Ransomware Hit ATM Giant Diebold Nixdorf

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Diebold Nixdorf , a major provider of automatic teller machines (ATMs) and payment technology to banks and retailers, recently suffered a ransomware attack that disrupted some operations.

Ransomware at IT Services Provider Synoptek

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Synoptek , a California business that provides cloud hosting and IT management services to more than a thousand customer nationwide, suffered a ransomware attack this week that has disrupted operations for many of its clients, according to sources. Ransomware rEvil Sodinokibi Synoptek

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Retail Cyberattacks Set to Soar 20% in 2019 Holiday Season


A couple of factors this year are making the 2019 holiday shopping season a circus for cybercriminals when it comes to cyberattacks against retail orgs. Podcasts Web Security cyberattack cybercrime emotet holiday shopping holiday shopping security malware Online Security ransomware retail

Retailers increase cyber security spending, but attacks continue to rise

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The UK’s biggest retailers are spending more than ever on cyber security but are continuing to see an alarming rise in cyber attacks and data breaches due to the ever-evolving threat landscape, a report has found. Are retailers investing wisely? Retail

FBI warns US organizations of ProLock ransomware decryptor not working

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issued a flash alert to warn organizations in the United States that the ProLock ransomware decryptor doesn’t work properly. issued a flash alert to warn organizations of the new threat actor targeting healthcare, government, financial, and retail industries in the US. The FBI?

Cyberattacks on Retailers Could Increase 20% this Holiday Season

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Commodity malware and ransomware continue to be the biggest threats, says VMWare Carbon Black

Hunton Publishes Retail Year in Review

Hunton Privacy

On January 18, 2018, Hunton & Williams LLP’s retail industry lawyers, composed of more than 100 lawyers across practices, released their annual Retail Year in Review publication. The Retail Year in Review includes several articles authored by our Global Privacy and Cybersecurity lawyers, and touches on many topics of interest including blockchain, ransomware, cyber insurance and the Internet of Things.

TA505 Crooks are Now Targeting US Retailers with Personalized Campaigns


Hacks Malware Dridex flawedammyy Locky ransomware Ricoh printer ta505Threat group moves away from “smash-and-grab” attacks and adopts a boutique approach to targeting victims.

MY TAKE: SMBs can do much more to repel ransomware, dilute disinformation campaigns

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However, at this moment in history, two particularly worrisome types of cyber attacks are cycling up and hitting local government entities hard: ransomware sieges and election tampering. population 12,046, paid $460,000, respectively, for ransomware decryption keys.

Bristol Airport systems offline in suspected ransomware attack

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It has been reported that a speculative ransomware attack on the airport resulted in its information screens being taken offline, and flight information being written on whiteboards, although no flights were delayed. Cyber Security Retail e-learning phishing Ransomware

DoppelPaymer, a fork of BitPaymer Ransomware, appeared in the threat landscape

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Some of the crooks behind the Dridex Trojan have split from the gang and released a forked version of the BitPaymer ransomware dubbed DoppelPaymer. Cybercrime gang tracked as TA505 has been active since 2014 and focusing on Retail and Banking industries.

Travelex Knocked Offline by System-Wide Malware Attack


The foreign-currency-exchange giant said that it has been hit by a virus, affecting retail customers and banking partners alike. Malware banking partners foreign currency exchange malware attack offline ransomware service disruption travel money travelex

4 Industries That Have to Fight the Hardest Against Cyberattacks

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In November 2018, a ransomware attack forced two hospitals to send ambulances elsewhere and only accept walk-up patients to the emergency rooms. Retail. Despite those risks, retailers make blunders when budgeting for cybersecurity. happened at retail establishments.

California IT service provider Synoptek pays ransom after Sodinokibi attack

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Synoptek, A California-based IT service provider decided to pay the ransom to decrypt its files after being infected with the Sodinokibi ransomware. The infection took place on December 23, the hackers first compromised the company network then installed the ransomware.

