Mollitiam Industries is the Newest Cyberweapons Arms Manufacturer

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Its spyware is also said to be equipped with a keylogger, which means every keystroke made on an infected device — including passwords, search queries and messages sent via encrypted messaging apps — can be tracked and monitored.

Gaming hardware manufacturer Razer suffered a data leak

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Gaming hardware manufacturer Razer suffered a data leak, an unsecured database managed by the company containing gamers’ info was exposed online. Gaming hardware manufacturer Razer has suffered a data leak, this is the discovery made by the security researcher Bob Diachenko.


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Passwords stolen via phishing campaign available through Google search

Security Affairs

With a simple Google search, anyone could have found the password to one of the compromised, stolen email addresses: a gift to every opportunistic attacker.” The post Passwords stolen via phishing campaign available through Google search appeared first on Security Affairs.

Over 600k GPS trackers left exposed online with a default password of ‘123456’

Security Affairs

600,000 GPS trackers left exposed online with a default password of ‘123456’ Avast researchers found at least 600,000 GPS trackers manufactured by a Chinese vendor that were exposed online with a default password of “123456.” ” Researchers from Avast discovered at least 600,000 GPS trackers that were exposed online with a default password of “123456.”

Mandatory IoT Security in the Offing with U.K. Proposal


law mandates that manufacturers apply several security controls to their connected devices. Government IoT default password Device security Internet of things iot legislation iot manufacturers IoT security Password regulation Security Updates tech law Uk gov law uk law

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Username (and password) free login with security keys

Imperial Violet

Most readers of this blog will be familiar with the traditional security key user experience: you register a token with a site then, when logging in, you enter a username and password as normal but are also required to press a security key in order for it to sign a challenge from the website. On the plus side, this one-button flow frees users from having to remember and type their username and password for a given site.

Iranian Attacks on Industrial Control Systems

Schneier on Security

Microsoft has watched the group carry out so-called password-spraying attacks over the past year that try just a few common passwords across user accounts at tens of thousands of organizations. hacking ics infrastructure iran passwords scada threatalerts

UK Government Proposes IoT Security Measures

Data Breach Today

Rules Would Strengthen Password Protection and Vulnerability Reporting With the number of installed internet of things devices expected to surpass 75 billion by 2025, the U.K.

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Hackers Hit Unpatched Pulse Secure and Fortinet SSL VPNs

Data Breach Today

Vendors Issued Security Updates to Fix Severe Flaws Several Months Ago Patch or perish redux: Hackers are unleashing automated attacks to find and exploit known flaws in SSL VPNs manufactured by Fortinet and Pulse Secure to steal passwords. The exploits come despite both vendors having released patches several months ago - Pulse Secure in April, Fortinet in May

Hackers are Hurting the Internet of Things in More Ways Than you Think


They can enter the device via stolen credentials, weak passwords, broadly published default passwords and web-based attacks via browsers on computers that connect to the IoT. They can also include smart sensors and different apparatuses in critical infrastructure sectors like manufacturing, energy, transportation systems and more than a dozen others that the Department of Homeland Security has identified.

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Kali Project Encryption and Isolation Using Vagrant and BitLocker

Perficient Data & Analytics

needs patching to support the survival of the “vagrant up” operation through the point in time when the Virtualbox boot process pauses to allow you to type in an encryption password. If needed, the script saves a copy of the original file and then updates that line of code to make it compatible with the Virtualbox boot process that pauses for encryption password entry. It is during this time that the encryption password entry form appears and waits for our input.

Protect Your Home Office and Network With These 5 Tips

Adam Levin

Secure Your Router: If you’re still using your router’s manufacturer default password, it’s past time for a change. Your password should be include letters, numbers and special characters in a combination you haven’t used on other accounts.

QNAP urges users to take action to protect devices against Brute-Force attacks

Security Affairs

Taiwanese manufacturer QNAP published an alert urging its customers to secure their devices after a growing number of users reported that their devices have been hit by brute-force attacks.

5 Ways to Ensure Home Router Security with a Remote Workforce

Adam Levin

Ensure remote workers are more secure by following these five tips: Change the Default Password: Routers should have the manufacturer default password updated the moment it’s turned on and connected.

