Candiru: Another Cyberweapons Arms Manufacturer

Schneier on Security

Reportedly, their spyware can infect and monitor iPhones, Androids, Macs, PCs, and cloud accounts. We’re not going to be able to secure the Internet until we deal with the companies that engage in the international cyber-arms trade.

Manufacturing’s Cloud Migration Opens Door to Major Cyber-Risk


New research shows that while all sectors are at risk, 70 percent of manufacturing apps have vulnerabilities. Cloud Security Critical Infrastructure Mobile Security Vulnerabilities Web Security


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Welcome to the era of the industrial cloud

OpenText Information Management

The industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is having a profound effect on how manufacturing organizations share information. Industries Automotive & Manufacturing cloud IoT Industrial Internet of Things

Cloud 94

Digital Transformation in a Global Manufacture Organization

Perficient Data & Analytics

In each industry and even the whole economics system, digitization and intelligentization have become buzz-words, and it will help the manufacture industry upgrade its production, management and efficiency to the next level. With strong Consulting and system integration capability, Perficient has played an important role in boosting the digital transformation for China manufacturing clients. All of the data acquisition SHOULD be agreed by the manufacture’s clients.

How the Cloud Ensures Business Continuity


Transferring operations to the cloud has ensured it’s been ‘business as usual’ for many companies during the recent crisis. Being cloud-enabled has allowed firms to continue to collaborate across different geographical parameters and time zones. What is cloud computing?

Cloud 97

FTC Settles with Router Manufacturer over Software Security Flaws

Hunton Privacy

On February 23, 2016, the Federal Trade Commission announced that it reached a settlement with Taiwanese-based network hardware manufacturer ASUSTeK Computer, Inc. ASUS”), to resolve claims that the company engaged in unfair and deceptive security practices in connection with developing network routers and cloud storage products sold to consumers in the U.S.

Apple Security Under Scrutiny Amid Fallout from NSO Spyware Scandal

eSecurity Planet

Top public cloud provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) disabled all accounts linked to the Israeli company. Apple, which for years has loudly touted the security of its iPhones, is coming under pressure to work more closely with other device makers to push back against technology like Pegasus.

Maruti Suzuki Investor Data Exposed

Data Breach Today

Researcher Discovered Misconfigured Microsoft Azure Blog Cloud Server A misconfigured Microsoft Azure Blob cloud storage server used by Maruti Suzuki, an automobile manufacturer in India, exposed investors' personal and financial data online, according to a security researcher

IoT Unravelled Part 3: Security

Troy Hunt

Now for the big challenge - security. The "s" in IoT is for Security Ok, so the joke is a stupid oldie, but a hard truth lies within it: there have been some shocking instances of security lapses in IoT devices. IoT Security

IoT 111

How your staff make security decisions: The psychology of information security

IT Governance

Your employees encounter potential cyber security threats on a daily basis. Perhaps there’s a new face in the office that they don’t recognise, or a new password they need to remember, or a database of sensitive information that they need to upload onto the Cloud.

Why we’re awarding innovation and experimentation


Analytics Applications Asia Australia and New Zealand Automotive Banking & Capital Markets Business Processes Cloud Consulting DevOps Digital Transformation Energy Healthcare Insurance IoT Leadership and Success Manufacturing Mobility Partners Platform Security Travel, Transportation & Hospitality Workplace Awards digital digital transformation recognition transformationBusiness is changing fast.

Key Developments in IoT Security

Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing

Key Developments in IoT Security. The rush to market for consumers to enjoy the modern conveniences offered by these devices shocked the security community. Security experts were concerned that these devices were built with no security in mind. Data security.

IoT 72

Agile BI & Analytics is the Need of the Hour – Drive insights during Pandemic Uncertainty

Perficient Data & Analytics

Secure Framework for PII or Highly confidential data. Analytics and Insights Layer ( Leverage the Existing BI Platform or Standing up a new one on the Cloud for Agility).

IoT Devices a Huge Risk to Enterprises

eSecurity Planet

According to a pair of recent reports from cloud security vendor Zscaler, cybercriminals picked up on this, with the result being a significant surge in malware attacks against these devices. IoT device security has also been the target of a broad federal effort in recent months.

IoT 87

Use cases of secure IoT deployment

Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing

Use cases of secure IoT deployment. In our previous blog post , we discussed the challenges for securing IoT deployments, and how businesses and consumers benefit from authenticating and validating IoT software and firmware updates. Use case 3: Smart meter manufacturer.

IoT 68

Russia’s SolarWinds Attack and Software Security

Schneier on Security

And a massive security failure on the part of the United States is also to blame. Our insecure Internet infrastructure has become a critical national security risk­ — one that we need to take seriously and spend money to reduce. Software is now critical to national security.

