Industrial IoT: It’s All About the Architecture

Data Breach Today

The need to connect to the IT environment, cloud applications and remote workers has created a definitive gap by eroding the demilitarized zone. Because of this, organizations must deploy new ways to secure operational technology networks

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IT-OT Convergence: Taking the Right Security Measures

Data Breach Today

Meralco's Mel Migriño on How to Ensure OT Security In addition to doing asset inventory, it is important to profile the risks of each asset to ensure OT security, says Mel Migriño, vice president and group CISO at Meralco, the largest power distribution unit in the Philippines

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Your Team's Pragmatic Guide to Security

Speaker: Naresh Soni, CTO, Tsunami XR

The pandemic has led to new data vulnerabilities, and therefore new cybersecurity threats. As technology leaders, it's time to rethink some of your product security strategies. Whether you need to rework your security architecture, improve performance, and/or deal with new threats, this webinar has you covered.

5 Cloud Trends That Will Reshape IT in 2021


We rang in 2020 with all the expectations that cloud computing would continue its progression as a massive catalyst for digital transformation throughout the enterprise. The post 5 cloud trends that will reshape IT in 2021 appeared first on DXC Blogs.

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Security Validation in 2021: Why It's More Important than Ever

Data Breach Today

Security validation enables companies to continuously measure, manage and improve their cyber security effectiveness on an ongoing basis.

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Cybersecurity Leadership: It’s About Cloud Security

Data Breach Today

CEOs and CISOs on Managing Visibility, Accessibility and Risk Almost every organization has adopted cloud computing to some extent, and with this great power comes great responsibility. How are cybersecurity leaders managing visibility, access and risk?

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What Are the Cyber Security Challenges of Hybrid Working?

IT Governance

When it comes to the ideal post-pandemic work environment, employers and employees and have very different ideas. Although employees and employers may rejoice at the flexibility that hybrid working affords, you must understand the cyber security risks associated with it.

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Recovering from a Cyber Attack

Speaker: Mike Cramer, Director of HIPAA & Data Security at The Word & Brown Companies

If your organization stores data and is connected to the Internet, it is not a matter of “if” a cyber-security incident will happen; but rather, “when” this will occur. Organizations protecting their data is no longer “recommended;” it’s necessary.

2020 Security Agenda: Who Owns it?

Data Breach Today

ForeScout's Ellen Sundra on Security Priorities and Challenges It's relatively easy to list an enterprise's cybersecurity priorities for 2020. But who owns them? What are the hurdles to completing these projects? These can be tougher questions to answer, says Ellen Sundra of ForeScout

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Indian-linked Patchwork APT infected its own system revealing its ops

Security Affairs

The India-linked threat actor Patchwork infected one of their own computers with its RAT revealing its operations to researchers. However, the group made the headlines after infecting its infrastructure with a RAT allowing researchers to analyze its operations.

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SUPERNOVA, a Backdoor Found While Investigating SolarWinds Hack

Security Affairs

While investigating the recent SolarWinds Orion supply-chain attack security researchers discovered another backdoor, tracked SUPERNOVA. “SUPERNOVA differs dramatically in that it takes a valid.NET program as a parameter.

French IT services provider Inetum hit by BlackCat ransomware attack

Security Affairs

The IT services company Inetum Group was hit by a ransomware attack a few days before the Christmas holiday. Inetum is an agile IT services company that provides digital services and solutions, and a global group that helps companies and institutions to get the most out of digital flow.

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Overly Complex IT Infrastructures Pose Security Risk

Dark Reading

Cybersecurity budgets are set to increase in 2022, but companies worry that complex IT networks and data infrastructure are wasting money, new PwC survey finds

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Canada Charges Its “Most Prolific Cybercriminal” via Krebs on Security

IG Guru

The post Canada Charges Its “Most Prolific Cybercriminal” via Krebs on Security appeared first on IG GURU. Cryptocurrency Cyber Security IG News Information Governance information security Security Canada Cyber Crime KrebsCheck out the article here.

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Top IT Asset Management Tools for Security

eSecurity Planet

IT asset management (ITAM) used to be purely about inventorying what hardware and software assets were scattered about the enterprise. For some, that means building security features directly into ITAM. But the bedrock of ITAM is maintaining an accurate inventory of all IT assets.

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Cloud Security: Mess It Up and It's on You

Data Breach Today

Jay Heiser of Gartner Says the Cloud Demands New Security Processes, Tools The transition to cloud-based software and infrastructure has revolutionized development and services. It's also created a bevy of new security challenges. Jay Heiser of Gartner says if organizations don't get cloud security right, it's their own fault.

