Data governance for data privacy


Many of the new headlines warn the public about the dangers the digital world places on our privacy. If a company uses data unethically and privacy is compromised, the public will know about it. Privacy concerns hinder the excitement over the downpour of data.

Government Shutdown: Impact on Health Data Security, Privacy

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HIPAA Enforcement Agency Open, But Regulatory Activity Slows Down Some regulatory activity related to health data privacy and security is on hold as a result of the partial government shutdown.

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Data Governance: How to Tackle Three Key Issues

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The Importance of Accountability, Data Inventory and Automation As organizations plot their 2020 cybersecurity strategies, especially in light of privacy regulations, key data governance challenges are emerging.

Data Governance 2.0: The CIO’s Guide to Collaborative Data Governance


In the data-driven era, CIO’s need a solid understanding of data governance 2.0 … Data governance (DG) is no longer about just compliance or relegated to the confines of IT. Today, data governance needs to be a ubiquitous part of your organization’s culture.

Zoom Bombing Attack Hits U.S. Government Meeting


Web Security coronavirus Privacy Security US government work from home zoom zoom security Zoom-bombingA recent U.S. House Oversight Committee meeting was the latest victim of Zoom bombing, according to an internal letter.

UK contact-tracing app could fall foul of privacy law, government told

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Its report was published following a legal letter from the Open Rights Group warning of “heightened and urgent concerns” that the government had failed to follow laws requiring it to submit an assessment of the risks to the information commissioners office.

Data Governance for Smart Data Distancing


During this coronavirus emergency, we are all being deluged by data from politicians, government agencies, news outlets, social media and websites, including valid facts but also opinions and rumors. Data Governance Methods for Data Distancing. Hello from my home office!

Contact-Tracing App Privacy: Apple, Google Refuse to Budge

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Germany Changes Tack to Decentralized Model; Some US States Seek More Control Apple and Google have promised to help facilitate contact-tracing apps, but they've rejected calls to give users' location data to governments, as the U.K.,

Happy Data Privacy Day #DataPrivacyDay2020

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Check out the resources below to learn more about data privacy. The post Happy Data Privacy Day #DataPrivacyDay2020 appeared first on IG GURU. Business Compliance IG News Information Governance information privacy Privacy Record Retention Risk News Data Privacy Data Privacy Day

Privacy and Innovation Combined in Information Governance


Today’s biggest US tech companies – historically known for their innovation, pragmatism, and willingness to adapt – are by and large failing to comply with privacy laws forth by GDPR. This long-standing tradition of privacy protection is evident in their most recent regulation, GDPR.

Metadata Management, Data Governance and Automation


erwin released its State of Data Governance Report in February 2018, just a few months before the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect. Download Free GDPR Guide | Step By Step Guide to Data Governance for GDPR?. Can the 80/20 Rule Be Reversed?

Using Information Governance with a Privacy Compliance Plan as the Fulcrum for Data Privacy and Continuous Compliance

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In May of 2020 I was honored to speak at the MERv conference with John Frost of Box on the topic of Using Information Governance with a Privacy Compliance Plan as the Fulcrum for Data Privacy and Continuous Compliance.

Data Governance Tools: What Are They? Are They Optional?


Data governance tools used to occupy a niche in an organization’s tech stack, but those days are gone. The rise of data-driven business and the complexities that come with it ushered in a soft mandate for data governance and data governance tools. Data Governance 1.0

Free Webinar: Information Governance (IG) and Certifications: A Practical Overview

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The post Free Webinar: Information Governance (IG) and Certifications: A Practical Overview appeared first on IG GURU. Register for this webinar here.

Covid-19 Spurs Facial Recognition Tracking, Privacy Fears


But privacy issues need to be top of mind, tech experts warn. Government Privacy Biometrics coronavirus COVID-19 data collection Data Privacy facial recognition GDPR surveillance state

i-SIGMA provides recent listing of House and Senate Bills by State and Federal Government involving Privacy 2019-YTD

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The post i-SIGMA provides recent listing of House and Senate Bills by State and Federal Government involving Privacy 2019-YTD appeared first on IG GURU. Check out the detailed list here.

Official Government COVID-19 Apps Hide a Raft of Threats


Government Mobile Security Privacy Vulnerabilities Android backdoor Colombia coronavirus tracking COVID-19 google play government apps Irán italy mobile apps official mobile apps Pandemic tracking apps vulnerabilities ZeroFOX Alpha Team

Using Strategic Data Governance to Manage GDPR/CCPA Complexity


In light of recent, high-profile data breaches, it’s past-time we re-examined strategic data governance and its role in managing regulatory requirements. Although the CCPA [California Consumer Privacy Act, the U.S. Govern PII “at rest”. Govern PII “in motion”.