How Microsoft Word “Protected View” Stops Information Leaks

Perficient Data & Analytics

In this attack, I will actually steal your network credentials and crack your password. When Microsoft Word attempts to initiate an authenticated connection to what it believes is a legitimate file server, our responder tool will simply steal the victim’s credentials, which consists of a username and password hash. I’ll then be able to use john-the-ripper or other program to crack the password. Never re-use passwords across services.

SHARED INTEL: Coming very soon — ‘passwordless authentication’ as a de facto security practice

The Last Watchdog

As a tradeoff for enjoying our digital lives, we’ve learned to live with password overload and even tolerate two-factor authentication. But now, at long last, we’re on the brink of eliminating passwords altogether, once and for all. Related: CEOs quit Tweeting to protect their companies A confluence of technical and social developments points to username-and-password logons becoming obsolete over the next few years. When they get locked out, they use passwords.

Digital Enterprises: Built on Modern MDM


If you missed this event, check out the video presentations here to get the latest buzz in the data management industry (Login: | Password: berightfaster). Business Compliance Customers IT Partners B Business B Data Science B Digital Transformation B Financial Services & Insurance B High-Tech & Manufacturing B IT B Life Sciences B Machine Learning B Patient & Member 360 B Retail & CPG DataDriven19Ankur Gupta, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Reltio.

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Five Ways to Secure Your Home Office Webcam

Adam Levin

Update your camera’s firmware and software: Whether it’s an external camera or one built into your laptop or tablet, check for manufacturer updates and always keep your camera’s software and firmware fully up to date because patches are often released specifically to patch security vulnerabilities.

FBI warns swatting attacks on owners of smart devices

Security Affairs

Threat actors likely take advantage of customers’ bad habit of re-using email passwords for their smart device. The offenders use stolen email passwords to log into the smart devices and take over them, is some cases they hijacked the live-stream camera and device speakers.

Hacked IoT Devices Livestreaming Swatting Attacks: FBI

Adam Levin

In a public service announcement issued December 29, the FBI warned that “offenders have been using stolen e-mail passwords to access smart devices with cameras and voice capabilities and carry out swatting attacks.”.

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New Guidance Published on Cybersecurity and Medical Devices

Data Matters

New European medical device guidance will require manufacturers to carefully review cybersecurity and IT security requirements in relation to their devices and in their product literature. The Guidance is intended to assist medical device manufacturers meet the new cybersecurity requirements in the Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) and the In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR) (collectively, the Regulations).

P2P Weakness Exposes Millions of IoT Devices

Krebs on Security

A map showing the distribution of some 2 million iLinkP2P-enabled devices that are vulnerable to eavesdropping, password theft and possibly remote compromise, according to new research. Although it may seem impossible to enumerate more than a million devices with just a six-digit ID, Marrapese notes that each ID begins with a unique alphabetic prefix that identifies which manufacturer produced the device, and there are dozens of companies that white-label the iLnkP2P software.

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Attack against Florida Water Treatment Facility

Schneier on Security

A water treatment plant in Oldsmar, Florida, was attacked last Friday. The attacker took control of one of the systems, and increased the amount of sodium hydroxide — that’s lye — by a factor of 100.

How your staff make security decisions: The psychology of information security

IT Governance

Perhaps there’s a new face in the office that they don’t recognise, or a new password they need to remember, or a database of sensitive information that they need to upload onto the Cloud. Another problem is having to use multiple passwords to access multiple systems.

The IoT Cybersecurity Act of 2020: Implications for Devices

eSecurity Planet

While SP 800-213 applies to federal agencies, the latter three are specific to IoT manufacturers. Guidance for Manufacturers. IoT Non-Technical Supporting Capability Core Baseline (8259B) : This targets IoT manufacturers and outlines required non-technical supporting capabilities.

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Avaddon ransomware gang shuts down their operations and releases decryption keys

Security Affairs

This morning, BleepingComputer received a message from a source that was pretending to be the FBI that included a password and a link to a password-protected ZIP archive.

