Zoom Removes Data-Mining LinkedIn Feature


The feature, criticized for "undisclosed data-mining," is only the latest privacy faux pas for Zoom this month.

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Court Rules in Favor of Mining LinkedIn User Data

Adam Levin

A federal appellate court ruled that mining and aggregating user data publicly posted to social media sites is allowable by law. The post Court Rules in Favor of Mining LinkedIn User Data appeared first on Adam Levin. Data Security Privacy featured linkedin data mining

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Happy Data Privacy Day: City Planning Now Mines Everyone’s Data All the Time

Adam Levin

Sidewalk Labs, a subsidiary of Google’s parent company Alphabet, is the go-to story for Data Privacy Day with its new “user-friendly” tool called Replica, which allows city planners see “how, when, and where people travel in urban areas.”.

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Hijacking Computers for Cryptocurrency Mining

Schneier on Security

Interesting paper " A first look at browser-based cryptojacking ": Abstract : In this paper, we examine the recent trend towards in-browser mining of cryptocurrencies; in particular, the mining of Monero through Coinhive and similar code-bases.

Cryptojacking: Hackers Mining Bitcoin on Your Dime!


When cryptojacking, criminal hackers use enterprise computers to mine cryptocurrencies like bitcoin without the organization’s knowledge or consent, escaping the upfront costs of buying computers or computer processing power for the job. Illicit cryptominers seize a computer’s or device’s processor to mine the cryptocurrency. Privacy & Security cryptojackers cryptojacking cryptomining infection malware

Will cryptocurrency mining soon saturate AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud?

The Last Watchdog

On the face, the damage caused by cryptojacking may appear to be mostly limited to consumers and website publishers who are getting their computing resources diverted to mining fresh units of Monero, Ethereum and Bytecoin on behalf of leeching attackers. You can mine them, if you have a powerful CPU. Or you can hijack other people’s computers to do the mining. LW: I can’t really use my MacBook to mine Bitcoin, can I?

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Mining on your own land


“Wall Street Moves Toward Mining of Social-Media Data,” The Wall Street Journal , June 4, 2018 B4. ” This data is mined from social media. Privacy Information Ownership Controls Third parties Internal controls Management Collect Use AccessWho owns the information on social media? Everyone?

Mozilla 'presses pause' on Facebook ads over data-mining claims

The Guardian Data Protection

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Privacy for Tigers

Schneier on Security

Wildlife crime syndicates can not only coordinate better but can mine growing public data sets, often of geotagged images. Privacy matters for tigers, for snow leopards, for elephants and rhinos ­ and even for tortoises and sharks. datacollection naturalsecurity privacy

Facebook user privacy suits over Cambridge Analytica have legs

Information Management Resources

District judge is overseeing dozens of suits alleging users have no real control over their personal information, and that the company has repeatedly misled users to continue mining it. Customer data Data privacy FacebookA U.S.

Privacy and Security of Data at Universities

Schneier on Security

Many sets of data, both research and grey, fall outside privacy regulations such as HIPAA, FERPA, and PII. Commercial entities are besieging universities with requests for access to data or for partnerships to mine them. academicpapers datacollection privacy

Weekly podcast: Australian Cabinet Files, Matt Hancock MP’s app and Monero mining

IT Governance

Unfortunately, however, the BBC reports that there are a few “teething troubles […] with some users saying their privacy has been compromised after responding to an on-screen prompt asking for access to their photo library. The Telegraph is more damning, saying that the app breaks data protection rules by failing to link to its privacy policy on the App store and only providing it to iOS users once they’ve downloaded the app and their data has been accessed.

Minister forced to change his own app after data-mining complaints

The Guardian Data Protection

Speaking to ITV’s Good Morning Britain after criticising Facebook for breaching the privacy of millions of its users, Hancock admitted he received complaints about the way his own app accessed users’ data. Privacy Data protection Facebook Matthew Hancock UK news Politics Social networking Technology

MY TAKE: 3 privacy and security habits each individual has a responsibility to embrace

The Last Watchdog

The end game for this particular hacking ring is to install crypto currency mining routines on compromised Linux servers. Each of us have a responsibility to embrace best privacy and security practices. For consumers For technologists My Take Privacy Top StoriesWould you back out of a driveway without first buckling up, checking the rear view mirror and glancing behind to double check that the way is clear?

