Cisco Studies Global Impact of GDPR

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Cisco is out with findings from its 2019 Data Privacy Benchmark Study, which shows the impact of GDPR compliance as well as how customers are asking more questions about how their data is secured. Cisco Chief Privacy Officer Michelle Dennedy analyzes the survey

Study 210

Healthcare Case Study: Identity and Access Management

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How can a large healthcare delivery system efficiently handle identity and access management for thousands of clinicians and other users of patient data? Robert Siebenthaler of PeaceHealth explains how his organization, which operates 10 medical centers, has developed a fine-tuned, role-based approach

NAID Publishes Second-hand Device Study Principles

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It’s been twenty years since Dr. Simpson Garfunkel conducted the first study analyzing the extent to which personal information remained on second-hand hard drives. In the intervening decade, the study has been replicated many times by other universities and data recovery services.

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FDA: Make Sure EHRs Used for Clinical Studies Are Secure

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Agency Issues Guidance Spelling Out Its Policy The FDA has issued new guidance spelling out its policy for organizations using electronic health record data in FDA-regulated clinical investigations, such as studies of the long-term safety of various drugs.

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IBM’s 2018 Data Breach Study Shows Why We’re In A Zero Trust World Now

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The post IBM’s 2018 Data Breach Study Shows Why We’re In A Zero Trust World Now appeared first on IG Guru. Breach IG News Information Governance information privacy information security Privacy Records Management Data Breach IBM Ponemon Study

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Study Exposes Breadth of Cyber Risk

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New study shows SMBs face greater security exposure, but large companies still support vulnerable systems as well

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Chronicle’s study reveals CAs that issued most certificates to sign malware samples on VirusTotal

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” reads the study published by Chronicle. The post Chronicle’s study reveals CAs that issued most certificates to sign malware samples on VirusTotal appeared first on Security Affairs.

Study 96

Q4 2017 Security Transformation Study: Results Analysis

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This survey was conducted online in the summer 2017, and it generated more than 260 responses from security leaders around the globe, with emphasis on North America, EMEA, India and APAC. Responses were consistent from organizations in all regions and sectors, with little statistical deviation. Forty percent of the respondent organizations have 10,000 or more employees

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Greater data security investments needed for 5G success, warns study

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Mobile service providers anticipate new opportunities from the coming deployment of high-speed 5G networks and many new Internet of Things use cases. But they also think much-improved security will be essential to realizing that potential. Networks Network security Data security

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European Commission Releases Study on GDPR Data Protection Certification Mechanisms

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The European Commission (the “Commission”) has released a long-awaited study on GDPR data protection certification mechanisms (the “Study”). The Study’s key takeaways include: The GDPR, while making clear the object of certification, does not limit the subject matter to one specific area—potentially covering the full spectrum of a controller or processor’s GDPR obligations.

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ICRM Partners with the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

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The Institute is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies (SCS) that aligns the education and exams provided in its Records & Information Management Certificate with the requirements for the Certified Records Analyst (CRA) credential.

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Artificial intelligence enthusiasm outpacing adoption, study finds

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning have become essential for organizations to stay competitive. But adoption is lagging even among key decision-makers championing change. Artificial intelligence Machine learning Data strategy

Perceptions and reality of cyber defenses differ widely, study reveals

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There is a sizable gap between confidence in cyber security programs and their effectiveness, according to a study by data management software provide Syncsort. Data security Cyber security Cyber attacks

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Cybersecurity investments good for the bottom line, study reveals

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In turns out that the more 'cyber ready' a business becomes, the better its overall business outcomes, according to a recent study by telecommunications company Vodafone. Cyber security Data security Cyber attacks Malware

Study 87

New Study Details Business Benefits of Biometrics

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Biometric authentication can be good for security and for business, according to a new study from Goode Intelligence

The Data Breach Case Study & Protection Guide

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The post The Data Breach Case Study & Protection Guide appeared first on Record Nations. Even the tiniest security gap can lead to a data breach. After a $5.5 million settlement, Nationwide Insurance’s breach serves as just one example of the growing number of data breaches each year—making it all the more important you have protections in place. What Happened Even the tiniest serious gap can pose serious risks. Recently […].

Best of TAB 2017 part 1: the top case studies

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Over the next four days we will share the top white papers, case studies, RIM guides and blog posts. The post Best of TAB 2017 part 1: the top case studies appeared first on TAB Records Management Blog | TAB OnRecord.

Voter ID Laws Really Do Discriminate, a New Study Shows

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Critics of voter ID laws have had a difficult time proving their menace in court. A new algorithm could change that. Security

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Key Findings from the 2017 Thales Encryption Trends Study: Australia

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The 2017 Thales Encryption Trends Study Australia found the IT department’s influence over encryption strategy has more than halved in the past five years from 59 per cent to 28 per cent. Security: moving up the executive stack.

Key Findings from the 2017 Thales Encryption Trends Study: Australia

Thales eSecurity

The 2017 Thales Encryption Trends Study Australia found the IT department’s influence over encryption strategy has more than halved in the past five years from 59 per cent to 28 per cent. Security: moving up the executive stack.

