Hepatitis Patients' Data Exposed

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Report: Philadelphia Department of Public Health Exposed Data on Website The Philadelphia Department of Public Health inadvertently exposed on its website the records of thousands of hepatitis patients, according to a local news report.

Capital One Data Theft Impacts 106M People

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Federal prosecutors this week charged a Seattle woman with stealing data from more than 100 million credit applications made with Capital One Financial Corp. Thompson on suspicion of downloading nearly 30 GB of Capital One credit application data from a rented cloud data server.

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Ransomware Bites Dental Data Backup Firm

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PerCSoft , a Wisconsin-based company that manages a remote data backup service relied upon by hundreds of dental offices across the country, is struggling to restore access to client systems after falling victim to a ransomware attack.

Benefits of Data Vault Automation


The benefits of Data Vault automation from the more abstract – like improving data integrity – to the tangible – such as clearly identifiable savings in cost and time. So Seriously … You Should Automate Your Data Vault.

Embedded BI and Analytics: Best Practices to Monetize Your Data

Speaker: Azmat Tanauli, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Birst

How Not to Acknowledge a Data Breach

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But occasionally I feel obligated to publish such accounts when companies respond to a breach report in such a way that it’s crystal clear they wouldn’t know what to do with a data breach if it bit them in the nose, let alone festered unmolested in some dark corner of their operations.

Data from Sephora and StreetEasy data breaches added to HIBP

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The popular data breach notification service Have I Been Pwned? HIBP) has added the stolen data from the StreetEasy and Sephora data incidents. Users can check if their data have been exposed in the StreetEasy and Sephora data breaches.

Data Breaches in Healthcare Affect More Than Patient Data

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Blue Cross of Idaho and Palmetto Health Report Financial, Payroll Breaches Two recent data breaches at organizations in the healthcare sector illustrate that systems beyond those directly related to patient care can be at risk

Health Data Breach Tally: Ransomware Proliferates

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Here's An Update on Additions to the 'Wall of Shame' Ransomware attacks are among the largest incidents added to the federal tally of major health data breaches in recent weeks.

Driving Data

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Could you add more value to that data if you could compare it to the now and see how you are trending? Is your company data like an isolated driver in traffic? You have the data, we’ll help you to reach your desintation. Stuck In Rush Hour.

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Top 10 industries for monetizing data: Is yours one of them?

Data leak exposes sensitive data of all Ecuador ‘citizens

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Experts discovered a huge data leak affecting Ecuador, maybe the largest full-country leak, that exposed data belonging to 20 million Ecuadorian Citizens. “ vpnMentor’s research team has found a large data breach that may impact millions of individuals in Ecuador.

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Toyota Reveals a Second Data Breach

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Hackers Targeted Servers Storing Data on 3.1 has reported its second data breach in the past five weeks. The latest incident, revealed Friday, may have exposed data on as many as 3.1 Million Customers Toyota Motor Corp.

8 Takeaways: European Data Protection Summit

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As GDPR Celebrates Its First Birthday, Privacy Experts Meet in London to Review One year after the EU's General Data Protection Regulation went into full effect, data protection experts gathered at the European Data Protection Summit in London to review the state of privacy - not just in the U.K.

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DoorDash Data Breach exposes data of approximately 5 million users

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DoorDash is a San Francisco–based on-demand food delivery service, the company confirmed it has suffered a data breach that exposed roughly 5 million users. DoorDash announced a data breach that exposed the personal information of 4.9

Privacy without borders: Reality or Fantasy?

DoorDash Data Breach Impacts Personal Data of Almost 5M Users


Breach Hacks data breach Data Privacy Data security doordash personal information Security third party providerAccessed information includes delivery addresses, license numbers, names, phone numbers and more.

Leveraging Data Classification to Enable GDPR/CCDP Data Subject Requests


Regulatory requirements are driving organizations to clearly define processes to manage personal data requests from data subjects [1], which in turn requires clear data classification and disposition controls in the environment.


Using Strategic Data Governance to Manage GDPR/CCPA Complexity


In light of recent, high-profile data breaches, it’s past-time we re-examined strategic data governance and its role in managing regulatory requirements. for alleged violations of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Strengthen data security.


SEC Investigating Data Leak at First American Financial Corp.

