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Estonia blocked cyberattacks claimed by Pro-Russia Killnet group

Security Affairs

Undersecretary for Digital Transformation Luukas Ilves announced that Estonia was hit by the most extensive wave of DDoS attacks it has faced since 2007. e-Estonia refers to a movement by the government of Estonia to facilitate citizen interactions with the state through the use of electronic solutions.

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Meet Ika & Sal: The Bulletproof Hosting Duo from Hell

Krebs on Security

Spamit), an invite-only community for Russian-speaking people in the businesses of sending spam and building botnets of infected computers to relay said spam. From January 2005 to April 2013, there were two primary administrators of the cybercrime forum Spamdot (a.k.a The Spamdot admins went by the nicknames Icamis (a.k.a.


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This is the old ChiefTech blog.: The Circle of Computing Life


Sunday, 1 July 2007 The Circle of Computing Life I came across a great book a few weekends ago, called A Computer Called LEO , that tells the story of the first computer to be used by business. The first LEO or ""Lyons Electronic Office" consisted of: " 5,936 valves, plus another 300-400 in auxiliary equipment.

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New book explores the social, institutional and user impacts of e-legal deposit


Facet Publishing announce the publication of Electronic Legal Deposit: Shaping the Library Collections of the Future edited by Paul Gooding and Melissa Terras. Regulations governing electronic legal deposit often also prescribe how these materials can be accessed.

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This is the old ChiefTech blog.: Explosion of electronic touch points


Wednesday, 31 January 2007 Explosion of electronic touch points I received an email today from someone and, as you typically find in a business email, the senders signature block included their contact details. blog I work at Headshift , a social media and social computing consultancy, as a Senior Business & Technical Consultant.

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Understanding Blockchain and its Impact on Legal Technology, Part Four

eDiscovery Daily

Then, in 2007, Google researchers, Halevy, Norvig and Pereira, published a paper called The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data showing how data could be “unreasonably effective” across many AI domains. Thus, it doesn’t have centralized points of vulnerability that computer hackers traditionally exploit.

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“Bot Herder” Slapped With Federal Prison Sentence

Hunton Privacy

A former computer security consultant was sentenced Wednesday to four years in federal prison for fraud stemming from his involvement with a cyber-crime ring that used botnets to infect an estimated 250,000 computers. He has also been ordered to pay $20,000 in restitution to companies defrauded by the scheme. million in fines.