'Disrupting the Hell Out of the Industry'

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Tom Thimot and George Tubin of Socure say they are here to disrupt the industry

Achieving digital transformation in the insurance industry

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Digital … The post Achieving digital transformation in the insurance industry appeared first on OpenText Blogs. Research has consistently shown that senior management within the insurance sector think digital transformation is critical to their business.

Moxa Industrial Switches plagued with several flaws

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Security experts have discovered many vulnerabilities, including a critical issue, in Moxa EDS and IKS industrial switches. Researchers have discovered several vulnerabilities in Moxa EDS and IKS industrial switches. The following Moxa industrial switches are affected: by the flaws.

Digital Transformation Examples: How Data Is Transforming the Hospitality Industry


By now, you probably recognize this recurring pattern in the discussions about digital transformation: An industry set in its ways slowly moves toward using information technology to create efficiencies, automate processes or help identify new customer or product opportunities.

Your Garage Opener Is More Secure Than Industrial Remotes

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Trend Micro Says It Moved Cranes Using RF Software Flaws Radio controllers used in the construction, mining and shipping industries are dangerously vulnerable to hackers, Trend Micro says in a new report.

Protecting the Industrial Internet of Things

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Asif Effendi of GE Oil and Gas Offers Risk Mitigation Insights The industrial internet of things presents a significant new risk paradigm, says Asif Effendi of GE Oil and Gas, who offers threat mitigation tips

InfoWars: Magecart Infection Points to 'Industrial Sabotage'

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Controversial Website Blames Malware on Democrats, China and Big Tech InfoWars' website was briefly affected by the Magecart payment card skimming malware, a finding that triggered a fiery response from the far right commentary site. But InfoWars is just one in a long line of victims of the malware

Tech Industry Pushes for Australian Encryption Law Changes

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Senate Committee Reviewing Law With an Eye to Amend Technology organizations say Australia's anti-encryption law passed in December is already undermining trust in their local operations.

How Triton Malware Targets Industrial Control Systems

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Drago's Sergio Caltagirone on 'Safety vs. Security' Industrial control system environments are tough to hack, because each is unique, says Sergio Caltagirone of Dragos.

The Industrial Internet of Things: Emerging Risks

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Leading the latest edition of the ISMG Security Report: Chris Morales of the cybersecurity firm Vectra discusses how the industrial internet of things is changing the nature of industrial espionage and disruption

MartyMcFly Malware: new Cyber-Espionage Campaign targeting Italian Naval Industry

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Yoroi security firm uncovered a targeted attack against one of the most important companies in the Italian Naval Industry leveraging MartyMcFly Malware. The post MartyMcFly Malware: new Cyber-Espionage Campaign targeting Italian Naval Industry appeared first on Security Affairs.

The ‘MartyMcFly’ investigation: Italian naval industry under attack

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Analysis ) where unknown attackers were targeting Italian naval industries. Thanks to Kaspersky’s extended analysis we decided to harvest more indicators and to check more related threats by asking a joint cyber force with Fincantieri, one of the biggest player on Naval Industry across Europe.

Social Media and the Financial Services Industry


Over the last seven years, the financial services industry has increasingly adopted social media platforms. Public social platforms are especially difficult for the financial services industry to monitor and control because employees can access and use these platforms as individuals.

USB drives are primary vector for destructive threats to industrial facilities

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USB removable storage devices are the main vector for malware attacks against industrial facilities, states Honeywell report. According to a report published on by Honeywell, malware-based attacks against industrial facilities mostly leverage USB removable storage devices.

Brexit and the UK Automotive Industry: Understanding the impact

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This is particularly true for the automotive industry where OEMs such as Ford, Honda and Renault-Nissan have all publicly raised their concerns. To find out what was happening within the industry, and the trading options available to automotive companies, OpenText™ and … The post Brexit and the UK Automotive Industry: Understanding the impact appeared first on OpenText Blogs. Industry automotive Automotive Industry brexit

Rising Attack Vector for Industrial IoT: Smartphone Apps

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Mobile Apps Can Be Exploited To Tamper With Industrial Control Systems Fresh research into mobile apps designed to control ICS systems from afar has unearthed unnerving findings. More than 20 percent of mobile ICS apps have issues that could allow an attacker to influence an industrial syste

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FERMI Industry Day

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On Monday, August 6, we co-hosted an Industry Day with the General Services Administration (GSA) to begin the next phase of the Federal Electronic Records Modernization Initiative (FERMI). . FERMI Industry Day on August 6, 2018.

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New AIIM Research: State of the Industry – Content Services


Recently, AIIM released an eBook titled, State of the Industry – Content Services that examines the current state of Content Services technologies and how user perceptions about them are changing. Free Report: State of the Industry - Content Services.

Developing an industry, creating the experts

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It’s difficult to grasp today that, even in the mid 1990s, the legal industry struggled to understand how to properly prepare and present digital evidence in court.