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Conti ransomware gang exploits Log4Shell bug in its operations

Security Affairs

Since August 2020, the group has launched its leak site to threaten its victim to release the stolen data. The IT giant also confirmed that the exploitation of the Log4Shell to deploy the Khonsari ransomware , as discussed by Bitdefender recently. .

Netgear addresses severe security flaws in 20 of its products

Security Affairs

Netgear has released security updates to address high-severity vulnerabilities affecting several of its smart switches used by businesses. Netgear has released firmware updates to address high-severity vulnerabilities in more than a dozen of its smart switches used on businesses.

Norton Put a Cryptominer in Its Antivirus Software

WIRED Threat Level

Plus: NFT thefts, a ransomware wave in schools, and more of the week’s top security news. Security Security / Security News

VMware addresses critical flaws in its products

Security Affairs

VMware has released security updates to address multiple flaws in its products, including a critical issue that could allow an attacker to access confidential information. reads the security advisory published by the company.

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The Pixel 6 Chip’s Best Upgrade Isn’t Speed. It’s Security

WIRED Threat Level

Google’s new flagship smartphone is its most secure yet, thanks to a little vertical integration. Security Security / Security News

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Whitelisting vs. Blacklisting: Which is Better?

eSecurity Planet

From phishing scams to ransomware and botnets, it’s hard to keep up with the latest methods that cybercriminals use. It’s not just about stopping unwanted intruders from getting into a system, however. Applications access management blacklisting email security whitelisting

The Wages of Password Re-Use: Your Money or Your Life

Krebs on Security

When cybercriminals develop the same habit, it can eventually cost them their freedom. The long-running Breadcrumbs series here tracks how cybercriminals get caught, and it’s mostly through odd connections between their online and offline selves scattered across the Internet.

Apple Patched iMessage. But Can It Be Made Safer Overall?

Data Breach Today

Citizen Lab Says iMessage Exploit Delivered NSO's Pegasus Spyware Apple patched a software vulnerability on Monday that researchers say was used to deliver spyware via its iMessage platform to the mobile phones of activists.

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Cyber Defense Magazine – January 2022 has arrived. Enjoy it!

Security Affairs

Enjoy it! appeared first on Security Affairs. Breaking News cyber defense magazine Hacking hacking news information security news IT Information Security Pierluigi Paganini Security Affairs Security News

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WordPress 5.8.3 Security Release fixes four vulnerabilities

Security Affairs

security release addresses four vulnerabilities affecting versions between 3.7 it is labeled as a short-cycle security release. Security Release fixes four vulnerabilities appeared first on Security Affairs. WordPress maintainers have released WordPress 5.8.3

Security Affairs newsletter Round 349

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A new round of the weekly Security Affairs newsletter arrived! Every week the best security articles from Security Affairs free for you in your email box. Enjoy it! The post Security Affairs newsletter Round 349 appeared first on Security Affairs.

SHARING INTEL: Here’s why it has become so vital to prioritize the security-proofing of APIs

The Last Watchdog

Yet, in bringing us here, APIs have also spawned a vast new tier of security holes. Yet, API security risks haven’t gotten the attention they deserve. It has become clear that API security needs to be prioritized as companies strive to mitigate modern-day cyber exposures. Thus security-proofing APIs has become a huge challenge. Meanwhile, the best security tooling money can was never designed to deal with this phenomenon.

$28 Billion for State Security, IT Upgrades Proposed

Data Breach Today

Legislation Based on Cyberspace Solarium Commission's Recommendations A bipartisan group of federal lawmakers has proposed providing $28 billion to state and local governments to bolster their cybersecurity and IT infrastructures

OpenSSL is affected by a ‘High Severity’ security flaw, update it now

Security Affairs

The OpenSSL Project disclosed a serious security vulnerability in TLS/SSL toolkit that exposes users to denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. The post OpenSSL is affected by a ‘High Severity’ security flaw, update it now appeared first on Security Affairs.

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SolarWinds Hires Chris Krebs to Reboot Its Cybersecurity

Data Breach Today

Hacked Firm Also Taps Former Facebook CSO as It Responds to Supply Chain Attack As security software firm SolarWinds investigates the supply chain attack involving its Orion software and looks to rebuild its security processes and reputation, it's hired former U.S.

Report: CIA Failed to Secure Its Own Systems

Data Breach Today

Senator Wyden Releases 2017 Report That Blames Lack of Security for Leaks An internal CIA report released Tuesday found that the agency's failure to secure its own systems led to the massive 2017 data breach that enabled classified information, including details on 35 CIA hacking tools, to be leaked to WikiLeaks.