Episode 215-1: Jeremy O’Sullivan of Kytch On The Tech Serving McDonald’s Ice Cream Monopoly

The Security Ledger

Jeremy O’Sullivan, co-founder of the IoT analytics company, Kytch brings us the cautionary tale of his company’s travails with the commercial ice cream machine manufacturer, Taylor, whose equipment is used by the likes of Burger King and McDonalds.

Hacking Hardware Security Modules

Schneier on Security

Security researchers Gabriel Campana and Jean-Baptiste Bédrune are giving a hardware security module (HSM) talk at BlackHat in August: This highly technical presentation targets an HSM manufactured by a vendor whose solutions are usually found in major banks and large cloud service providers.

Supply Chain Security 101: An Expert’s View

Krebs on Security

alongside Tony Sager , senior vice president and chief evangelist at the Center for Internet Security and a former bug hunter at the U.S. National Security Agency. We talked at length about many issues, including supply chain security, and I asked Sager whether he’d heard anything about rumors that Supermicro — a high tech firm in San Jose, Calif. Tony Sager, senior vice president and chief evangelist at the Center for Internet Security.

NEW TECH: Semperis introduces tools to improve security resiliency of Windows Active Directory

The Last Watchdog

NotPetya wrought $10 billion in damages , according to Tom Bossert a senior Department of Homeland Security official at the time. For instance, a scan might turn up a configuration setting that ought to be changed to boost security.

Security Affairs newsletter Round 265

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Every week the best security articles from Security Affairs free for you in your email box. The post Security Affairs newsletter Round 265 appeared first on Security Affairs. A new round of the weekly SecurityAffairs newsletter arrived!

Millions of Xiongmai video surveillance devices can be easily hacked via cloud feature

Security Affairs

Millions of Xiongmai video surveillance devices can be easily hacked via cloud feature, a gift for APT groups and cyber crime syndicates. Security experts from security firm SEC Consult have identified over 100 companies that buy and re-brand video surveillance equipment (surveillance cameras, digital video recorders (DVRs), and network video recorders (NVRs)) manufactured by the Chinese firm Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology Co.,

Guest Blog: TalkingTrust. What’s driving the security of IoT?

Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing

What’s driving the security of IoT? The Urgency for Security in a Connected World. There are so many reasons why manufacturers connect their products to the Internet, whether it’s industrial machines, medical devices, consumer goods or even cars. Device Security is Hard.

The IoT Cybersecurity Act of 2020: Implications for Devices

eSecurity Planet

As more information about IoT device vulnerabilities is published, the pressure on industry and government authorities to enhance security standards might be reaching a tipping point. While it’s a progressive step for the network security of the U.S. Government-Grade Security.

IoT 94

Kali Project Encryption and Isolation Using Vagrant and BitLocker

Perficient Data & Analytics

For more information, or for help assessing the security of your web applications, just contact us at Perficient. Imagine that you work on different engagements or projects in which Kali Linux is one of your primary tools. Furthermore, maybe you also have the need to keep the data for each of those projects isolated from the others – in other words, you need to avoid cross-contamination between your projects.

Consumer Reports Reviews Wireless Home-Security Cameras

Schneier on Security

Consumer Reports is starting to evaluate the security of IoT devices. As part of that, it's reviewing wireless home-security cameras. It found significant security vulnerabilities in D-Link cameras: In contrast, D-Link doesn't store video from the DCS-2630L in the cloud. Those are both secure methods of accessing the video. This is the sort of sustained pressure we need on IoT device manufacturers.

Common Ingestion Framework

Perficient Data & Analytics

May it be healthcare, retail, finance or manufacturing, everyone is at different stages in their journey to create their industry-grade, enterprise-ready Data Lake repository. Architecting and implementing big data pipelines to ingest structured & unstructured data of constantly changing volumes, velocities and varieties from several different data sources and organizing everything together in a secure, robust and intelligent data lake is an art more than science.

5 IoT Security Predictions for 2019

Security Affairs

2018 was the year of the Internet of Things (IoT), massive attacks and various botnets hit smart devices, These are 5 IoT Security Predictions for 2019. 2018 was the year of the Internet of Things (IoT) – massive attacks and various botnets, a leap in regulation and standards, and increased adoption of IoT devices by consumers and enterprises, despite the existence of security and privacy concerns. Increased Motivation for Secure-By-Design Devices.

IoT 67

MY TAKE: Why IoT systems won’t be secure until each and every microservice is reliably authenticated

The Last Watchdog

However, to fully capture the benefits of an IoT-centric economy, a cauldron of privacy and security concerns must first be quelled. It is incumbent upon enterprises plunging forward with digital transformation to embed security and emphasize cyber hygiene – much more so than they generally do today. I had the chance to sit down with Nelson at DigiCert Security Summit 2020 in San Diego last month. So PKI can be used to secure connections.

