30k+ Pentagon Employees Compromised in Data Breach

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The credit card data and travel records of roughly 30,000 employees of the U.S. Defense Department have been compromised in a data breach. The post 30k+ Pentagon Employees Compromised in Data Breach appeared first on Adam Levin.

Responsibility of Data Architecture in Data Governance

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The data architecture capability will supply the components and standards necessary to implement other capabilities coherently and enable them to work together. An enterprise data model provides a common, well-understood classification of data.

Data-Centric Security and Big Data

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As Cybersecurity continues to be heavily focused on solving the problem of attacks against software vulnerabilities and system access, one potential silver bullet in the data breach equation remains out of the limelight. The Big Data Conundrum. Data security

Pentagon Travel Provider Data Breach Counts 30,000 Victims

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Department of Defense Has Begun Notifying Military and Civilian Breach Victims The Pentagon is warning that a data breach at a third-party travel management service provider exposed records for an estimated 30,000 civilian and military personnel.

Facebook Clarifies Extent of Data Breach

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30 Million Affected; 14 Million Had Extensive Information Exposed Facebook now says that 20 million fewer accounts were breached than it originally believed, but the attackers accessed extensive sensitive personal information on nearly half of those affected

How to detect a data breach

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Data breaches can have serious financial consequences for organisations of all sizes. Data breaches can be difficult to identify, as many attacks are cleverly designed by cyber criminals to be furtive threats that hide and dwell within systems for long periods of time.

Pentagon Defense Department travel records data breach

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Pentagon – Defense Department travel records suffered a data breach that compromised the personal information and credit card data of U.S. The data breach could have happened some months ago and could have affected as many as 30,000 workers.

Fiserv Flaw Exposed Customer Data at Hundreds of Banks

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“I shouldn’t be able to see this data,” Hermansen said. Data Breaches The Coming Storm Aite Group Allen Weinberg fiserv Glenbrook Partners Julie Conroy Kristian Erik Hermansen secureinternetbank.comFiserv, Inc.,

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Misconfigured Server Exposes Patient Data

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Security Researcher Discovers Apparent Breach at Medical Practice A medical practice's misconfigured database server that allegedly exposed information about thousands of patients plus staff serves as another reminder about the importance of safeguarding sensitive data from exposure on the internet

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FreshMenu Hid Data Breach Affecting 110,000 Users

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CEO Took Two Years to Acknowledge Incident FreshMenu, a food delivery provider based in India, has come under social media attack for keeping under wraps a data breach two years ago that exposed the personal information of over 110,000 users

Establishing Authoritative Sources in Data Governance

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Establishing an authoritative sources capability confirms the enterprise approved source for data ownership, including both origination and distribution. Data will need to be classified in an agreed-upon enterprise data model.

GDPR Effect: Data Protection Complaints Spike

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Individuals Report Organizations for Allegedly Failing to Secure Personal Data Three months after the EU's General Data Protection Regulation went into full effect, the U.K.'s

GDPR 149

T-Mobile Database Breach Exposes 2 Million Customers' Data

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Attacker Wants to Sell Stolen Data, Security Researcher Warns T-Mobile has suffered a breach that may have exposed personal data for 2.3 million of its 77 million customers, and one security researcher says the hacker appears to be keen to sell the stolen data

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Bupa Fined $228,000 After Stolen Data Surfaces on Dark Web

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s data protection regulator has fined Bupa Insurance Services £175,000 ($228,000) for failing to stop an employee from stealing 547,000 customer records, which were later offered for sale on the dark web. Health Insurer Slammed by Regulator for Failing to Detect Bulk Theft of Records The U.K.'s

The role of the data curator: Make data scientists more productive

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Data Scientist Data Analyst Chief Data OfficerIn 2018 we will increasingly see this job created in order to bridge the worlds of business and IT for the better use of analytics.

The Battle for Data Integrity

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Microsoft's Diana Kelley on How to Ensure Your Data's Reliability Stolen data is one thing - the consequences are obvious. But what if data is not stolen or leaked, but rather altered?

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Allure Security: Protecting Data

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CEO Mark Jaffe on How to Protect What the Adversaries Really Want Mark Jaffe is less concerned about how adversaries breach networks, but more concerned about how to secure their actual target - critical data. His startup company, Allure Security, intends to help secure that data

Librarian Sues Equifax Over 2017 Data Breach, Wins $600

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In the days following revelations last September that big-three consumer credit bureau Equifax had been hacked and relieved of personal data on nearly 150 million people , many Americans no doubt felt resigned and powerless to control their information.

MikroTik Routers Targeted in Data Eavesdropping Scheme

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Researchers: Attackers Continue to Meddle With Hundreds of Thousands of MikroTik Routers Unknown attackers are intercepting every piece of data handled by more than 7,500 routers made by MikroTik, while also using another 239,000 compromised routers to serve as proxies, researchers say.