A Year Later, Cybercrime Groups Still Rampant on Facebook

Krebs on Security

KrebsOnSecurity broke the news that Facebook developers wrote apps which stored somewhere between 200 million and 600 million Facebook user passwords in plain text. These plaintext passwords were indexed by Facebook’s data centers and searchable for years by more than 20,000 Facebook employees. It emerged that Facebook’s new account signup page urges users to supply the password to their email account so Facebook can harvest contact details and who knows what else.

NEW TECH: DataLocker introduces encrypted flash drive — with key pad

The Last Watchdog

DataLocker honed its patented approach to manufacturing encrypted portable drives and landed some key military and government clients early on; the company has continued branching out ever since. All the user needs is a strong password to access to the data. The administrator can set password rules, put certain types of files on white lists or black lists, remotely reset devices; they can even disable devices lost in the field.

Who’s Behind the GandCrab Ransomware?

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That domain registration record included the Russian phone number +7-951-7805896 , which’s password recovery function says is indeed the phone number used to register the hottabych_k2 email account. by an individual who used the nickname (and sometimes password) — “ Metall2 ” — across multiple cybercrime forums. Those records show this individual routinely re-used the same password across multiple accounts: 16061991.

FBI published a flash alert on Mamba Ransomware attacks

Security Affairs

According to the flash alert published by the FBI, the Mamba ransomware was employed in attacks against local governments, public transportation agencies, legal services, technology services, industrial, commercial, manufacturing, and construction businesses.

Security Blueprints of Many Companies Leaked in Hack of Swedish Firm Gunnebo

Krebs on Security

But the password to the Gunnebo RDP account — “password01” — suggests the security of its IT systems may have been lacking in other areas as well.

Botnet operators target multiple zero-day flaws in LILIN DVRs

Security Affairs

Experts observed multiple botnets exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities in DVRs for surveillance systems manufactured by Taiwan-based LILIN.

IoT Cybersecurity: 5 Major Vulnerabilities and How to Tackle Them

Security Affairs

Simple or reused passwords are still a problem. While the cybersecurity industry has presented options for every netizen, the recommendation to use original and complex passwords continues to be disregarded. Instead, people come up with passwords that are comfortable.

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How to Enable IoT Security and Protect Your Data From Weak Links


Change default passwords. Default passwords will be the very first attempts that a hacker will make on a device that may have been left accidentally unprotected. At the very least, change the password to something other than “password.” Regularly check up on the IoT manufacturers whose devices are being run in your organization, and plan to retire any devices that are no longer receiving the support they need to stay secure.

MY TAKE: Iran’s cyber retaliation for Soleimani assassination continues to ramp up

The Last Watchdog

Hackers seeking to get in position to take over control or otherwise disrupt utilities are seeking paths through original equipment manufacturers, third-party vendors, and telecom providers. Less than 48 hours after the killing of Iran’s General Qasem Soleimani, the U.S.

French Firms Rocked by Kasbah Hacker?

Krebs on Security

A search on the address at — a service that indexes account details like usernames and passwords exposed in Web site data breaches — shows this email address was used to register an account at the computer hacking forum cracked[.]to

Consumer Reports Reviews Wireless Home-Security Cameras

Schneier on Security

They could be discovered by anyone who finds or guesses the camera's IP address­ -- and if you haven't set a strong password, a hacker might find it easy to gain access. The real news is that Consumer Reports is able to put pressure on device manufacturers: In response to a Consumer Reports query, D-Link said that security would be tightened through updates this fall. This is the sort of sustained pressure we need on IoT device manufacturers.

Israel announced to have foiled an attempted cyber-attack on defence firms

Security Affairs

Israel ‘s defence ministry announced to have foiled an attempted cyber attack by a foreign threat actors group targeting the country’s defence manufacturers.

Data of Indian defence contractor Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML) available online

Security Affairs

The company manufactures a variety of heavy equipment (bulldozers, dump trucks, hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, rope shovels, walking draglines, motor graders and scrapers), such as that used for earthmoving, transport and mining.

Working Remotely? Remember to Secure Your Webcam

Adam Levin

Here are a few things you can do to protect your privacy while working and schooling from home: Update default passwords : Many webcams come with a default login and password, typically something like admin / admin.