Thu.Apr 02, 2020

‘War Dialing’ Tool Exposes Zoom’s Password Problems

Krebs on Security

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to force people to work from home, countless companies are now holding daily meetings using videoconferencing services from Zoom.

Morrisons Not Liable for Breach Caused by Rogue Employee

Data Breach Today

Employees' Attempt to Receive Financial Compensation Dismissed by Supreme Court Supermarket giant Morrisons is not liable for a data breach caused by a rogue employee, Britain's Supreme Court has ruled, bringing to a close the long-running case - the first in the country to have been filed by data breach victims.

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Marriott Was Hacked -- Again

Schneier on Security

Marriott announced another data breach, this one affecting 5.2 million people: At this point, we believe that the following information may have been involved, although not all of this information was present for every guest involved: Contact Details (e.g.,

Washington Governor Signs Facial Recognition Law

Data Breach Today

Privacy Advocates Criticize Measure That Microsoft Supported Washington's governor has signed a new law that regulates the use of facial recognition technology. But some privacy advocates say the measure, which was backed by Microsoft, doesn't do enough to protect individuals' rights

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in March 2020 – 832 million records breached

IT Governance

With organisations across the globe turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic, there has never been a worse time to suffer a data breach or cyber attack.

Zoom Rushes Patches for Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Data Breach Today

Researcher Found Flaws in Zoom's Teleconference Platform The day after security researcher Patrick Wardle disclosed two zero-day vulnerabilities in the macOS client version of Zoom's teleconferencing platform, the company on Thursday rushed out patches for these flaws and one other

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Coalition Offers Remote Workforce Security Tips

Data Breach Today

Andy Bates of Global Cyber Alliance on 'Work From Home, Secure Your Business' The Global Cyber Alliance is one of 13 nonprofit organizations that have banded together to offer businesses security tips for their newly remote workforces.

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Crooks use tainted Zoom apps to target users at home due to Coronavirus outbreak

Security Affairs

Crooks target Android users working from home due to the Coronavirus outbreak with a Trojanized version of the popular video messaging app Zoom.

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COVID-19 Crisis Triggers More HIPAA Policy Changes

Data Breach Today

Business Associates Cleared to Make 'Good Faith' Disclosures of PHI In the latest move to relax certain HIPAA requirements during the COVID-19 crisis, federal regulators Thursday paved the way for business associates to share protected health information for public health-related activities during the pandemic.


Microsoft issues targeted notification to hospitals vulnerable to Ransomware attacks

Security Affairs

Microsoft is sending notifications to dozens of hospitals about vulnerable VPN devices and gateways exposed online in their network. Microsoft is warning dozens of hospitals of the risks of ransomware attacks due to insecure VPN devices and gateways exposed online.

Australian Kids' Smartwatch Maker Hit By Same Bug Again

Data Breach Today

TicTocTrack Fixes Bug That Exposed Data, Allowed Tampering With Kids' Location An Australian company that sells a GPS tracking smartwatch for kids accidently exposed personal data a second time.

Hackers exploited IE and Firefox flaws in attacks on entities in China, Japan

Security Affairs

An APT group is exploiting the flaws patched earlier this year in Firefox and Internet Explorer in attacks aimed at China and Japan. An APT group is exploiting two vulnerabilities patched earlier this year in Firefox and Internet Explorer in attacks aimed at China and Japan.

DXC employees support Alzheimer Scotland


A team of DXC Technology employees based in Erskine, Scotland recently won an internal Charity Challenge award for their efforts to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer Scotland.


Vulnerability Researchers Focus on Zoom App's Security

Dark Reading

With videoconferencing's rise as an essential tool for remote work comes a downside: more security scrutiny, which has turned up a number of security weaknesses

Data Science Virtual Expert Panel Presented by AWS

Perficient Data & Analytics

Join us and our partner Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a virtual Q&A session on Wednesday, April 15.

