Federal Source Code Accessed Via Misconfigured SonarQube

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FBI: Hackers Exploiting Configuration Vulnerabilities To Gain Access The FBI has issued a flash alert warning that unidentified threat actors are actively targeting vulnerable SonarQube instances to access source code repositories of U.S. government agencies and private businesses

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The SolarWinds Perfect Storm: Default Password, Access Sales and More


Critical Infrastructure Government Hacks Malware Vulnerabilities antivirus disabled cyberattack default password DHS FireEye fxmsp Microsoft network access solarwinds solarwinds123 solorigate supply chain hack u.s. government agencies


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Think instead about who can deny a single individual access to information, while providing access to 190 other people. Who is entitled to access information in your company? What controls are in place to make sure that people who shouldn’t have access don’t get access? Access Compliance (General) Controls Culture Duty Governance Government Internal controls Policy Third parties Uncategorized

What Is Data Governance? (And Why Your Organization Needs It)


Organizations with a solid understanding of data governance (DG) are better equipped to keep pace with the speed of modern business. In this post, the erwin Experts address: What Is Data Governance? Why Is Data Governance Important? What Is Good Data Governance?

Mergers & Acquisitions: How to Handle Your Data feat. Oracle & Onna

Speaker: Lisa Ripley: Director of eDiscovery & Information Governance, Legal Operations at Oracle & Scott McVeigh: Senior Solutions Consultant, Onna

From multiple toolsets to governance processes, to differing retention policies, when two organizations join together handling all this data gets complicated. Lisa Ripley Director of eDiscovery & Information Governance, Legal Operations.

Iranian Hackers Reportedly Selling Network Access to Others

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CrowdStrike: 'Pioneer Kitten' Sells Access to Vulnerable VPN Servers A hacking group with links to Iran's government has been selling access to vulnerable VPN servers on underground forums, according to CrowdStrike

Access 139

Iran – Government blocks Internet access in response to the protests

Security Affairs

Iran – After the announcement of the government to cut fuel subsidies, protests erupted in the country and the authorities blocked Internet access. After the announcement of the government to cut fuel subsidies, protests erupted in Iran and the authorities blocked access to the internet to prevent the spreading of news, videos, and images online. SecurityAffairs – Iran, Internet access).

Automating Data Governance


Automating data governance is key to addressing the exponentially growing volume and variety of data. Earlier this year, erwin conducted a research project in partnership with Dataversity, the 2020 State of Data Governance and Automation. We also looked at data preparation, governance and intelligence to see where organizations might be getting stuck and spending lots of time. You have centralized access and control – from anywhere.

Ethical Hackers Breach U.N., Access 100,000 Private Records


Breach Government HacksResearchers informed organization of a flaw that exposed GitHub credentials through the organization’s vulnerability disclosure program.

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FileTrail Acquires OmniRIM Physical Records Management Software from Access

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The post FileTrail Acquires OmniRIM Physical Records Management Software from Access appeared first on IG GURU. Business IG News Information Governance Record Retention Records Management Sponsored Access FileTrail OmniRIM



Who governs access to the White House? Reporter’s due process rights “appear to have been violated” when his access to the White House itself is restricted. Who controls access to your building? In the absence of a written rule, who governs what behavior is permitted in a press briefing within the White House? Access Controls Culture Duty Governance Government Internal controls Third parties Who is in charge

Breaking: Access Announces Acquisition of Information Governance Solutions (IGS) and Virgo™

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Records and Information Management Leader Further Strengthens Information Governance Solutions, Including Policy Control Software for Retention and Privacy. The post Breaking: Access Announces Acquisition of Information Governance Solutions (IGS) and Virgo™ appeared first on IG GURU. Business Featured GDPR IG News Information Governance Record Retention Records Management Risk News Sponsored Access IGS John Isaza John Montana Montana and Associates Virgo

Integrating Data Governance and Enterprise Architecture


Why should you integrate data governance (DG) and enterprise architecture (EA)? Data governance provides time-sensitive, current-state architecture information with a high level of quality. Automating Data Governance and Enterprise Architecture.