MY TAKE: Why Satya Nadella is wise to align with privacy advocates on regulating facial recognition

The Last Watchdog

We’re just a month and change into the new year, and already there have been two notable developments underscoring the fact that some big privacy and civil liberties questions need to be addressed before continuing the wide-scale deployment of advanced facial recognition systems. The surveillance regime the UK government has built seriously undermines our freedom,” Megan Golding, a lawyer speaking for privacy advocates, stated.

Why Election Trust is Dwindling in a Post-Cambridge Analytica World


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Google’s Project Nightingale Health Data Practice Raises Privacy Concerns

Adam Levin

citizens, raising serious concerns about patient privacy. Google’s access to patient data raises concerns among privacy advocates, particularly because at least 150 of the company’s employees have full access to highly personal information without patient consent or notification. . Of perhaps even greater concern is the fact that Google’s apparent data mining is legal according to federal law, specifically the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, or HIPAA.

MY TAKE: Here’s why the Internet Society’s new Privacy Code of Conduct deserves wide adoption

The Last Watchdog

When Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg infamously declared that privacy “is no longer a social norm” in 2010, he was merely parroting a corporate imperative that Google had long since established. That same year, then-Google CEO Eric Schmidt publicly admitted that Google’s privacy policy was to “get right up to the creepy line and not cross it.”. But what if companies chose to respect an individual’s right to privacy, especially when he or she goes online?

Cryptojacking Attack Found on Los Angeles Times Website


A security researcher found Coinhive code hidden on a Los Angeles Times’ webpage that was secretly using visitors’ devices to mine cryptocurrency. Cloud Security Cryptography Malware Privacy Web Security Amazon AWS S3 bucket CoinHive cryptojacking cryptomining Monero Javascript miner

A potential solution for protecting customer privacy when sharing smart meter data


A potential solution for protecting customer privacy when sharing smart meter data. Along with smart meter technology, however, comes some challenges in protecting consumer’s data privacy. This blog describes these privacy concerns as well as a potential solution to address them.

How to Keep Your WFH Employees Safe From new Cybersecurity Attacks


A global pandemic is a gold mine for purveyors of phishing attacks, which are deceptive email messages that contain malicious links or attachments. Privacy & Security coronavirus covid cyberattack cybersecurity work from home

MY TAKE: How blockchain technology came to seed the next great techno-industrial revolution

The Last Watchdog

Jeff Bezos of Amazon, and Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google did more than anyone else to actualize digital commerce as we’re experiencing it today – including its dark underbelly of ever-rising threats to privacy and cybersecurity.

NEW TECH: Can MPC — Multi Party Computation — disrupt encryption, boost cloud commerce?

The Last Watchdog

This would comply with data privacy regulations, like Europe’s GDPR and California’s CPPA. And it would open up new areas of data mining. For technologists New Tech Podcasts Privacy RSA Podcasts Top StoriesEncryption is a cornerstone of digital commerce. But it has also proven to be a profound constraint on the full blossoming of cloud computing and the Internet of Things.

US Supreme Court expands digital privacy rights in Carpenter v. United States

Data Protection Report

In several cases spanning decades, the Court had repeatedly held that individuals do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in records held by third party service providers because individuals voluntarily provide their information to third parties. This SCA standard, does not require a warrant and is lower than the standard applied under the Fourth Amendment, which requires a warrant where an individual demonstrates a legitimate expectation of privacy.

Data protection laws are great. Shame they are not being enforced | John Naughton

The Guardian Data Protection

A shortage of technical experts in EU regulatory authorities means companies can carry on invading our privacy On 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became law throughout the European Union. The drive behind the regulation was the need to bring the historical patchwork of laws and obligations around personal data, privacy and consent across Europe up to speed and make them fit for purpose in a world dominated by surveillance capitalism.

Meet the psychologist at the center of Facebook's data scandal

Information Management Resources

On Friday, Alex Spectre was suspended by the firm for his earlier work mining data on what was reported to be as many as 50 million Facebook users and sharing it with Cambridge Analytica. Data privacy Data security Facebook

US Journalist Detained When Returning to US

Schneier on Security

Nothing on mine was spared. borders email lawenforcement privacy searches surveillancePretty horrible story of a US journalist who had his computer and phone searched at the border when returning to the US from Mexico.

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Gold Coast council to use wifi to harvest Facebook data during Commonwealth Games

The Guardian Data Protection

The data mining, which the council says is legal, will be used to market the city to tourists The Gold Coast council will use a new city wifi service to harvest Facebook data from visitors to next month’s Commonwealth Games. The data mining, which the council says is legal and will be used to help the city market itself to tourists, relies on visitors using their Facebook accounts to log into a new high-speed wifi service.