National Academy of Sciences Encryption Study

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Which makes all the more welcome last week’s issuance of the long-awaited National Academy of Sciences study , “Decrypting the Encryption Debate: A Framework for Decision Makers.” To that end, the study, among other things, highlights (in section 2.3) Nonetheless, the study is well worth a read, not least as preparation for participating in the encryption debates that signs suggest may pick up again soon. Few would describe 2017 as a quiet year.

New Study: The Impact of Data Breaches on Customer Trust


A new study indicates there is a high level of disconnect between consumer trust over how organizations handle personal data, and how those companies perceive being equipped to fully protect that data. This study, which was conducted by analyst firm Frost & Sullivan, digs into how consumers trust organizations to protect their digital data.

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Cisco Study Finds Fewer Data Breaches at GDPR-Ready Firms

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Many organizations find that getting their data privacy house in order is paying off

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Study the Cutting Edge of Cybersecurity at Black Hat Asia

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Whether you want an in-depth look at one of the biggest data breaches in recent memory or some advanced data forensics training, Black Hat Asia is the place to be

More women are studying software engineering, weakening ‘pipeline’ myth

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But merely getting more women to study software provides no guarantee that the graduates will seek careers in technology or stay in those jobs if they find them. Hardware and software Data science Data Scientist

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No, The Mafia Doesn't Own Cybercrime: Study

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Organized crime does, however, sometimes provide money-laundering and other expertise to cybercriminals

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Cybersecurity skills gap growing even wider, says new study

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With two-thirds of organizations already saying they have a shortage of cybersecurity professionals, the cyber security workforce gap is widening even more. Data security Cyber security Cyber attacks

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Case Study: Workflow Management Software Integration Improves Accounting Processes for Growing Business

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Carubba Collision-DocuWare case study. Tweet. Contributed News A/P channel ECM

Twitter Still Can't Keep Up With Its Flood of Junk Accounts, Study Finds

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Meanwhile, two Iowa researchers built an AI engine they say can spot abusive apps on Twitter months before the service itself. Security

Study 68

Greater 'data literacy' means higher profitability, says study

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Large enterprises that have higher corporate data literacy experience can expect $320 million to $534 million in higher enterprise value. Data management Data strategy Data mining

Study 73

Good productivity doesn't come from bad document management, study confirms

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Improper document management is inhibiting employee productivity, according to new research by information management platform provider M-Files Corp. Data management Data discovery Data strategy

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Cambridge University rejected Facebook study over 'deceptive' privacy standards

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Exclusive: panel told researcher Aleksandr Kogan that Facebook’s approach fell ‘far below ethical expectations’ A Cambridge University ethics panel rejected research by the academic at the centre of the Facebook data harvesting scandal over the social network’s “deceptive” approach to its users privacy, newly released documents reveal.

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NIH study probes impact of heavy screen time on young brains

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Brain scans of adolescents who are heavy users of smartphones, tablets and video games look different from those of less active screen users, a new study reveals. Mobile technology Hardware and software Customer experience

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How to Use Gamification in Mobile Apps: A Case Study


I’ll examine Forest, a productivity app, as a case study of gamification embedded so deeply into an app’s framework that gamification becomes the entire reason to use the app in the first place.

Studying the birds after a war

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Our partnership with the Institute on World War II and the Human Experience has introduced me to some of the most interesting people of the Greatest Generation. I added a new one to my list this week as I loaded a set of photographs from Dr. Oliver L. Austin Jr. Students working for Dr. Annika A.

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More big data initiatives moving to the cloud, study finds

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Organizations need to continue to build an agile data environment that can accommodate traditional BI platforms in concert with a modern information environment. Big data Data management Data discovery

Universities offer quick-hit studies in AI, machine learning

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MIT has announced seven new courses added to its 2018 Short Programs, covering such technologies as artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation and computational design. Artificial intelligence Machine learning Data science

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Google’s Record GDPR Fine: Avoiding This Fate with Data Governance


Cisco’s 2019 Data Privacy Benchmark Study reveals that only 59 percent of organizations are meeting “all or most” of GDPR’s requirements. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) made its first real impact as Google’s record GDPR fine dominated news cycles.


Award-winning loyalty and rewards program personalizes online experiences

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Customer Experience Management Case Studies Case study customer story Jet Privilege Loyalty and Rewards Programs OpenText Elite OpenText LiveSite OpenText TeamSiteWhen loyalty is your business, how do you support and engage your members and offer the best digital experience?

A Case Study: Implementing a Db2 for z/OS Implicit Trusted Connection

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I've been interested in the role and trusted context features of Db2 for z/OS for a long time (I posted a two-part blog entry on the topic back in 2011). Theory is nice, but what about practice? Recently, I had an opportunity to assist a DBA in implementing implicit trusted connection functionality in his Db2 for z/OS environment (more on the implicit part in a moment). Today I'll share some of what the DBA and I learned through that endeavor.