Strong Crypto Again the Target of Western Governments

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Lawful Access' Means Weak Crypto on Which Anyone Can Eavesdrop - Not Just the Cops Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before: The U.S.,

Iranian hackers access unsecured HMI at Israeli Water Facility

Security Affairs

A group of Iranian hackers gained access to a un unprotected ICS at an Israeli Water Facility and posted a video as proof of the hack. The threat actors accessed a human-machine interface (HMI) system that was left unsecured online and published a video hack.

Iranian Government Hacking Android

Schneier on Security

No Internet Access? Amid Protests, Here's How to Tell Whether the Government Is Behind it

Dark Reading

Government-mandated Internet shutdowns occur far more regularly than you might expect

Creating a data governance framework


Creating a data governance framework is crucial to becoming a data-driven enterprise because data governance brings meaning to an organization’s data. However, many organizations struggle to build a data governance program because the practice can seem amorphous.

What is adaptive data governance?


Data governance is a linchpin for data programs; it is the practice of managing and organizing data and processes to enable collaboration and compliant access to data. But what is this term, “adaptive data governance,” that has gained more traction in recent years?

Data Governance 2.0: The CIO’s Guide to Collaborative Data Governance


In the data-driven era, CIO’s need a solid understanding of data governance 2.0 … Data governance (DG) is no longer about just compliance or relegated to the confines of IT. Today, data governance needs to be a ubiquitous part of your organization’s culture. As the CIO, your stakeholders include both IT and business users in collaborative relationships, which means data governance is not only your business, it’s everyone’s business.

Book Review: Non-Invasive Data Governance: The Path of Least Resistance and Greatest Success

IG Guru

In the early days of the pandemic, this was a question that surely crossed the minds of most employees who needed access to data to perform their work. The post Book Review: Non-Invasive Data Governance: The Path of Least Resistance and Greatest Success appeared first on IG GURU.

Why data governance is meaningless without identity and access management

Information Management Resources

While data governance has a much broader scope than IAM, any data governance plan falls substantially short without an IAM component. Data governance Data management Database management

Access Announces Acquisition of Montaña & Associates – a Leading Information Governance Consulting Firm

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The post Access Announces Acquisition of Montaña & Associates – a Leading Information Governance Consulting Firm appeared first on IG GURU. IG News Information Governance information privacy information security Privacy Records Management Sponsored #infogov Access Acquisition Montana and AssociatesRecords and Information Management (RIM) Leader Strengthens Compliance Solutions for Retention Policy and Schedules, Data Privacy and IG Policy.

The EU’s draft Data Governance Act: an own goal?

Data Protector

The EU’s draft Data Governance Act is designed to facilitate the greater sharing of non-Personal data within the EU. The Act is also designed to prevent access and use by non-EU based data intermediaries such as those that may be established in the UK, or elsewhere in the world.

Doing Cloud Migration and Data Governance Right the First Time


And as you make this transition, you need to understand what data you have, know where it is located, and govern it along the way. By using automated and repeatable capabilities, you can quickly and safely migrate data to the cloud and govern it along the way.

Cloud Migration and the Importance of Data Governance


In terms of budget and cost, automated tools that scan repositories in your environment help by adding structure and business context (where it is, who can access it, etc.) Automated software handles data cataloging and locates, models and governs cloud data assets. Data Governance.

Cloud 54

OCR Settles Thirteenth Investigation in HIPAA Right of Access Initiative via OCR Listserv

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Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announces its thirteenth settlement of an enforcement action in its HIPAA Right of Access Initiative. The post OCR Settles Thirteenth Investigation in HIPAA Right of Access Initiative via OCR Listserv appeared first on IG GURU.