Zoom Removes Data-Mining LinkedIn Feature


The feature, criticized for "undisclosed data-mining," is only the latest privacy faux pas for Zoom this month. Privacy Vulnerabilities Web Security Data Mining Data security disabled LinkedIn linkedin feature navigator public response removes Security issues zoom zoom data zoom security

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A partnership for growth and innovation: IBM Informix and HCL

IBM Big Data Hub

Building on a history of collaboration, in April 2017, IBM and HCL entered into a 15-year partnership that merged the best of their shared knowledge and teaming experience to accelerate the product roadmap and innovation of IBM Informix


Companies Are Failing to Deploy Key Solution for Email Security

Dark Reading

A single -- albeit complex-to-deploy -- technology could stop the most expensive form of fraud, experts say. Why aren't more companies adopting it

IT 70

Realizing the unimaginable in distance learning

Jamf on EdTech

With 48 hours notice, the faculty of the Sewanhaka Central High School District completely re-imagined education. They are teaching students from their living rooms. They are providing counseling sessions, and the essential services for special education and ELL students, entirely online.

A Hacker's Perspective on Securing VPNs As You Go Remote

Dark Reading

As organizations rush to equip and secure their newly remote workforce, it's important to keep things methodical and purposeful

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Reassuring Words and Good Intentions Don't Mean Good Security

Troy Hunt

How much can you trust the assertions made by an organisation regarding their security posture? I don't mean to question whether the statements are truthful or not, but rather whether they provide any actual assurance whatsoever.

Prioritizing High-Risk Assets: A 4-Step Approach to Mitigating Insider Threats

Dark Reading

Sound insider threat detection programs combine contextual data and a thorough knowledge of employee roles and behaviors to pinpoint the biggest risks

Risk 67

44M Digital Wallet Items Exposed in Key Ring Cloud Misconfig


Millions of IDs, charge cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, medical marijuana ID cards and personal information was left exposed to the open internet.

Cloud 87

Phishers Try 'Text Direction Deception' Technique to Bypass Email Filters

Dark Reading

With COVID-19 concerns running high, attackers are trying new tactics to get to users


[Podcast] The Universal Translator – Not Just for Star Trek Anymore


The show Star Trek always had the coolest futuristic technology. For example, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished I could tell Scotty to “Beam me up!” and be teleported back home. Another thing that really caught my eye on that show was their “universal translator.”

Bad Bots Build Presence Across the Web

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Bots that mimic human behavior are driving a growing percentage of website traffic while contributing to an avalanche of misinformation


Google Squashes High-Severity Flaws in Chrome Browser


Google is rolling out the newest Chrome browser version, 80.0.3987.162, in the coming days. Vulnerabilities Browser google Google Chrome google chrome 80.0.3987.162 high severity flaw media component patch vulnerability webAudio


New Magecart Skimmer Infects 19 Victim Websites

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MakeFrame, named for its ability to make iframes for skimming payment data, is attributed to Magecart Group 7

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Latest Issue of InfoGov World takes on COVID-19, Features Teresa Schoch, JD, Interviews Michael Quartararo of ACEDS, and more

IG Guru

Check out the latest issue here. The post Latest Issue of InfoGov World takes on COVID-19, Features Teresa Schoch, JD, Interviews Michael Quartararo of ACEDS, and more appeared first on IG GURU.

Best Practices to Manage Third-Party Cyber-Risk Today

Dark Reading

Bold new thinking is needed to solve the rapidly evolving challenge of third-party risk management

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In COVID-19 Scam Scramble, Cybercrooks Recycle Phishing Kits


Old phishing kits are being pressed into service to keep up with the unprecedented volume of new scams that exploit the pandemic.

Name That Toon: The Devil You Know?

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Feeling creative? Submit your caption in the comments, and our panel of experts will reward the winner with a $25 Amazon gift card


Power Dynamics in Threat Modeling

Adam Shostack

On Linkedin, Peter Dowdall had a very important response to my post on remote threat modeling.

Paper 52

A Day in The Life of a Pen Tester

Dark Reading

Two penetration testers share their day-to-day responsibilities, challenges they encounter, and the skills they value most on the job