How Not to Acknowledge a Data Breach

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But occasionally I feel obligated to publish such accounts when companies respond to a breach report in such a way that it’s crystal clear they wouldn’t know what to do with a data breach if it bit them in the nose, let alone festered unmolested in some dark corner of their operations.

8 Takeaways: European Data Protection Summit

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As GDPR Celebrates Its First Birthday, Privacy Experts Meet in London to Review One year after the EU's General Data Protection Regulation went into full effect, data protection experts gathered at the European Data Protection Summit in London to review the state of privacy - not just in the U.K.

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Data Breaches in Healthcare Affect More Than Patient Data

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Blue Cross of Idaho and Palmetto Health Report Financial, Payroll Breaches Two recent data breaches at organizations in the healthcare sector illustrate that systems beyond those directly related to patient care can be at risk

Troy Hunt: Why Data Breaches Persist

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More Data, Use of the Cloud and IoT Presage Even More Big, Bad Breaches Bad news for anyone who might have hoped that the data breach problem was getting better.

Top 10 industries for monetizing data: Is yours one of them?

Under GDPR, UK Data Breach Reports Quadruple

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After Privacy Law Went Into Full Effect, Data Security Complaints Doubled One year after Europe's tough new GDPR privacy law went into full effect last May, authorities in Britain have seen the number of annual data breach notifications more than quadruple.

Millions of data workers face inefficiencies as data complexity grows

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Approximately 54 million data workers around the world face common challenges associated with the complexity, diversity and scale of their organizations’ data, and nearly half of their work time is wasted, says a new study. Analytics Data management Data strategy

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Toyota Reveals a Second Data Breach

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Hackers Targeted Servers Storing Data on 3.1 has reported its second data breach in the past five weeks. The latest incident, revealed Friday, may have exposed data on as many as 3.1 Million Customers Toyota Motor Corp.

Leveraging Data Classification to Enable GDPR/CCDP Data Subject Requests


Regulatory requirements are driving organizations to clearly define processes to manage personal data requests from data subjects [1], which in turn requires clear data classification and disposition controls in the environment.


Democratizing Data and the Rise of the Citizen Analyst


Data innovation is flourishing, driven by the confluence of exploding data production, a lowered barrier to entry for big data, as well as advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, siloing data can be just as costly.

Embedded BI and Analytics: Best Practices to Monetize Your Data

Speaker: Azmat Tanauli, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Birst

Keeping Up with New Data Protection Regulations


Keeping up with new data protection regulations can be difficult, and the latest – the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – isn’t the only new data protection regulation organizations should be aware of. New Data Protection Regulations – Always Be Prepared.

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Equifax's Data Breach Costs Hit $1.4 Billion

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Massive 2017 Breach Continues to Bite the Credit Reporting Giant's Bottom Line Equifax has reported a loss in its latest quarter due to ongoing incident response, legal, investigative and corporate information security overhaul costs resulting from its 2017 data breach.

Facebook's Leaky Data Bucket: App Stored User Data Online

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Android App Left User Data Open Without Authentication or TLS/SSL A security consultancy discovered Facebook user data exposed in two different places online without authentication or encryption. The data is now offline.

Prosecutors Probe Facebook's Data Deals

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New York Grand Jury Subpoenas Records in Criminal Probe - Report Facebook's data deals continue to be probed.

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21 top data preparation tools

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Data quality Data management Data types

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Marriott: Data on 500 Million Guests Stolen in 4-Year Breach

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Hospitality giant Marriott today disclosed a massive data breach exposing the personal and financial information on as many as a half billion customers who made reservations at any of its Starwood properties over the past four years. Data Breaches Marriott Data breach Starwood breach

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7 top data management platforms

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Data management Data strategy Data discoveryAdobe, Salesforce, Nielsen and Neustar are among the top providers of DMP software, according to a new Wave Report from Forrester Research.

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HIV Data Exposed Online

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The incident illustrates the importance of safeguarding sensitive health data, such as by implementing behavioral analytics

Data: E-Retail Hacks More Lucrative Than Ever

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For many years and until quite recently, credit card data stolen from online merchants has been worth far less in the cybercrime underground than cards pilfered from hacked brick-and-mortar stores.

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Is Your Data Safe in the Cloud?