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Another Fitness App Exposes Users' Data

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Independent Researcher Finds PumpUp Data Was Accessible on Unsecured Amazon Server For at least the third time in recent months, a mobile fitness app maker apparently has exposed consumers' sensitive personal information. The latest app to expose data: PumpUp

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Integrate Your Data using Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud

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Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud (DIPC). DIPC is a unified, powerful, data-driven data integration platform on cloud which can accept data in any format from any source system either on premise or on cloud and process that data as per organization needs.

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Using Machine Data Analysis to Detect Fraud

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Jade Catalano of Splunk Discusses Early Detection Methods Connecting the dots between disparate forms of machine data can prove to be valuable in discovering fraud patterns, says Jade Catalano of Splunk, who explains how

The global expansion of master data management

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MDM Data governance Data miningOrganizations can integrate various information types into a single MDM platform by leveraging emerging options for schema and taxonomies, producing virtually limitless competitive advantage.

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Facebook Data Breach Update: attackers accessed data of 29 Million users

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Facebook data breach – The company p rovided an updated for the data breach it disclosed at the end of September, hackers accessed personal data of 29 million users. Security Affairs – Facebook data breach, hacking ).

Getting Started With Data Governance

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Data governance doesn’t start in a vacuum; it requires plenty of advance thinking, preparation, and strategy. As such, successful data governance must begin with a foundation built on data principles and a well-thought-out data strategy.

3 ways a data breach can occur

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We’ve talked a lot recently about the financial effects of data breaches and how you should respond to incidents , but that still leaves the question of how data breaches occur. Take the quiz >> The post 3 ways a data breach can occur appeared first on IT Governance Blog.

Perth Mint Says 3,200 Customers Affected By Data Breach

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Leaked Data Includes Passport Numbers, Addresses, Bank Account Details If you're going to hack, why not go for the gold?

PageUp Breach: Personal Data Exposed

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HR Software Provider Says Names, Addresses, Emails and Phone Numbers Exposed PageUp, an HR software developer based in Australia, is warning that malware-wielding attackers may have accessed a raft of personal data stored in the company's systems.

Connecting the Dots With Machine Data

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Matthew Joseff of Splunk on Fighting Fraud With Better Data Machine data and machine learning have the potential to connect disparate data sources, enabling better fraud detection and prevention, says Matthew Joseff of Splunk, who highlights real-world examples of fighting fraud with better data

Twitter Sold Data to Cambridge University Psychologist

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Same Researcher, Aleksandr Kogan, Sold Facebook Data to Cambridge Analytica Twitter is now caught up in the Cambridge Analytica scandal: The social network sold public Twitter data to Aleksandr Kogan, the same person who sold Facebook data to Cambridge Analytica.

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Health Data Breach Tally Shows Mistakes That Lead to Trouble

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Organizations Need to Avoid Mishaps That Can Make Matters Worse Recent additions to the federal health data breach tally shine a light on the mistakes that contribute to breaches - and in some cases, make situations far worse

Google Forced to Reveal Exposure of Private Data

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Consumer Google+ Set For Shutdown; Google Hid the Data-Exposing Bug Google blames a bug in an API for its Google+ social networking service for exposing personal details for about 500,000 users' accounts, but says it doesn't believe the information was misused.

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Under GDPR, Data Breach Reports in UK Have Quadrupled

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Privacy Regulator Sees 1,750 Breach Reports in June, Up From 400 in April Under the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, within 72 hours of an organization learning about the data breach, it must report the breach to relevant authorities or face fines.

Will you survive a data breach?

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advent of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) ?at Data breaches are becoming more common and severe, yet many organisations still assume they will never suffer one. Since you began reading this, 2,916 data records have been lost or stolen worldwide. .

Data contextualization continues to evolve in 2018

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It’s vital that in addition to data connectivity, organizations also provide proper context—so users get the right information, right when they need it. Big data Data management Data mining Data discovery

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Heathrow Airport fined £120,000 for data breach

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The ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) has fined Heathrow Airport £120,000 for failing to secure sensitive personal data after a member of public found an unencrypted USB stick containing data about the airport’s staff. How did the data breach occur?

Making business needs drive the data ownership model

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One of the fundamental contributions to governance is the alignment between the data rules and the business direction. Data ownership Data management Data strategy

Data Classification for the Masses

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GDPR 134

Two thirds of organisations unlikely to survive a data breach

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Two thirds of UK organisations are uninsured against the financial impact of a data breach, a survey has revealed. Data breaches are becoming more severe, yet many organisations still assume they will never suffer one.

An Assessment of Google's Data Leak

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An in-depth report on the exposure of personal details for 500,00 Google+ accounts leads the latest edition of the ISMG Security Report. Also featured: an update on mitigating the risk of business email compromises and tips for protecting critical infrastructure

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Timehop Reveals Additional Data Compromised by Hacker

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Puzzling Health Dept. Privacy Incident Exposes HIV Data

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Thousands of Individuals' Data Was Allegedly Accessible to All Agency Workers An incident involving an unsecured database containing information about thousands of HIV/AIDS patients in Tennessee is shining a spotlight on privacy risks involving sensitive health data

Achieving the right balance of data privacy and IT security

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Organizations often experience a struggle to balance security practices against data protection, especially when considering the rights of data subjects. Data privacy Data security Customer data