MY TAKE: Why it’s now crucial to preserve PKI, digital certificates as the core of Internet security

The Last Watchdog

For decades, the cornerstone of IT security has been Public Key Infrastructure, or PKI , a system that allows you to encrypt and sign data, issuing digital certificates that authenticate the identity of users. Related: How PKI could secure the Internet of Things If that sounds too complicated to grasp, take a look at the web address for the home page of this website. The ‘S’ in HTTPS stands for ‘secure.’

Supplement Oracle EPM with Oracle Analytics and Autonomous Data Warehouse in 10 Weeks

Perficient Data & Analytics

At Perficient, we have successfully implemented analytics solutions that complement both on-premises Hyperion applications as well as Oracle EPM Cloud business processes: Planning and Budget Cloud Service, Financial Consolidation & Close Service, and Essbase Cloud.

Managing the Risk of IT-OT Convergence


Why manufacturing and logistics are especially challenged. Cloud Security Critical Infrastructure Hacks InfoSec Insider IoT Web Security Industrial Control Systems Information Technology Internet of things IT-OT Convergence NotPetya operational technology WannaCry

How Microsoft Word “Protected View” Stops Information Leaks

Perficient Data & Analytics

Automotive Cloud Commerce Communications Consumer Markets Customer Experience Data & Analytics Design Development Digital Experience Digital Transformation Energy Financial Services Healthcare High Tech Industries Integration & IT Modernization Life Sciences Management Consulting Manufacturing Microsoft News Operations Portals and Collaboration Regulatory Compliance Strategy Topics cybersecurity information security infosec Microsoft Word office phishing security spear phishing Word

MY TAKE: Can Hollywood’s highly effective ‘source-code’ security tools help make IoT safe?

The Last Watchdog

And over the years they’ve also financed security breakthroughs – at the source-code level. These security breakthroughs have not received much mainstream attention. I recently had the chance to meet with Mark Hearn and John O’Connor, of Irdeto, a 50-year-old software security and media technology company based in Amsterdam that has been a leading supplier of source code tracking and fingerprinting systems for big media companies. Baking in security.

IoT 122

Understanding IoT Security Challenges – An Interview with an Industry Expert

Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing

It is no secret that security plays a very important part in the successful deployment and management of this technology, and its applications are set to transform the way we live and do business. What is the biggest security challenge facing the growing IoT? For Secure IoT, all connected devices and services must have trusted identities. How is Nexus involved in ensuring a more secure credentialing and enrollment process? Data security

IoT 77

Israeli surveillance firm Candiru used Windows zero-days to deploy spyware

Security Affairs

“A world where private sector companies manufacture and sell cyberweapons is more dangerous for consumers, businesses of all sizes and governments. We take this threat seriously and have disrupted the use of certain cyberweapons manufactured and sold by a group we call Sourgum.”

#ModernDataMasters: Sarit Bose, Cognizant


If you are going to create a single version of the truth it needs to be a single version of SECURED truth. The post #ModernDataMasters: Sarit Bose, Cognizant appeared first on Reltio Cloud. Uncategorized B Compliance & GDPR B Consumer 360 B Customer 360 B Digital Transformation B Financial Services & Insurance B Healthcare B High-Tech & Manufacturing B IT B Business B Life Sciences B Machine Learning B Patient & Member 360 B Retail & CPG

#ModernDataMasters: Lewis Ownes, CEO Agile Solutions


But it did give me the advantage of seeing how the data was being fed into the machines for personalisation and the use of algorithms for security even back then. “At The cloud technologies AWS, Azure and GCP are a group representing a massive percentage of the IT market at the moment. The current language of IT and development is really underpinned by cloud offerings. The post #ModernDataMasters: Lewis Ownes, CEO Agile Solutions appeared first on Reltio Cloud.

#ModernDataMasters: Steve Whiting, Chief Operations Officer


Over the last 5 years I have set about making sure we are born in the cloud. I confess that a few spreadsheets remain but almost the whole of our business is supported by around 25 cloud-based SaaS systems, including those based on graph database technology. Ethical data management means you need data governance and data security by design – these initiatives are hard to retrofit. Kate Tickner, Reltio.

MDM 40

Hades ransomware gang targets big organizations in the US

Security Affairs

Accenture security researchers published an analysis of the latest Hades campaign, which is ongoing since at least December 2020. . nz cloud infrastructure, leveraging the MEGAsync utility.” If you want to receive the weekly Security Affairs Newsletter for free subscribe here.