SailPoint Buys Orkus and OverWatchID to Strengthen Cloud Access Governance

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The $37.5 million acquisitions will boost SailPoint's portfolio across all cloud platforms

Canadian Government Issues Statement on Credential-Stuffing Attacks

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The government is responding to threats targeting the GCKey service and CRA accounts, which are used to access federal services

NSA Advisory on Chinese Government Hacking

Schneier on Security

Most of the vulnerabilities listed below can be exploited to gain initial access to victim networks using products that are directly accessible from the Internet and act as gateways to internal networks.

Notorious Hacker ‘Fxmsp’ Outed After Widespread Access-Dealing


Government Hacks Vulnerabilities Web Security "invisible god of networks" andrey turchin Backdoors charges fxmsp indictment kazakhstan lampeduza McAfee outed rdp ports real name selling access Symantec Trend Micro Underground forums unsealed court documentsThe Kazakh native made headlines last year for hacking McAfee, Symantec and Trend Micro; but the Feds say he's also behind a widespread backdoor operation spanning six continents.

Australian government officials accused of 'cavalier disregard' for unauthorised metadata access

The Guardian Data Protection

Parliamentary committee hears state and government agencies sought data 8,432 times in 2018-19 Federal government officials have been accused of a “cavalier disregard” for the dozens of state and federal government agencies accessing data retained under the mandatory data retention regime thousands of times a year despite legislation explicitly excluding them from access.

Hackers Sell Access to Bait-and-Switch Empire

Krebs on Security

Cybercriminals are auctioning off access to customer information stolen from an online data broker behind a dizzying array of bait-and-switch Web sites that sell access to a vast range of data on U.S. A (redacted) screen shot shared by the apparent hacker who was selling access to usernames and passwords for customers of multiple data-search Web sites. Willms’ various previous ventures reportedly extended far beyond selling access to public records.

Access 140

Emergency Preparedness for Local Governments

The Texas Record

Local Government Bulletin F outlines minimum and enhanced storage standards for records of permanent value and certain court documents. The minimum standards offer protection from fire, water, steam, structural collapse, unauthorized access, theft, and other similar hazards, and prevents exposing records to direct sunlight. While these conditions are not required, they do help ensure the safety and accessibility of your permanent records.

Metadata Management, Data Governance and Automation


erwin released its State of Data Governance Report in February 2018, just a few months before the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect. This research showed that the majority of responding organizations weren’t actually prepared for GDPR, nor did they have the understanding, executive support and budget for data governance – although they recognized the importance of it. Download Free GDPR Guide | Step By Step Guide to Data Governance for GDPR?.

Master Data Governance: Comprehensive Guide


That’s called master data governance. . What is master data governance? Master data governance creates a system of rules and the policies and procedures enforcing them to ensure data quality and consistency. . Why is master data governance important? .

What’s the Current State of Data Governance and Automation?


I’m excited to share the results of our new study with Dataversity that examines how data governance attitudes and practices continue to evolve. Defining Data Governance: What Is Data Governance? . The 2020 State of Data Governance and Automation (DGA) report is a follow-up to an initial survey we commissioned two years ago to explore data governance ahead of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) going into effect.

AG Says ePrivacy Applies to Government Access to Communications Data

HL Chronicle of Data Protection

On January 15, the Court of Justice of the European Union’s (CJEU) Advocate General (AG) Manuel Campos Sánchez-Bordona delivered his Opinion on four references for preliminary rulings on the topic of retention of and access to communications data.

Is COVID-19 a Threat or Opportunity for Electronic Government Records Capture, Access and Preservation?


The COVID-19 global pandemic has simultaneously and exponentially increased the production of electronic government records and the demand for online access to public records and information. Access to Public Records. What are You Doing to Properly Protect Government Records?

Information Governance: Alignment with Business is Essential

ARMA International

When employees cannot easily access or share information, they are prone to devising workarounds that increase the exposure to risk. Increasingly, employees are uploading workplace information to their personal devices in an effort to improve speed and access. Information Governance