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UK Cyber Security Council to Tackle Education, Standards

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Cyber Security Council is a new self-regulatory body for the profession. Claudia Natanson Describes Vision of U.K.’s s New Self-Regulatory Body U.K. It is tasked by the U.K. Government to execute their vision for the U.K.

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Improving Healthcare Security Education

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Wombat's Gretel Egan on How to Take a Fresh Approach to the Awareness Challenge As attackers increasingly take advantage of users' risky behavior, enterprise security leaders are taking steps to improve end-user security education.

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APT36 Running Espionage Ops Against India's Education Sector

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Pakistan-Linked APT Group Using Spear-Phishing to Plant Info Stealer Malware A suspected Pakistan espionage threat actor that relies on phishing emails is expanding to the education sector after years of focusing on the Indian military and government.

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Practical Insights To Improve Security Awareness in Higher Education


Higher education is making important strides in improving cybersecurity readiness, but much is yet to be done. Cybersecurity awareness professionals.

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Security solutions for education


Digital security is vital to keep students, teachers and devices safe. And there are multiple choices in security products, even within Jamf. What's Jamf Protect for education? What's Jamf Safe Internet? And how does Jamf Connect fit in with all of this?

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Strengthening Higher Education Institutions against evolving cyberthreats

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As cyberthreats continue to evolve, it is crucial for higher education institutions and universities to be vigilant. Enforcing security strategies prudently designed to safeguard digital assets and the integrity of their academic research provides better cyber resilience.

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Helping higher education institutions graduate to data intelligence


1) How can institutions of higher education use data to start making strategic decisions? Get all the details in Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud for Higher Education , our helpful solution brief. Graduate to data intelligence It’s no secret that data is key to the educational mission. In 2020, the U.S.