Health Data Breach Trends: A Mid-Year Assessment

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Biggest Incidents Have a Wide Variety of Causes What major health data breach trends emerged in the first half of 2020? Here's a rundown of the latest statistics - plus an analysis by experts

Lawsuits After Ransomware Incidents: The Trend Continues

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In Latest Case, Florida Practice Sued for Damages, and Security Mandates Sought A lawsuit seeking damages as well as security mandates has been filed against a Florida-based orthopedic group in the wake of a ransomware incident.

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Researcher Contends Trend Micro's RootkitBuster Busted

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Trend Micro Says It's Working With Microsoft to Revamp Driver Last week, security researcher Bill Demirkapi said that Trend Micro used a trick to get one of its drivers to pass Microsoft's approval process.

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Analysis: The Latest Ransomware Trends

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This edition of the ISMG Security Report features an analysis of the very latest ransomware trends. Also featured: Discussions of Microsoft's move to DNS over HTTPS and strategies for tackling IoT security challenges

Ransomware Analysis: 'Shade' Surges; Other Trends Emerge

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Other malware trends include stealthy ways to sneak malicious code onto systems - including JavaScript and zipped attachments - as well as the continuing use of exploit kits

7 Ransomware Trends: Gangs Join Forces, Decryptors Improve

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Can't Stop the Crypto-Locking Malware Attacks? Criminals Keep Hitting Big Targets Ransomware gangs continue to innovate: Recently, reports have emerged of collaboration between the Maze and Lockbit gangs, and REvil not just leaking stolen data for free, but auctioning it off to the highest bidder.

7 Ransomware Trends: Gangs Join Forces, Auction Stolen Data

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Can't Stop the Crypto-Locking Malware Attacks? Criminals Keep Hitting Big Targets Ransomware gangs keep innovating: Maze has begun leaking data on behalf of both Lockbit and RagnarLocker, while REvil has started auctioning data - from victims who don't meet its ransom demands - to the highest bidder.

2020 Cyber Threats, Trends and Attacks

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What You Don't See Now, Can Hurt You Later


Health Data Breach Tally: Trends in 2019

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Here's an analysis of all the latest trends Hacking Attacks, Business Associate Incidents Were Common The federal tally of health data breaches shows that hacking attacks and incidents involving business associates dominated this year.

Monitoring the Dark Web for Fraud Trends

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Jaclyn Blumenfeld of First Data on the Latest Developments What can be learned about evolving fraud trends by monitoring activity on the dark web? Jaclyn Blumenfeld of First Data provides insights on the latest developments


Trend Micro addressed two DLL Hijacking flaws in Trend Micro Password Manager

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Trend Micro addressed 2 DLL hijacking flaws in Trend Micro Password Manager that could allow malicious actors to escalate privileges and much more. “ SafeBreach Labs discovered a new vulnerability in Trend Micro Password Manager software.”

Cyber Threat Trends Dashboard

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Marco Ramilli published the Cyber Threat Trends Dashbo a rd , a useful tool that will allow us to better understand most active threats in real time. The dashboard is available HERE (on top menu TOOLS => Cyber Threat Trends ). Malware Families Trends.

Top 2020 trends in cloud adoption

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Enterprise IT spending on private cloud solutions … The post Top 2020 trends in cloud adoption appeared first on OpenText Blogs. Technologies Cloud & Applications cloud 2020 predictions trends

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Trend Micro Employee Sold Consumer Data to Scammers

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Employee Has Been Fired; 68,000 Customers Affected A Trend Micro employee stole and then sold contact information for 68,000 of the company's consumer subscribers, which led to a raft of unsolicited tech support scam calls, the company says.

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2020 Tech Trend: Designing systems for machines instead of people

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Applications DevOps Digital Transformation IoT Manufacturing 2020 trend design thinking M2M tech trendFor businesses to be agile and respond quickly to changing market conditions, they need to provide business users with real-time and near-time operational data.

Health Data Breach Tally Update: 2020 Trends

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Email-Related Incidents Continue to Dominate, But Other Breaches Still Popping Up Hacking incidents involving email appear to be the most common type of major health data breach being reported to federal regulators so far in 2020.

2020 Tech Trend: A new wave of digital business leaders

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Digital Transformation Leadership and Success 2020 trend Agile business leader leaders leadership Leading Edge Forum LEF teams tech trend

Trend Micro Fixes Critical Flaws Under Attack


Fixes are now available for five critical and high-severity Trend Micro flaws, two of which are being actively targeted by attackers. Vulnerabilities active exploit apex one critical flaw officescan patch Trend Micro trend micro patch


Health Data Breach Tally: Analyzing the Latest Trends

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An analysis of the official HHS breach tally reveals the latest trends, and security experts offer an analysis Sorting Out What Kinds of Incidents Are Most Common This Year What kinds of health data breaches have been most common so far in 2018?

