Mobile Libraries: Culture on the Go

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National Bookmobile Day is April 22, part of National Library Week (April 19-25). . A library is a place that stores information, a place where people from all walks of life have the opportunity to obtain textual and audiovisual material for education, entertainment, and enlightenment. But sometimes a patron is unable to access a library due to limitations of location or distance. What better solution to this problem than to implement a mobile library?

Welsh Library Team of the Year


Welsh Library Team of the Year. NHS Wales Library and Knowledge Service and Newtown Area Library have been recognized by CILIP Cymru Wales, the Library and Information association in Wales, for their incredible commitment and innovative services during a turbulent 2020.


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The British Library?s International Library Leaders Programme


The British Library?s s International Library Leaders Programme. Ilene McKenna is the Lead Archivist, Archival Information System Renewal at Library and Archives Canada. In November 2019, she had the opportunity to take part in British Library?s

Wartime Reading: The Library War Service

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When America entered World War I in 1917, the American Library Association decided to take part in the war effort by establishing the Library War Service. Its purpose was to provide library services to American soldiers in training camps and overseas. Poster used in A.L.A.

The Big Issue and Library Champion Bobby Seagull bring the case for library funding to Parliament


The Big Issue and Library Champion Bobby Seagull bring the case for library funding to Parliament. At a Parliamentary event at the House of Lords today, The Big Issue and Library Champion Bobby Seagull will join forces with CILIP, the UK library association, to make the case for long-term sustainable funding for libraries. We welcome the news of the Government?s However, the overall financial situation for Local Government remains precarious.

COVID-19 Guidance for School Libraries


COVID-19 Guidance for School Libraries. This Guidance has been developed by a Working Party convened jointly by CILIP, the CILIP School Libraries Group (CILIP SLG) and the School Library Association (SLA). Schools and school libraries differ vastly in their size, governance and operations. This Guidance further presumes that school library staff are not themselves in a clinically vulnerable category, are not ?shielding? all library services resumed?).

Honey, I blockchained the library


Honey, I blockchained the library. Honey, I blockchained the library. A new kind of library. What could that mean for libraries? And for academic libraries and publishers, could micropayments per journal article supersede today?s In the world of academic and research libraries, blockchain offers the potential to revolutionise our processes ? What would the library look like as a DAO? in a new kind of library ?

Libraries: don't mess with trust


Libraries: don't mess with trust. Libraries: don't mess with trust. s (ODI) mission is to help companies and governments to build an open, trustworthy data ecosystem. Jeni Tennison, CEO of the ODI discusses how libraries could fit into it without damaging themselves. Operational uses such as using data to support the day-to-day running of a library. where the libraries are for example. ?Most What can libraries do? ?So s well governed and doesn?t

Documentation Theory for Information Governance

ARMA International

iv] Further, “the practices of government [and other public and private institutions] become formal or official to the extent that they are documented.” [v] This article aims to consider what a documentary focus can offer to the practices and understandings of information governance. This article’s documentary focus shows documentation’s central position in information governance and sheds light on the diverse kinds of documents and practices that deal with information.

US Government Publishing Office Website Defaced

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The Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) website was attacked by a group of hackers claiming to represent the government of Iran

Dominic Cummings: Libraries are "desperately needed"


Dominic Cummings: Libraries are ?desperately Dominic Cummings: Libraries are ?desperately DURING the 2019 General Election Boris Johnson said he loved libraries and wanted to invest in opening more of them, but added: ?We His special adviser, Dominic Cummings, has no such conditions attached to his support for libraries. as one of the few things that should permanently survive in institutions that manage complexity, government departments in particular.

[] Archiving and Preserving Tweets Using a Library Management System

Hanzo Learning Center

The Welsh Government's Information and Archive Service carried out a mini-pilot project to explore making tweets available via its Library Management System. Compliance News

Beyond digital literacy: STEM learning ideas from library professionals in the UK and Ireland


Libraries are not just books ? We need] strong advocates who see the library as a place where STEM-rich learning takes place. ? In the words of one research participant, STEM learning in libraries is about ?promoting in other libraries or from STEM or education organisations ?

National Working Party to provide COVID-19 Guidance for School Libraries


National Working Party to provide COVID-19 Guidance for School Libraries. The School Library Association (SLA), CILIP and the CILIP School Libraries Group (CILIP SLG) have created a joint National Working Party to develop guidance for school library staff when planning for the re-commencement of services disrupted by COVID-19. COVID-19 has been an unprecedented challenge for school library staff. s many dimensions to school libraries which need consideration. ?

Overdrive CEO, Steve Potash, makes the case for public libraries


Overdrive founder and CEO, Steve Potash makes the case for Public Libraries. Steve Potash, Lord John Bird, Bobby Seagull, Johanna Brinton Abela and Erica Lazzaro at the launch of Public Libraries: The Case for Support. Overdrive founder and CEO, Steve Potash, makes the case for Public Libraries. It is critical that the issues in Public Libraries: The Case for Support are being brought to the forefront of public dialogue. 1 invested in public libraries.

