Orange Business Services hit by Nefilim ransomware operators

Security Affairs

Security researchers at Cyble reported that Nefilim ransomware operators allegedly targeted the mobile network operator Orange. Researchers from Cyble came across a post of Nefilim ransomware operators which were claiming to have stolen sensitive data of Orange S.A.,

LockFile Ransomware uses a new intermittent encryption technique

Security Affairs

Recently emerged LockFile ransomware family LockFile leverages a novel technique called intermittent encryption to speed up encryption. The operators behind LockFile ransomware encrypt alternate blocks of 16 bytes in a document to evade detection.


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New LockFile ransomware gang uses ProxyShell and PetitPotam exploits

Security Affairs

A new ransomware gang named LockFile targets Microsoft Exchange servers exploiting the recently disclosed ProxyShell vulnerabilities. A new ransomware gang named LockFile targets Microsoft Exchange servers using the recently disclosed ProxyShell vulnerabilities.

Ransomware Attack on Vendor Affects 600,000

Data Breach Today

Healthcare Billing Services Vendor Notifying Individuals of Potential Data Exposure A ransomware attack last fall on a company that provides billing and other business services to health plans and hospitals resulted in a breach affecting more than 600,000 individuals, according to Michigan state officials. But what makes breach determination in ransomware attacks so difficult

Ransomware infected systems at Xchanging, a DXC subsidiary

Security Affairs

Systems at Xchanging, a subsidiary of Global IT services and solutions provider DXC Technology was hit by ransomware over the weekend. Global IT services and solutions provider DXC Technology disclosed a ransomware attack that infected systems at its Xchanging subsidiary.

Port of San Diego hit by a cyber attack a few days after the attack on the Port of Barcelona

Security Affairs

Port of San Diego suffered a ransomware-based attack, a few days after the Port of Barcelona was hit by a cyber attack that caused several problems. Several computers at the Port of San Diego were infected with a ransomware, the incident impacted the processing park permits and record requests, along with other operations. ” The operator at the port promptly reported to the California Office of Emergency Services and the County of San Diego Office of Emergency Services.

10 things you must do to become cyber secure

IT Governance

Your employees are the ones following your policies and procedures, so they are directly responsible for keeping threats such as ransomware and phishing at bay. System monitoring enables organisations to detect criminals’ attempts to attack systems and business services. Preparing your organisation for cyber attacks and data breaches is complicated, and you should look for advice wherever you can get it.

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