How technology and professional trends are shaking up insurance

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These trends resonate strongly across the insurance industry, which has undergone significant change […]. Insurance digital trends

Chinese hackers exploited a Trend Micro antivirus zero-day used in Mitsubishi Electric hack

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Chinese hackers have exploited a zero-day vulnerability the Trend Micro OfficeScan antivirus in the recently disclosed hack of Mitsubishi Electric. “Trend Micro has released Critical Patches (CP) for Trend Micro OfficeScan 11.0

Federal Breach Tally: 2020 Trends So Far

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Hacking Incidents Involving Email Are Common Three weeks into the new year, several hacking incidents involving email have already been added to the federal tally of major health data breaches. How should organizations stay one step ahead

Top 5 big marketing trends in 2020

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Delighting customers and building a strong and positive brand identity … The post Top 5 big marketing trends in 2020 appeared first on OpenText Blogs. News & Events News 2020 predictions predictions trends

Analysis: Health Data Breach Tally Trends

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Here's an analysis of the latest statistics and the reasons behind the trends

2020 Tech Trend: Companies get a better understanding of AI’s effects

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Analytics Digital Transformation Distinguished Technologists 2020 trend AI machine-learning ml professions tech trendIn 2020, as AI makes inroads into professional services, companies will struggle with anticipating how AI can — or should — change their professions.

2019 Malware Trends to Watch


Here are 10 top malware trends to watch for in the New Year. Malware Slideshow 2019 APTs Botnets Card skimming cryptojacking emotet fileless look ahead malware ransomware steganography trends Wipers

What Do 2020’s Tech Trends Mean for Ediscovery Professionals?


The post What Do 2020’s Tech Trends Mean for Ediscovery Professionals? Blog Ediscovery News Rules Changes ediscovery news reaction tech trends technologyappeared first on Zapproved.


5 Information Management Trends for 2020 via CMS Wire

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Joe Shepley lays out five trends the information management industry will face in 2020. The post 5 Information Management Trends for 2020 via CMS Wire appeared first on IG GURU.

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2020 Tech Trend: Teams, not superstars, are the high performers

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DevOps Digital Transformation Leadership and Success 2020 trend Agile internetworked teams tech trendDeveloping high-performing teams will be the focus of many enterprises in 2020.

Top 10 Data Governance Trends for 2020: Data’s Real Value Comes Into Focus


Understanding the data governance trends for the year ahead will give business leaders and data professionals a competitive edge … Happy New Year! Here are the erwin Expert’s predicted data governance trends for 2020: 1.

Predicting the top 7 trends in manufacturing for 2020

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So how will this translate into the major technology trends in manufacturing for 2020? Manufacturers will have to navigate the data tsunami From … The post Predicting the top 7 trends in manufacturing for 2020 appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

The RSAC 2020 Trend Report


What’s trending in cybersecurity? This year’s session submissions tell us. RSAC Cybersecurity Professionals

6 Security Trends for 2018/2019

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Speaking at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, analyst Peter Firstbrook's list of trends is likely to inform executive committee conversations for the next 12 months

5 Disruptive Trends Transforming Cybersecurity

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Everything about IT has changed, but our security measures are still built around how we used to design software and systems. Where does security need to catch up with digital transformation - and how

Wednesday LTNY 2020 Sessions: eDiscovery Trends

eDiscovery Daily

year in a row, eDiscovery Daily is here to report about the latest eDiscovery trends being discussed at the show. In this eye-opening session, we’ll identify emerging career opportunities and trends within the LegalOps job market. Electronic Discovery Industry Trends

Cryptocurrency Money Laundering: Alarming New Trends

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Despite the value of cryptocurrency plummeting since 2017, cybercriminals and rogue nations are still using it to launder funds. One recently discovered scheme designed to evade AML detection is "crypto dusting," according to CipherTrace's Dave Jevans

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All About YOU — Trends That Defined the Workplace in 2019


Here are some of the top workplace transformation trends from 2019. However, the trend we are seeing is sharing talent as well as workspace. Office redesigns embraced this trend by reviving buildings and spaces that were not typically used for offices.

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Customer Experience Trends: How To Stand Out From the Crowd


Customer experience trends might change from time to time, but the central component remains steady: The customer must be at the heart of every business decision that you make. Customer Experience Trends: The Rise of the Consumer.

10 Business Intelligence Trends

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Tableau published a set of articles on 2019 Business Intelligence Trends. These are the ones I’ve seen as valid and valuable elements of these trends. Which, for anyone who remembers high school english and the need to write for your audience, won’t be a surprise…… Data & Analytics BI bi trends TrendsMany are obvious. All are relevant. The rise of explainable AI: Think beyond using AI to using and trusting it.


Top 3 Trends at Shmoocon 2020


Each year, the event offers a glimpse into the upcoming trends of the year, defined by the needs of the federal industry. Outlined below are the top three trends observed by our ForAllSecure engineers On January 31, 2020, Shmoocon held their annual conference in Washington D.C.