IAM's Role in the Pharmaceutical Sector

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Sandy Dalal of Allergan on Achieving Security Stability Mergers and acquisitions, along with cloud adoption, are rapidly changing the pharmaceutical industry. Sandy Dalal of Allergan talks about how identity and access management, along with zero trust, are bringing security stability

Top 5 Life Sciences predictions in 2020

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Industries Healthcare & Life Sciences Healthcare IoT Content management Interoperability the internet of things Life sciences EIM platform FDA pharmaceutical ISO IDMP Industry 4.0 With the patient taking center stage, digitization is gaining pace within Life Sciences.


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Introducing OpenText Content Cloud for Life Sciences

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OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences provides the industry’s most mature and proven solutions to accelerate clinical trials, improve the … The post Introducing OpenText Content Cloud for Life Sciences appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

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Honoring Women in Tech: Challenging IT Industry Perceptions


She began her career in the healthcare industry managing large physician practices where she quickly realized that data could increase productivity as well as patient outcomes. With healthcare as most other industries – the issue is you have multiple systems and multiple types of data….

Life Sciences at Enterprise World 2019

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Enterprise World Industry AI Articial Intelligence cloud Compliance Content digital transformation Documentum Documentum for Life Sciences ecd ECM enterprise content management EP6 eTMF Life sciences manufacturing mobile OpenText pharmaceutical QM Quality quality documentation regulatory professionals regulatory submission documentation regulatory submissions user experience

Is this the year of the patient-centric business model for healthcare?

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You can’t deliver tomorrow’s innovation if you’re still using yesterday’s business models. For Healthcare 4.0, that means designing services and solutions around patients and empowering them to take more control, becoming partners in their own healthcare.

What’s new in Release 19.4 for OpenText Life Sciences Express

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If you work in the Life Sciences industry, your head will be nodding in confirmation while reading Forrester’s The Five Big Trends report, especially the part that states employee productivity has emerged as the second biggest driver for ECM investment in 2019.

Winnti uses a new PipeMon backdoor in attacks aimed at the gaming industry

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The Winnti hacking group continues to target gaming industry, recently it used a new malware named PipeMon and a new method to achieve persistence. The post Winnti uses a new PipeMon backdoor in attacks aimed at the gaming industry appeared first on Security Affairs.

Executive Order Focuses on Supply Chain Risk Management

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Also to be reviewed: supply chain risks for information and communications technology and the pharmaceutical industry

Tackling the ‘inconvenient truth’ of AI in healthcare

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AI & Analytics Industries Healthcare & Life Sciences AI AI in Healthcare biopharma Healthcare Life sciences pharmaceuticalThe market is growing fast for Healthcare Artifical Intelligence (AI), estimated to reach over $8 billion by 2026. During this year’s Intelligent Health conference, there was a great deal of talk about the potential of AI in healthcare, but also about its largest challenges: data integration and preparation.

MY TAKE: Cyber attacks on industrial controls, operational technology have only just begun

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In today’s geopolitical terrain, nation-state backed cyber criminals are widening their targets and starting to zero in on their adversaries’ business and industrial sectors, using more and more sophisticated weaponry to do so. Monitoring and management of many existing industrial control systems’ (ICS) embedded devices, like pumps, valves and turbines, are ancient in technological terms. Organizations and industries don’t have to remain sitting ducks.

Regulatory Information Management Systems: The What & the Why


Regulatory Information Management Systems/Software, or RIMS, are platforms that have emerged to assist pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers in submitting products for regulatory review. Records Management pharma industry

Identity Verification in Healthcare: Revamping a Framework

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A 15-year-old identity framework originally designed for narrow use by pharmaceutical companies is being revamped and updated for broader use in healthcare, says Kyle Neuman, managing director of SAFE Identity, an industry consortium and certification body that's coordinating the project

My Health Record 'identical' to failed UK scheme, privacy expert says

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Health Data protection Australia news Technology Privacy Pharmaceuticals industryCare.data was cancelled because drug and insurance companies were able to buy patient data Australia’s impending My Health Record system is “identical” to a failed system in England that was cancelled after it was found to be selling patient data to drug and insurance companies , a British privacy expert has said.

Four Use Cases Proving the Benefits of Metadata-Driven Automation


By implementing metadata-driven automation, organizations across industry can unleash the talents of their highly skilled, well paid data pros to focus on finding the goods: actionable insights that will fuel the business. Metadata-Driven Automation in the BFSI Industry. The banking, financial services and insurance industry typically deals with higher data velocity and tighter regulations than most. Metadata-Driven Automation in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Reimagining patient centricity and healthcare practitioner engagement for 2020


by Satish Pandelenghat and Manjunath Shanabag The relationship between the life sciences industry and healthcare practitioners has changed dramatically in recent years. Life Sciences analytics healthcare pharmaceuticalIt wasn’t that long ago that sales reps visited each practice to provide information about new products. That changed in the late 1990s and early 2000s as information became more digital. Now what […].

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What does the future hold for the Life Sciences supply chain?

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Industries Healthcare & Life Sciences Life sciences flexible supply chainThe Life Sciences sector is facing a period of profound change and disruption.

Business Process Modeling Use Cases and Definition


Every organization—particularly those operating in industries where quality, regulatory, health, safety or environmental issues are a concern—must have a complete understanding of its processes. s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are requiring businesses across industries to think about their compliance efforts. What is business process modeling (BPM)? A visual representation of what your business does and how it does it.

