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RSAC Fireside Chat: Jscrambler levels-up JavaScript security, slows GenAI-fueled privacy loss

The Last Watchdog

This brought to mind 2010, the year I wrote news stories for USA TODAY about Mark Zuckerberg declaring privacy was “ no longer a social norm ” and Google CEO Eric Schmidt admitting that Google’s privacy policy was to “ get right up to the creepy line and not cross it.”

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Researchers Uncover 'Inception' Flaw in AMD CPUs

Data Breach Today

They named the flaw after the 2010 movie "Inception," since both the hacking technique and the film's plot involve planting false ideas into memory.

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Mozilla Drops Onerep After CEO Admits to Running People-Search Networks

Krebs on Security

On March 14, KrebsOnSecurity published a story showing that Onerep’s Belarusian CEO and founder Dimitiri Shelest launched dozens of people-search services since 2010, including a still-active data broker called Nuwber that sells background reports on people. Onerep and Shelest did not respond to requests for comment on that story.

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Did Huawei Eavesdrop on KPN Mobile Network?

Data Breach Today

KPN Disputes Reported Surveillance Risk to Users, Who Included Dutch Prime Minister A bombshell news report suggests that Dutch mobile network provider KPN in 2010 didn't know if one of its major equipment suppliers - China's Huawei - was spying on users.

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How to Create Unique Customer Journeys to Optimize Business Outcomes

Speaker: Shawn Phillips, CCXP, Head of Growth and Innovation

A one-size-fits-all approach is a great approach – if it’s 2010. With the growth of AI, customers expect – and often demand – a customer journey based on their unique needs and history with your brand.

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My TED Talks

Schneier on Security

TEDxPSU 2010: “ Reconceptualizing Security ” TEDxCambridge 2013: “ The Battle for Power on the Internet ” TEDMed 2016: “ Who Controls Your Medical Data ?” I have spoken at several TED conferences over the years. ” I’m putting this here because I want all three links in one place.

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Predictions 2010: How Did I Do?

John Battelle's Searchblog

Related: Predictions 2010. So how did I do for 2010? To the results: Prediction #1: 2010 will mark the beginning of the end of US dominance of the web. I think this clearly happened in 2010. 2010 will be remembered as the year privacy took center stage. 2009 Predictions. 2009 How I Did. 2008 Predictions.

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