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Shoval said he recently received a letter from the SEC’s enforcement division which stated the agency was investigating the data exposure to determine if First American had violated federal securities laws. Data Breaches The Coming Storm Ben Shoval First American Financial Corp.

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Facebook's Leaky Data Bucket: App Stored User Data Online

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Android App Left User Data Open Without Authentication or TLS/SSL A security consultancy discovered Facebook user data exposed in two different places online without authentication or encryption. The data is now offline.

HIV Data Exposed Online

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The incident illustrates the importance of safeguarding sensitive health data, such as by implementing behavioral analytics

Under GDPR, UK Data Breach Reports Quadruple

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After Privacy Law Went Into Full Effect, Data Security Complaints Doubled One year after Europe's tough new GDPR privacy law went into full effect last May, authorities in Britain have seen the number of annual data breach notifications more than quadruple.

Prosecutors Probe Facebook's Data Deals

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New York Grand Jury Subpoenas Records in Criminal Probe - Report Facebook's data deals continue to be probed.

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Report: SEC Investigates First American Data Exposure

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Title and Settlement Company Exposed Hundreds of Millions of Data Records The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating the exposure of personal and mortgage-related records from First American Financial Corp., according to Brian Krebs. First American spent $1.7

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Airbus data breach exposes some employees’data

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The European airplane manufacturer Airbus announced to have suffered a data breach that exposed some employees’ data. and to mitigate the potential impact of the data breach. SecurityAffairs – hacking, data breach).

Business Process Can Make or Break Data Governance


Data governance isn’t a one-off project with a defined endpoint. Data governance, today, comes back to the ability to understand critical enterprise data within a business context, track its physical existence and lineage, and maximize its value while ensuring quality and security.

Marriott: Data on 500 Million Guests Stolen in 4-Year Breach

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Hospitality giant Marriott today disclosed a massive data breach exposing the personal and financial information on as many as a half billion customers who made reservations at any of its Starwood properties over the past four years. Data Breaches Marriott Data breach Starwood breach

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Equifax's Data Breach Costs Hit $1.4 Billion

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Massive 2017 Breach Continues to Bite the Credit Reporting Giant's Bottom Line Equifax has reported a loss in its latest quarter due to ongoing incident response, legal, investigative and corporate information security overhaul costs resulting from its 2017 data breach.

Capital One Data Breach Spurs More Lawsuits

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GitHub Also Sued for Allegedly Not Removing Data Related to Intrusion More lawsuits have been filed in the wake of the Capital One breach that exposed the data of more than 100 million individuals.

Senator Demands Answers About Exposed Medical Imaging Data

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TridentUSA Allegedly Exposed Data on More than 1 Million Patients Sen. is demanding answers from TridentUSA Health Services about its data security practices following the recent discovery that it exposed more than 1 million patient files on the internet due to an unsecured server

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Tech Data Says It Has Closed Off StreamOne Data Exposure

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Researchers Say Logging Server Left Online Without Authentication Tech Data says it has disabled a logging server used for its StreamOne cloud services marketplace after a data exposure. Tech Data differs with researchers over the sensitivity over what was exposed, but the logging server is offline now

NAB Apologizes After Breach of Personal Data

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Australian Bank Says Customer Data Sent to Two Service Providers National Australia Bank says it is contacting 13,000 customers after personal account data was uploaded without authorization to two data service providers.

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Imperva data Breach: WAF customers’ data exposed

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Security firm Imperva revealed it has suffered a data breach that affecting some customers of its Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF) product. Cybersecurity firm Imperva disclosed a data breach that has exposed sensitive information for some customers of its Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF) product, formerly known as Incapsula. “We want to be very clear that this data exposure is limited to our Cloud WAF product.” SecurityAffairs – Imperva, data breach).

USPS Site Exposed Data on 60 Million Users

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Many of the API’s features accepted “wildcard” search parameters, meaning they could be made to return all records for a given data set without the need to search for specific terms.

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Data Breach Notification: California Targets 'Loopholes'

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Data Strategy at Strata Data Conf New York

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It’s no secret that data is a massive asset when it comes to making better business decisions. But gaining the valuable insights required to make those decisions requires quality data that you can trust. And to accomplish this you need a data strategy.