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Use cases of secure IoT deployment

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Use cases of secure IoT deployment. In our previous blog post , we discussed the challenges for securing IoT deployments, and how businesses and consumers benefit from authenticating and validating IoT software and firmware updates. Use case 3: Smart meter manufacturer.

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Supply Chain Security 101: An Expert’s View

Krebs on Security

alongside Tony Sager , senior vice president and chief evangelist at the Center for Internet Security and a former bug hunter at the U.S. National Security Agency. We talked at length about many issues, including supply chain security, and I asked Sager whether he’d heard anything about rumors that Supermicro — a high tech firm in San Jose, Calif. Tony Sager, senior vice president and chief evangelist at the Center for Internet Security.


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Guest Blog: TalkingTrust. What’s driving the security of IoT?

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What’s driving the security of IoT? The Urgency for Security in a Connected World. There are so many reasons why manufacturers connect their products to the Internet, whether it’s industrial machines, medical devices, consumer goods or even cars. Device Security is Hard.

Understanding IoT Security Challenges – An Interview with an Industry Expert

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It is no secret that security plays a very important part in the successful deployment and management of this technology, and its applications are set to transform the way we live and do business. What is the biggest security challenge facing the growing IoT? For Secure IoT, all connected devices and services must have trusted identities. How is Nexus involved in ensuring a more secure credentialing and enrollment process? Data security

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US DoJ indicts Chinese hackers over state-sponsored cyber espionage

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aka Baobeilong, aka Zhang Jianguo, aka Atreexp, both nationals of the People’s Republic of China (China), with conspiracy to commit computer intrusions, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, and aggravated identity theft was announced today. “Zhu and Zhang were members of a hacking group operating in China known within the cyber security community as Advanced Persistent Threat 10 (the APT10 Group).”

European Commission proposes reinforcement of EU Cybersecurity rules

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On 16 December 2020, the European Commission adopted a proposal for a Directive on measures for a high common level of cybersecurity across the Union (“NIS II Directive”) that revises the current Directive on Security of Network and Information Systems (“NIS Directive”).

Supply Chain Security is the Whole Enchilada, But Who’s Willing to Pay for It?

Krebs on Security

From time to time, there emerge cybersecurity stories of such potential impact that they have the effect of making all other security concerns seem minuscule and trifling by comparison. based tech firm to secretly embed tiny computer chips into electronic devices purchased and used by almost 30 different companies. It also dominates the $1 billion market for boards used in special-purpose computers, from MRI machines to weapons systems.

Part 1: OMG! Not another digital transformation article! Is it about understanding the business drivers?

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This means imaging the “art of the possible” for a new future using a cloud computing model to deliver transformative change. Cloud-First. Cloud-first is about cloud enablement. Consequently, CS are inextricably linked to a cloud-first strategy. Abstract.

The Hacker Mind Podcast: Car Hacking 0x05


That’s perhaps because of a dedicated group of hackers who are working to improve automotive security. The point here is that we aren't used to thinking about our cars as computing devices, and yet they are if common thieves are using laptops and mobile devices to gain access to them.

Broadcast or communicate? | ZDNet

Collaboration 2.0

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