Maintaining Regulatory-Compliant Cloud Solutions

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In industries like life sciences, the stakes are even higher because the systems used for regulated purposes must comply with the governing regulations. Cloud Data & Analytics Digital Transformation Integration & IT Modernization Life Sciences Operations Regulatory Compliance Strategy 21 CFR Part 11 clinical cloud compliance Data hosting IaaS medical device PaaS pharmaceutical Regulatory SaaS Software Systems technology

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Turn on a Dime with a Responsive Data Strategy


Life Sciences is already one of the most regulated industries, but new guidelines or changes to existing ones continue to be developed. IQVIA is the leading global provider of advanced analytics, technology solutions, and clinical research services to the life sciences industry.

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Healthcare-life sciences convergence accelerates patient-centered care


by Mark Wren It wasn’t long ago that healthcare and pharmaceuticals were treated as separate industries and the crossover – when it happened – was just in terms of how clinicians used drugs and devices.

China gets ready to launch eCTD, as companies face a challenging learning curve


by Winnie Yang and Leslie Wan China is gearing up for the implementation of electronic Common Technical Document (eCTD) submissions to accelerate the review and approval of new pharmaceuticals. A year after officially introducing the subject, the life sciences industry in this country is starting to see greater momentum toward implementation.

68% of Pharma Executives Have Had Credentials Breached Online

Adam Levin

The online credentials for 68% of pharmaceutical executives analyzed for a study have been compromised recently. C-suite executives have been a frequent target for hackers and scammers, but Pierson identified some vulnerabilities specific to the pharmaceutical industry. “In

North Korea-linked Lazarus APT targets the COVID-19 research

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The attacks aimed at a Ministry of Health and a pharmaceutical company involved in the development of the COVID-19 vaccine. The systems at the pharmaceutical company were targeted with the BookCode malware, while in the attack against a Ministry of Health the APT group used the wAgent malware.

Europe’s Largest Private Hospital Operator Fresenius Hit by Ransomware

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Security researchers say the Snake ransomware is somewhat unique in that it seeks to identify IT processes tied to enterprise management tools and large-scale industrial control systems (ICS), such as production and manufacturing networks.

COVID-19 – Johnson & Johnson saw a 30% uptick in cyber-attacks

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Nation-state actors are intensifying their attacks against organizations in the healthcare industry, like Johnson & Johnson, that are involved in the development of the COVID-19 vaccine. “North Korean hackers have targeted at least six pharmaceutical companies in the U.S.,

Google warned users of 33,015 nation-state attacks since January

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government agencies have warned about different threat actors, and we’ve worked closely with those agencies and others in the tech industry to share leads and intelligence about what we’re seeing across the ecosystem.”

In Times of Rapid Change, Business Process Modeling Becomes a Critical Tool


In the blink of an eye, COVID-19 has disrupted all industries and quickly accelerated their plans for digital transformation. Industry and government regulations affect businesses that work in or do business with any number of industries or in specific geographies.

Intelligent Search – Strategies to Find What You Need


Regardless of your industry, managing information intelligently requires the ability to find, store, and use information effectively and flexibly in order to get good results. Enterprise organizations in all industries must work to make Intelligent Search an essential organizational skill.

Alleged docs relating to Covid-19 vaccine leaked in darkweb

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While the pandemic is spreading on a global scale, threat actors continue to target government organizations and entities in the pharmaceutical industry.

China-linked APT10 leverages ZeroLogon exploits in recent attacks

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The group has been observed while attempting to exploit the Windows Zerologon vulnerability in attacks aimed at Japanese organizations from multiple industry sectors in 17 regions around the globe.

China-linked APT41 group exploits Citrix, Cisco, Zoho flaws

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The group hit entities in several industries, including the gaming, healthcare, high-tech, higher education, telecommunications, and travel services industries.

FIN11 gang started deploying ransomware to monetize its operations

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Since August, FIN11 started targeting organizations in many industries, including defense, energy, finance, healthcare, legal, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, technology, and transportation.

[Podcast] How to Conduct a Proof of Concept


Also on this episode, hear from John Kain , VP of Consulting Services for Montana and Associates discussing the biggest challenges and opportunities for Intelligent Information Management in the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical industries. Reaching your Digital Transformation goals often requires the addition of new software solutions. But, shopping around for software can be a challenge.

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The Importance of EA/BP for Mergers and Acquisitions


Industry and government regulations affect businesses that work in or do business with any number of industries or in specific geographies. Industry-specific regulations in areas like healthcare, pharmaceuticals and financial services have been in place for some time.

Three APT groups have targeted at least seven COVID-19 vaccine makers

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“The targets include leading pharmaceutical companies and vaccine researchers in Canada, France, India, South Korea and the United States. At least the three nation-state actors have targeted seven COVID-19 vaccine makers, they are Strontium, Lazarus Group, and Cerium, Microsoft warns.

Hundreds of malicious Chrome browser extensions used to spy on you!

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Malicious Chrome browser extensions were used in a massive surveillance campaign aimed at users working in the financial services, oil and gas, media and entertainment, healthcare, government organizations, and pharmaceuticals.

New financially motivated attacks in Western Europe traced to Russian-speaking threat actors

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At least two companies operating in pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors have been affected. According to industry researchers, TA505 is known to have carried out attacks on banks, medical institutions retailers and other businesses in the past.

US govt agencies share details of the China-linked espionage malware Taidoor

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In May, the FBI and CISA also warned cyber attacks coordinated by Beijing and attempting to steal COVID-19 information from US health care, pharmaceutical, and research industry sectors.