Danish company Demant expects to incur losses of up to $95 after cyber attack

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Demant, a leading international hearing health care company, expects to incur losses of up to $95 million following a ransomware attack. We estimate that our retail business will see the biggest impact in Australia, the US and Canada followed by the UK.

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Sailing the cyber security waves

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Using third-party ransomware protection. Cyber Security Data Protection ISO 27001 Retail Staff Awareness Cruise operators Freight Maritime industry Shipping Travel travel and tourismShips have experienced a digital transformation in recent years.

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in June 2020 ­– 7 billion records breached

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Ransomware. UK electric firm Elexon hit by ransomware (unknown). Bernards Township, NJ, resuming operations after ransomware attack (unknown). International IT firm Excis targeted by ransomware (unknown). IT services giant Conduent suffers ransomware attack (unknown).

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in March 2020 – 832 million records breached

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Ransomware. London-based clinical pharmacology testing firm recovers swiftly from Maze ransomware (unknown). Minnesota-based Community Development Bank struck by ransomware (unknown). Prince Edward Island notifies patients of ransomware attack (unknown).

“An act of war”: Zurich American refuses to pay out on cyber insurance policy following NotPetya attack

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The confectioner, which owns Cadbury and Oreo, says it lost 1,700 servers and 24,000 laptops as the ransomware swept through its systems. NotPetya is a Windows-based piece of ransomware that infected organisations across the globe in 2017. Later investigations found that the virus was simply masquerading as ransomware , and was in fact designed “to exact maximum destruction and damage”. Cyber Security Retail

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in November 2019 – 1.34 billion records breached

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Ransomware. NM-based Las Cruces Public School computers still offline after ransomware (24,710). Two major Spanish companies have been hit by ransomware: IT consultancy Everis (unknown). Watertown, CT, school system hit by ransomware (2,765).

Russian TA505 threat actor target financial entities worldwide

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“CyberInt researchers have been tracking various activities following the spear-phishing campaign targeting large US-based retailers detected in December 2018.”

Report: Threat of Emotet and Ryuk

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Emotet , the most widespread malware worldwide and Ryuk , a ransomware type, are growing threats and real concerns for businesses and internet users in 2020. This ransomware is difficult to stop and does not have known execution flaws at the present time. “We

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council still offline after suffering cyber attack

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More than 135,000 residents have been affected by the incident, which is believed to have been caused by ransomware. What is ransomware? Ransomware is a specific type of malware that encrypts computer files, essentially locking the owner out of their systems.

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in August 2019 – 114.6 million records leaked

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Ransomware. Ransomware strain targets German organisations, wipes files (unknown). Oklahoma-based Broken Arrow school system hit by ransomware (unknown). Arizona’s Camp Verde Unified School District hit by ransomware as school year starts (unknown).

Business Continuity Plans Must Evolve for the Post-COVID World


The pandemic has revealed a painful downside to just-in-time inventory management as some retailers and manufacturers were caught flat-footed when their suppliers were shut down by illness or government mandate.

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List of data breaches and cyber attacks in October 2019 – 421 million records breached

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Ransomware. Victoria government insists patient data is safe after ransomware attack (unknown). North Florida OB-GYN discloses ransomware incident (528,188). AL-based Sarrell Dental notifies patients of ransomware attack (391,472). Ransomware in Jasper Co.,

Maastricht University finally paid a 30 bitcoin ransom to crooks

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In December, Maastricht University was hit with ransomware attack, now the university admitted to have paid the ransom requested by crooks. In December 2019, Maastricht University (UM) announced that ransomware infected almost all of its Windows systems on December 23.

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in April 2019 – 1.34 billion records leaked

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Customers at US fast food retailer Chipotle say their accounts have been hacked (unknown). Ransomware. Genesee County, MI, government suffers ‘aggressive’ ransomware attack (unknown). Ransomware attack affects Women’s Health Care Group of PA (300,000). Greenville, NC, government’s systems knocked out by ransomware (unknown). Ransomware attack hits Garfield County, UT (unknown). Augusta, ME, hit by ransomware, forcing City Center to close (unknown).

