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LiveJournal Blog Platform Credential Leak: What Happened?

Data Breach Today

Millions of Older Credentials Apparently Used in Credential-Stuffing Attacks The Russian blogging platform LiveJournal confirmed this week that it suffered several brute-force attacks in 2011 and 2012. But it insists that the 26 million usernames and passwords that are now available for sale on darknet forums came from other sources.

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Pwned - The Collected Blog Posts of Troy Hunt (Preview)

Troy Hunt

When I announced the book in April , I explained how Rob Conery has helped me curate a collection of blog posts. Rob has a solid track record of producing awesome books so when he said "Hey Troy, I reckon the stories behind these blog posts would make a great book", he had my attention.


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Hanzo Top 20 Ediscovery & Compliance Blogs of 2022, Part 1

Hanzo Learning Center

For the next two weeks in December, we’ll highlight our top 20 ediscovery and compliance blogs. It’s been another interesting year in the world of legal technology, and we here at Hanzo have covered a variety of topics in 2022. Here are the first ten. Thanks for reading!

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Our Blog is Moving!

HL Chronicle of Data Protection

To our valued readers of the Chronicle of Data Protection blog: we are changing how we deliver our content. As of today, we have moved the blog to a new technology platform: Hogan Lovells Engage. Also, we will continue to send emails about new blog posts to current email subscribers of the blog.

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Thank you!!! SecurityAffairs awarded as Best European Personal Cybersecurity Blog 2022

Security Affairs

I’m proud to announce that SecurityAffairs was awarded as the Best European Personal Cybersecurity Blog 2022 at European Cybersecurity Blogger Awards 2022. Security affairs has been voted for the third consecutive year as the Best European Personal Cybersecurity Blog 2022 at European Cybersecurity Blogger Awards 2022.

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Archives Gig Blog Post Many New Opportunities

IG Guru

Check out and follow the blog here. The post Archives Gig Blog Post Many New Opportunities appeared first on IG GURU.

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Holistic approach to security blog series: integrated digital security


This blog series covers how every aspect of device management: from inventory management to zero-touch deployment, can shore up (or tear down) your organization's security posture.