Spotlight Podcast: Beyond HIPAA – a Conversation with Nemours CPO Kevin Haynes

The Security Ledger

In this Spotlight edition of The Security Ledger podcast, sponsored by RSA Security, the Chief Privacy Officer at Nemours Healthcare, Kevin Haynes, joins us to talk about the fast evolving privacy demands on healthcare firms and how the Chief Privacy Officer role is evolving to address new privacy and security threats. In just a couple weeks The California Consumer Privacy Act – or CCPA – will take effect.

UK government using confidential patient data in coronavirus response

The Guardian Data Protection

Exclusive: Documents seen by Guardian show tech firms using information to build ‘Covid-19 datastore’ Documents contradict UK government stance on Covid-19 ‘herd immunity’ Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Technology firms are processing large volumes of confidential UK patient information in a data-mining operation that is part of the government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak, according to documents seen by the Guardian.

How ‘digital transformation’ gave birth to a new breed of criminal: ‘machine-identity thieves’

The Last Watchdog

However, these fraudsters don’t really care about snatching up your credentials or mine. By now, your personal information and mine has been hacked multiple times and is readily on sale in the Dark Web. For consumers For technologists Imminent threats My Take Privacy Top StoriesThere’s a new breed of identity thief at work plundering consumers and companies. This has long been true of the vast majority of Americans.

Belgian Privacy Commission Releases 2016 Annual Activity Report

Hunton Privacy

On May 26, 2017, the Belgian Privacy Commission (the “Belgian DPA”) published its Annual Activity Report for 2016 (the “Annual Report”) highlighting its main accomplishments from the past year. This bill is part of the Belgian government’s initiative to fight social fraud by using data mining and data crossing.


Hacking Police Bodycams

Schneier on Security

computersecurity hacking police privacy vulnerabilitiesSuprising no one, the security of police bodycams is terrible.

Annual Protest Raises $250K to Cure Krebs

Krebs on Security

Pr0gramm’s top members accused KrebsOnSecurity of violating their privacy, even though all of the research published about them was publicly available online.

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Q&A: Here’s why Android users must remain vigilant about malicious apps, more so than ever

The Last Watchdog

Ransomware evolved into cryptomining, in which the device is stealthily used to participate in the mining of cryptocurrencies, with the coins delivered to the threat actor. For consumers For technologists Privacy Q & A Top StoriesAndroid users – and I’m one – are well-advised to be constantly vigilant about the types of cyberthreats directed, at any given time, at the world’s most popular mobile device operating system.

Guest Post: France’s Digital Republic Act Strengthens Privacy Safeguards


The Act includes a number of key amendments that improve individual privacy rights, increase the powers of French Data Protection Authority (CNIL), and impose new requirements on how companies and communication providers handle personal information. By enacting this significant increase, France is signaling that it takes privacy protections seriously and expects businesses to make substantial investments in measures to comply. THE FOLLOWING IS PART OF OUR GUEST BLOG SERIES.

New Breach Exposes an Entire Nation: Living and the Dead

Adam Levin

Other recent Elasticsearch leaks included a Canadian data mining firm’s records for 57 million US citizens , a medical database storing the data on 85 percent of Panamanian citizens , and a provincial Chinese government database that contained 90 million personal and business records. .

How to Get Rich and Be Super Creepy

Adam Levin

It highlights the general lack of privacy laws out there, and may herald the start of meaningful legislation. Big Tech is to privacy what cigarettes were to healthy lungs and hearts before 1970 when the Surgeon General’s warning became mandatory.

The Cambridge Analytica saga is a scandal of Facebook’s own making | John Harris

The Guardian Data Protection

But data mining poisons our politics | Gaby Hinsliff At times, Mark Zuckerberg looks like someone who cannot keep up even with himself Continue reading. Facebook Cambridge Analytica UK news Social networking Media Technology Privacy World news Mark Zuckerberg Law Data protectionThis mess was inevitable. Facebook has worked tirelessly to gather as much data on users as it could – and to profit from it Big corporate scandals tend not to come completely out of the blue.

Parental Control Software Developer to Pay $100,000 for Children’s Privacy Violation

Hunton Privacy

The settlement comes one year after the Electronic Privacy Information Center (“EPIC”) alleged in a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission that EcoMetrix was deceptively collecting and marketing children’s information. The complaint further alleged that the site’s privacy policy was unclear, inaccessible and did not fully or clearly disclose how information was being collected or shared.