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As organizations move more of their sensitive data to cloud platforms for the efficiency, flexibility and scalability that it promises, security and control continue to be a significant obstacle to this adoption. The post Is Your Data Safe in the Cloud? Data security

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GDPR-like Requirements Going Global? Update on Data Privacy Laws in Thailand and Malaysia


Joining what seems like a global effort to legislate corporate protection of data, the governments of Thailand and Malaysia are addressing data privacy laws in their own way. Taking some cues from the EU’s GDPR , new parameters are being set for the handling of sensitive data.

The Chief Data Officer: A Key Advocate for Information Governance


The role of Chief Data Officer (CDO) is becoming more prevalent in many organizations as their strategic goals evolve to meet the challenges of the fast-growing, data-centered economy. An Advocate for Data Quality and Policy.

GDPR: Europe Counts 65,000 Data Breach Notifications So Far

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$63 Million in Fines Imposed Since Privacy Law Went Into Full Effect European privacy authorities have received nearly 65,000 data breach notifications since the EU's General Data Protection Regulation went into full effect in May 2018.

Data Breach Notification: California Targets 'Loopholes'

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Database May Have Exposed Instagram Personal Data

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Email Addresses, Phone Numbers for 49 Million People Potentially Exposed There's been a potential leak of personally identifiable information from Instagram, but it's not clear yet whether the data on 49 million users came directly from the social media company.

DHS Reportedly Warns of Chinese-Made Drones Stealing Data

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Drones May Be Sending Data Back to China, According to News Reports The Department of Homeland Security is warning that Chinese-made drones could be sending sensitive data back to their manufacturers, where it can be accessed by the government, according to news reports

GDPR: Data Breach Notification 101

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Brian Honan of BH Consulting on When to Notify - or Not Since the EU's new GDPR privacy law came into effect in May 2018, one challenge for organizations that suffer a breach is knowing whether or not they must report it to authorities, says Brian Honan, president and CEO of BH Consulting in Dublin

Empower Employees While Preventing Insider Data Breaches

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USPS Site Exposed Data on 60 Million Users

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Many of the API’s features accepted “wildcard” search parameters, meaning they could be made to return all records for a given data set without the need to search for specific terms.

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How to Build a Winning Data Platform

Perficient Data & Analytics

Recently, at Informatica World 2019, I heard the importance of data platform in building AI capabilities for the organization. However, to get there, you need the basics of data platform foundation. Data Platform Path. Don’t overthink quality of data at this point.

Jared, Kay Jewelers Parent Fixes Data Leak

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” Concerned that his own information was similarly exposed, Sheehy contacted Jared parent company Signet Jewelers and asked them to fix the data exposure. But Lancaster said Signet neglected to remedy the data exposure for all past orders until contacted by KrebsOnSecurity.

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Does the Colorado Data Privacy Law Affect You?


When a strengthened Colorado data privacy law took effect on September 1, 2018, the state joined others (including California and Massachusetts) in becoming more proactive on data protection by passing laws aimed at safeguarding consumer data.

Data Mapping Tools: What Are the Key Differentiators


The need for data mapping tools in light of increasing volumes and varieties of data – as well as the velocity at which it must be processed – is growing. Data mapping tools have always been a key asset for any organization looking to leverage data for insights.

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Data Integrations


Data Feeds and Niche Markets As the holidays are in full swing in the US, real-time data and tracking are a constant need to respond to the demands of the consumer markets. Business Intelligence Data collection data harvesting data integration

Data Governance Stock Check: Using Data Governance to Take Stock of Your Data Assets


GDPR) and to ensure peak business performance, organizations often bring consultants on board to help take stock of their data assets. This sort of data governance “stock check” is important but can be arduous without the right approach and technology. For regulatory compliance (e.g.,

Airbus data breach exposes some employees’data

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The European airplane manufacturer Airbus announced to have suffered a data breach that exposed some employees’ data. and to mitigate the potential impact of the data breach. SecurityAffairs – hacking, data breach).

Data-Driven Enterprise Architecture: Why Enterprise Architects Need to Look at Data First


It’s time to consider data-driven enterprise architecture. The traditional approach to enterprise architecture – the analysis, design, planning and implementation of IT capabilities for the successful execution of enterprise strategy – seems to be missing something … data.

Health Data Hacking Incident Affects 400,000

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Columbia Surgical Specialists of Spokane Reports Breach Columbia Surgical Specialists of Spokane has reported a breach impacting 400,000 individuals, the largest added to the federal health data breach tally so far in 2019.

Is It Time for a Federal U.S. Data Protection Law?


The Case for a Federal Data Protection Law. Now, depending on your location and industry, you may have to navigate the requirements of GDPR , other countries’ data protection laws and U.S. Some may not want to limit access to data for that reason.

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