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What Is Data Preservation? A Guide To Creating a Defensible Data Preservation Plan


We define preservation, covering what, why, and when parties must preserve ESI for discovery — and the sanctions for spoliation if they don’t.

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Data Preservation: Don’t Treat Discovery Like It’s 1999

IG Guru

Two recent decisions highlight the importance of preserving relevant data, including text messages, as soon as litigation is anticipated. The post Data Preservation: Don’t Treat Discovery Like It’s 1999 appeared first on IG GURU. In both cases, courts imposed harsh sanctions […].


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Now You See Them, Now You Don’t: Regulatory Risks of Ephemeral Messages

Data Matters

However, the prevalence of these messaging applications in the corporate context has caused regulators to grow concerned about how encrypted and ephemeral messaging might affect regulatory obligations related to data preservation, employee monitoring, and compliance.

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Considerations for Social Media and Web Site Captures

eDiscovery Law

However, capturing screenshots of such content as a means of data preservation for subsequent production in those legal matters may lead to issues […].

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Maintaining Data Security Through Slack Legal Hold: Minimizing Risks and Costs

Hanzo Learning Center

Managing data preservation for ediscovery requires walking on a knife’s edge. As soon as you can reasonably anticipate a litigation matter, you must rapidly identify and preserve any relevant data.

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U.S. Senators Introduce Bipartisan Bill on Reporting Critical Infrastructure Cyber Incidents and Ransomware Payments

Hunton Privacy

All entities subject to these requirements would face data preservation obligations. The Director of the CISA, in consultation with the heads of other federal agencies, would be charged with promulgating rules to implement these reporting and data preservation requirements.

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Defining the Scope of Preservation


In Part 3 of our series on data preservation best practices, we continue our discussion. The post Defining the Scope of Preservation appeared first on Zapproved. Our goal for Elevate Ediscovery remains providing practical guidance and actionable tips for in-house ediscovery professionals on an array of ediscovery topics.