TA505 Group adds new ServHelper Backdoor and FlawedGrace RAT to its arsenal

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” The TA505 group was first spotted by Proofpoint back 2017, it has been active at least since 2015 and targets organizations in financial and retail industries.

Security Affairs newsletter Round 245

Security Affairs

Largest hospital system in New Jersey was hit by ransomware attack. Ryuk Ransomware is suspected to be involved in the New Orleans cyberattack. Online Retailer LightInTheBox exposes unsecured DB containing 1.3TB of web server logs. A new round of the weekly newsletter arrived!

What You Need to Know About E-Skimming

Adam Levin

While ransomware and leaky or completely unprotected databases dominated headlines in 2019, e-skimmers quietly made a killing. The retailer wasn’t alone. A vigilant retail environment reduces everyone’s attackable surface.

3 ways a data breach can occur

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Countless hotel chains, retailers and restaurants have been breached in recent years – particularly in the US, which by and large doesn’t use chip-and-PIN. Other malware, such as ransomware, makes its presence clear, locking users’ computers and demanding payment for the decryption key.

MY TAKE: New ‘cyberthreat index’ shows SMBs cognizant of big risks, ill-prepared to deal with them

The Last Watchdog

Certain verticals, namely the government and transportation sectors, gave themselves a positive preparedness rating; meanwhile the hospitality, legal and retail sectors were much less positive about their cybersecurity preparedness. In 2017, for instance, SMBs were under tremendous pressure to defend their networks against rapidly morphing ransomware attacks. So far in 2019, we’re seeing another shift back to ransomware, Gill told me.

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List of data breaches and cyber attacks in December 2019 – 627 million records breached

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Singapore-based retailer Love, Bonito apologises to customers after malware infection (unknown). Ransomware. Illinois’ Sycamore School District 427 hit by ransomware (3,763). Data centre CyrusOne suffers ransomware attack (unknown).

11 cyber security predictions for 2020

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Ransomware will continue to increase. The complexity of ransomware is such that there have been decoders released by attackers that have bugs that prevent the decryption of the data. The retail and hospitality industries will continue to have their POS equipment targeted.

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SHARED INTEL: Study shows mismanagement of ‘machine identities’ triggers $52 billion in losses

The Last Watchdog

Hudson: We have about 400 customers worldwide: big banks, big airlines, airplane manufacturers, big payment card companies, big health care insurers, big retailers. With ransomware, or denial of service or almost any type of attack, there’s no need for a human to log on to the system. In one sense, digital transformation is all about machines. Related: Authenticating IoT devices Physical machines, like driverless vehicles and smart buildings; but, even more so, virtual machines.

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in September 2018 – 925,633,824 records leaked

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There were also a few more reported ransomware incidents than normal, some of which saw the victims paying the fine – something most security professionals advise against. Cyber Attacks and Ransomware. Ransomware Attacks Conway, Companies out Thousands. ‘PAY UP’ Arran Brewery blackmailed by hackers as Scottish beer firm becomes latest victim of sophisticated Ransomware attack. privacy officials look into data breach involving bankrupt computer retailer.

Meet the World’s Biggest ‘Bulletproof’ Hoster

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Those include a large number of cybercrime forums and stolen credit card shops, ransomware download sites, Magecart-related infrastructure , and a metric boatload of phishing Web sites mimicking dozens of retailers, banks and various government Web site portals.

Hidden Cobra APT used the new ATM cash-out scheme FASTCash to hit banks worldwide

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The group is considered responsible for the massive WannaCry ransomware attack, a string of SWIFT attacks in 2016, and the Sony Pictures hack.

Retail 110

MY TAKE: Can ‘Network Traffic Analysis’ cure the security ills of digital transformation?

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Or, commonly these days, a compromised device might begin taking steps to spread a ransomware infection or to set up a cryptomining routine. “We’re The data thieves gained elevated access to Target’s customer transactions database routing through the account of an HVAC contractor doing work for the retail giant.