Time to end a decade of library austerity


Time to end a decade of library austerity. CILIP and Library Champion Bobby Seagull delivered a petition to Downing Street last Thursday calling for an end to a decade of public library austerity and demanding secure revenue funding for public libraries in the Chancellor?s s towns and communities by reinstating revenue funding for libraries to its pre-austerity level in the forthcoming Budget. Library Champion, Bobby Seagull, added; ?libraries

An Island Library and Archives explored


An Island Library and Archives explored. An Island Library and Archives explored. The present day Manx Museum and National Trust is supported by the Isle of Man Government and its Trustees are appointed by Tynwald. It first opened its doors in November 1922, including an active library from the outset, managed by the first librarian William Cubbon. or free to search from the library reading room. The Library and Archives team. Libraries forum.

CILIP welcomes Labour Party Manifesto commitment to libraries


CILIP welcomes Labour Party Manifesto commitment to libraries. s Library and Information Association, has welcomed the commitment in the Labour Party?s s 2019 General Election manifesto to secure the long-term future of public libraries. The Manifesto commits a potential future Labour Government to support improved funding and library standards - two key areas on which CILIP and others have been lobbying through the #VoteLibraries campaign ( [link] ).

[Podcast] Strategic Considerations for Information Governance Audits


Information governance audits, in particular, are used to ensure compliance with relevant information governance policies and procedures. On this episode of the AIIM on Air podcast , your host Kevin Craine explores Information Governance Audits with AIIM member Andrew du Fresne. In Andrew's master's thesis, "The Effectiveness of IG audits on Organizations," he posed three questions: Do audits make information governance programs more effective?

Should library services be cutting their most dynamic spaces?


Should library services be cutting their most dynamic spaces? Photo credit: Should library services be cutting their most dynamic spaces? A recent report, Libraries on the Move , by Dr Alyson Tyler, studied the impact of mobile libraries in Scotland. Having the library visit has lessened feelings of isolation and brings the wider world to my door? The decline is more dramatic than that of static libraries and affects those most in need. Libraries don?t

Information Governance Innovations in 2019


If 2018 showed us anything, it’s that information governance has captured the attention of organizations of all sizes. Maybe they don’t all refer to the work they do on ensuring their information is well governed as “information governance,” but they are thinking about what’s needed and doing the work to make it happen. Here’s a look at some of the things we believe is going to help organizations get better at information governance.

Community hubs keep libraries in the heart of local users


Community hubs keep libraries in the heart of local users. Community hubs keep libraries in the heart of local users. It is no secret that public libraries have been hit hard by austerity. Local Authorities across the country are having to deal with huge reductions in their spending power as central government puts the brakes on public spending. Library Authorities have had to find their own way through, making difficult decisions that affect staff and customers.

Library History with Heritage & University Archives, Part 2

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In this second installment of Library History with Heritage & University archives, we’ll be looking at the trajectory of the Library School since its reorganization in 1947. Strozier Library, 1957, view this item in the digital library. As mentioned in our previous library history post, the School of Library Training and Service was restructured in 1947 and began offering a master’s degree.

Truman Library Ground-breaking Ceremony

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Truman Presidential Library in Independence, MO, is undergoing a year-long renovation that will result in a new Truman permanent exhibition, new amenities for visitors, and enhanced educational and community programming. Truman Library’s renovation. Courtesy photo by Lacey Helmig, Truman Library Institute). He said: “It seems to me that the dedication of a library is in itself an act of faith. Truman at Groundbreaking for Truman Library, 5/8/1955.

Do libraries have a role at the cutting edge of tech ethics?


Do libraries have a role at the cutting edge of tech ethics? Set up by tech entrepreneur Martha Lane Fox in 2015, Doteveryone has lobbied government for more regulation of big tech and lobbied big tech companies to act more responsibly towards their users. Government solution?

CERT France – Pysa ransomware is targeting local governments

Security Affairs

CERT France is warning of a new wave of attacks using Pysa ransomware (Mespinoza) that is targeting local governments. CERT France cyber-security agency is warning about a new wave of ransomware attack that is targeting the networks of local government authorities. CERT-FR’s alert states that the Pysa ransomware code based on public Python libraries. The post CERT France – Pysa ransomware is targeting local governments appeared first on Security Affairs.

With goodwill and a good plan, libraries can deliver


With good will and a good plan, libraries can deliver. With good will and a good plan, libraries can deliver. A new advocacy campaign that will build and mobilise national support for libraries has been launched by CILIP in partnership with the EveryLibrary Institute, a US-based project that has helped secure over $1.6bn in tax funding for libraries. Libraries?Deliver Library and Information Professional spoke to him at this year?s

Police can access My Health Record without court order, parliamentary library warns

The Guardian Data Protection

Advice from independent researcher contradicts health minister and raises more privacy concerns The health minister, Greg Hunt, was wrong to claim that patients’ My Health Record could only be accessed by police with a court order, according to advice from the parliamentary library.