Digital disruption takes center stage at Automotive Industry Day

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Sometimes it feels like the automotive industry is being turned upside down by digital disruption. And for our … The post Digital disruption takes center stage at Automotive Industry Day appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

Bots Plague Ticketing Industry

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Bots now account for 39.9% of all ticketing traffic, mostly originating in North America

Looking to form Industry Insights VIP Group


industry watch statistics researchI am interested in forming a dedicated group of knowledgeable end users to provide insight on key trends in Intelligent Information Management. The intention is to systematically identify: The key drivers motivating potential customers. Buying intentions during the next 12-24 months. Obstacles faced during the acquisition and implementation process. Business results organizations have achieved through IIM technologies.

4 Industries That Have to Fight the Hardest Against Cyberattacks

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However, cybercriminals target some industries at disproportionally high rates. The medical industry faces an exceptional risk for cyberattacks because there are so many players involved in the sector. No Industry Is Immune.

Vulnerabilities in Kunbus Industrial Gateway allows to control the devices

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Security of Industrial system is a top priority, experts found multiple serious flaws in a gateway made by Kunbus that could allow to completely control a device. The post Vulnerabilities in Kunbus Industrial Gateway allows to control the devices appeared first on Security Affairs.

Is Payments Industry Ready for New Encryption Protocols?

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PCI-DSS Requirement Looms on June 30 New PCI requirements that go into effect June 30 are pushing payment card acquirers, processors, gateways and service providers worldwide to implement more secure encryption protocols for transactions. But are they ready

ICS-CERT warns of critical flaws in NetComm industrial routers

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Security researcher has found two critical vulnerabilities in the industrial routers manufactured by the Australian company NetComm Wireless. The affected models are NetComm 4G LTE Light industrial M2M routers running firmware version

Meet LockerGoga, the Ransomware Crippling Industrial Firms

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The new strain of malware represents a dangerous combination of aggressive disruption and high-stakes targets. Security Security / Cyberattacks and Hacks

Cellebrite 2019 Report on Industry Trends for Law Enforcement: eDiscovery Trends

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Cellebrite recently conducted an industry trends survey targeting Law Enforcement and reported the results in their 2019 Report on Industry Trends for Law Enforcement (link to download the free report available here , hat tip to Rob Robinson’s Complex Discovery site for the reference ).

Industrial Sector targeted in surgical spear-phishing attacks

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Industrial sector hit by a surgical spear-phishing campaign aimed at installing legitimate remote administration software on victims’ machines. The spear-phishing campaign is still ongoing, the messages purported to be invitations to tender from large industrial companies.

Safely adopting technology in the hospitality industry

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PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). The post Safely adopting technology in the hospitality industry appeared first on IT Governance Blog. The hospitality sector has embraced consumer-facing technology.

Podcast: The Industrial World is Facing a Security Crisis


Eddie Habibi, the CEO of industrial IoT security company PAS, sounds off on how to secure the increasingly connected industrial control space. IoT Podcasts energy grid hack energy grid security ICS hack industrial control system Industrial IoT

Security woes increasingly sting the healthcare industry

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The healthcare industry continues to be plagued by hackers, with at least one breach on average being discovered each day. Data security Cyber security Hacking HIPAA regulations

How the Fourth Industrial Revolution will disrupt data management

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These technologies are all helping to fuel the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the impact of which will create a seismic shift in how businesses compete and succeed. Robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D printing. Data strategy Data management Artificial intelligence

Understanding IoT Security Challenges – An Interview with an Industry Expert

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly growing and expected to affect all industry verticals as well as our private lives. Many of our customers, for example, in the automotive industry, put great demands on us when it comes to both capacity, security, and compliance.

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November 2 Industry Day Agenda

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As we mentioned in our previous post , as part of the Federal Electronic Records Modernization Initiative (FERMI) we are co-hosting an Industry Day on November 2, 2017, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, at GSA’s Headquarters. General electronic records management FERMI GSA Industry Day requirements

How Blockchain and Bitcoin Tech Will Fuel the Industrial IoT

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Technological powerhouses bitcoin and blockchain offer the potential to collaborate with the Internet of Things (IoT), resulting in simplified connections within the industrial IoT. With this advanced technology and innovative transparency level, the impact when applied to the large industry would be incredible. Fueling the Industrial IoT. It’s important to remember that the impact on the industrial IoT won’t happen overnight.

Industrializing digital investments with the right toolset

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Without effective collaboration in action, the value from digital investments get limited to small islands of success versus an enterprise wide opportunity. Data strategy Data management Software development

Phishing Campaign Steals Money From Industrial Companies


Hacks Malware Uncategorized Web Security data theft email scam Industrial Security malware Phishing Phishing emails remote administration softwarePhishing emails purported to be commercial offers - but were really installing remote administration software on victims’ systems.

CIP Spotlight: Devon McCollum is Serious About the Information Industry


The Certified Information Professional (CIP) started with a group of industry experts and focus groups that worked together to define the body of knowledge necessary for information professionals to be successful in the digital economy. Why choose certification?

[Guide] 2018 State of the Airline Industry

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The airline industry is scrutinized by passengers and analysts alike, mostly for two reasons. Two, the industry’s economic impact is unprecedented. ” In a closely related industry, the manufacturing of planes is the country’s “top net export.” ” The industry is also a major contributor to national productivity growth. Almost 10 million people work directly in the aviation and air transport industries.