NEW TECH: ‘Passwordless authentication’ takes us closer to eliminating passwords as the weak link

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If there ever was such a thing as a cybersecurity silver bullet it would do one thing really well: eliminate passwords. Threat actors have proven to be endlessly clever at abusing and misusing passwords. Related: The Internet of Things is just getting started The technology to get rid of passwords is readily available; advances in hardware token and biometric authenticators continue apace. So what’s stopping us from getting rid of passwords altogether?

What will be your decisive moment to secure your cloud applications in a Zero Trust world?

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The study also revealed that 94% of IT professionals say their organizations’ security policies around access management was influenced by breaches of consumer services in the last 12 months. Access management is increasingly the answer to #TrustedAccess.

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CNIL Releases Guidance on Teleworking

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Implementing a Virtual Private Network (“VPN”) solution to avoid direct exposure of the organization’s services on the Internet. More generally, employers should limit the number of services available on the Internet to the minimum in order to reduce the risk of attack.