Records Management Training for Local Governments – Registration Open!

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We are hosting local government classes on September 11-12, 2019. Classes are being held at our main location, Lorenzo de Zavala Archives and Library building, 1201 Brazos St., Training Local GovernmentsEach class is $20. Class size is limited to 24 people so register today! Austin, TX 78701. Course descriptions. Introduction to Records Management – Full Day Workshop.

Reflections on the Libraries? Responses to Coronavirus, Resource Discovery and the Future


Reflections on the Libraries? In my workplace, physical library services have stopped completely, with no readers and no staff permitted to access buildings. The fundamental purpose of a library is to provide information to its patrons, and giving up the physical space and physical collection feels like it is opening up a huge hole at the centre of its operation. All of that is gone now, as the libraries are closed to readers and staff.

Legislative Changes for Local Government Records Management Compliance

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During the 86 th Legislative Session, HB 1962, the Sunset bill of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC), passed reauthorizing TSLAC for another 12 years. Along with the re-authorization of our agency, some changes were made concerning local government records management compliance. This article will explain the most important changes and outline action items some local governments may need to take to ensure compliance. Local Government Compliance.

UK Library Association responds to Boris Johnson?s comments on the Andrew Marr Show


UK Library Association responds to Boris Johnson?s s Library and Information Association has responded to comments made by Conservative leader Boris Johnson during his interview with Andrew Marr on Sunday 1st December. I love libraries? m afraid very often local authorities - and yes we want to be spending more and want to be supporting local authorities - but some local authorities have been able to manage their finances so as to open libraries. vote libraries?

FAQ: What is a record regarding government or agency websites?

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By law, any information that an elected official, a government employee, or a state employee handles that correlates with the definitions explained in State Agency Bulletin 4 and in Local Government Bulletin D is a record. Still, identifying what is a record with regard to agency or government websites may seem impossible at times. A few examples of website-related records your local government ( LG ) or state agency ( SA ) may hold are provided below.

State Library of South Australia chooses Preservica to safeguard region?s vibrant story


The State Library of South Australia (SLSA) has chosen Preservica’s cloud-hosted active digital preservation platform to safeguard more than 150 terabytes of unique digitized and born-digital material. Lesley Sharp, the Library’s Group Manager of Online & ICT Services, commented: “Our role is to ensure that current and future generations enjoy, experience, and learn from our South Australiana collections and world knowledge. Adelaide, Australia. Oxford, UK. June 3rd 2020.

CILIP responds to the Government National Data Strategy


CILIP responds to the Government National Data Strategy. We therefore welcome the Government?s Any Government policy must promote the interests of empowered, data-literate citizens. We call on Government to invest in data and information literacy alongside digital skills.

Access to Research ? a great, free digital resource for public libraries


a great, free digital resource for public libraries. a great, free digital resource for public libraries. DO your library users have health issues they want to find out more about? The service is only available on terminals in public libraries and cannot be accessed remotely. So the] proposal is that the major subscription-based publishers should license public libraries throughout the UK. users on library premises. "At Access to Research ?

MY TAKE: Poorly protected local government networks cast shadow on midterm elections

The Last Watchdog

It’s easy to think of it as a problem the federal government must address or something that enterprises deal with, but cybersecurity has to be addressed closer to home, as well. His company supplies a co-managed SIEM service to mid-sized and large enterprises, including local government agencies. Security of local and state government agencies takes on a higher level of urgency as we get closer to the midterm elections.

Five Benefits of an Automation Framework for Data Governance


Organizations are responsible for governing more data than ever before, making a strong automation framework a necessity. They need their data mappings to fall under governance and audit controls, with instant access to dynamic impact analysis and lineage. In data governance terms, an automation framework refers to a metadata-driven universal code generator that works hand in hand with enterprise data mapping for: Pre-ETL enterprise data mapping. Governing metadata.

The long game: how to get a library into the limelight


The long game: how to get a library into the limelight. The long game: how to get a library into the limelight. s library, says Arwen Caddy, RB?s s one of a number of big shifts ushered in by the library?s Proof of this is a complete rethinking of the library?s Originally the library was an outsourced service,? The company contracted an archive team to help manage vital clinical trial documentation, and library staff were originally tagged to that deal.?

World Digital Preservation Day guest blog: managing the “digital deluge” at the National Library of Australia


In this special World Digital Preservation Day entry to our ‘Be More’ blog series, Terence Ingram, Director of IT Operations for the National Library of Australia (NLA), shares his digital preservation journey, the challenges of working with an increasingly diverse, complex and growing volume of digital content, and how Preservica’s active digital preservation platform is helping the National Library of Australia manage the “digital deluge”.