GDPR 111

Data Governance Makes Data Security Less Scary


In fact, we’ve seen some frightening ones play out already: Google’s record GDPR fine – France’s data privacy enforcement agency hit the tech giant with a $57 million penalty in early 2019 – more than 80 times the steepest fine the U.K.’s Happy Halloween! Do you know where your data is?

The Secret Sauce for Complying with Privacy Regulations


In the wake of new privacy regulations in Europe and California that empower consumers with greater control over how data about them is collected and maintained, several other countries and states are considering similar legislation.

5 Ways Data Modeling Is Critical to Data Governance


They also face increasing regulatory pressure because of global data regulations , such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), that went into effect last week on Jan. Enterprises are trying to manage data chaos.

IAPP Members Get On-Demand Access to Global Privacy Experts

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Privacy Experts Skeptical of Proposed Data Protection Agency


A new Data Protection Agency would overhaul federal regulation efforts around data privacy - but experts are skeptical that the U.S. government can get it right.

Top 10 Data Governance Trends for 2020: Data’s Real Value Comes Into Focus


Understanding the data governance trends for the year ahead will give business leaders and data professionals a competitive edge … Happy New Year! Regulatory compliance and data breaches have driven the data governance narrative during the past few years.

Ransomware and the Role of Cyber Insurance via Teach Privacy

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BEST PRACTICES: Why pursuing sound ‘data governance’ can be a cybersecurity multiplier

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Related: What we’ve learned from the massive breach of Capitol At RSA 2020 , I learned about how one of the routine daily chores all large organizations perform — data governance — has started to emerge as something of a cybersecurity multiplier. And by doing this housekeeping – i.e. by improving their data governance practices — companies can reap higher efficiencies, while also tightening data security.

Proposed government Coronavirus contact tracing app leaked data

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A contact tracking app for the Coronavirus proposed to the government of the Netherlands is affected by security issues that could expose user data. The development team is working to fix the security and privacy issue and announced that it will go on with the selection process.

Privacy: How Technology Is Outpacing Regulation

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To ensure privacy is protected, governments need to make sure standards and regulations keep pace with the latest technology developments, including facial recognition and other forms of artificial intelligence, says Steven Feldstein, an associate professor at Boise State University

California Needlessly Reduces Privacy During COVID-19 Pandemic

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This one isn't even related to contact tracing: On March 17, 2020, the federal government relaxed a number of telehealth-related regulatory requirements due to COVID-19. breaches covid19 medicine privacy

[Podcast] Strategic Considerations for Information Governance Audits


Audits can be performed to assess data quality, identify data liabilities, ensure data privacy, uncover data leaks, and so on. Information governance audits, in particular, are used to ensure compliance with relevant information governance policies and procedures.

Large-Scale Government Hacks Hit Russia, Bulgaria


Breach Government Hacks Privacy Bulgaria Cyberattacks FSB russian security agency secret projects tax informationThe Bulgarian attack impacted almost all tax information for the entire country.

Webinar: Case Studies on Information Governance in Microsoft 365 | 1:00pm ET on April 2, 2020

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VP of Information Governance, IGS, an Access Company and Atle Skjekkeland, CEO, Infotechtion Attend this session to learn how global enterprises with up to 90,000 staff are using Office 365 for information governance, records management and information privacy and protection.

Security and Privacy Implications of Zoom

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Over that same period, the company has been exposed for having both lousy privacy and lousy security. In general, Zoom's problems fall into three broad buckets: (1) bad privacy practices, (2) bad security practices, and (3) bad user configurations.

California Adopts Strictest Privacy Law in U.S.


On Wednesday California adopted the strictest privacy law in the United States. Government Privacy 23andMe California California Consumer Privacy Act cambridge analytica CCPA

Physical Meets Digital: Privacy Is Your Responsibility


In addition, there are the costs which are much harder to quantify, like reputational damage and the urgent need to implement privacy by design as a default. Modern Governance Podcast compliance consumer data data privacy Modern Governance physical meets digital


NY State Privacy Act Fails to Pass

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The New York Privacy Act (NYPA) was supposed to surpass California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), but failed to pass New York legislature. The post NY State Privacy Act Fails to Pass appeared first on IG GURU.

Popular Information Governance Frameworks and Models

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June 19, 2019 Don’t know where to begin with implementing a governance program? IG GURU has compiled a list of information and data governance frameworks and models one can use for their organization.

AIIM Issues 35-page Information Governance Report

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Top 10 Data Governance Predictions for 2019


This past year witnessed a data governance awakening – or as the Wall Street Journal called it, a “global data governance reckoning.” So what’s on the horizon for data governance in the year ahead? The data needs to be continuously governed for assurance purposes.

How AI is slowly changing data governance

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The search for better data governance — including data mobility, data accuracy, compliance, cybersecurity and privacy — has led to the application of AI in new processes and a suite of new data handling tools. Artificial intelligence Data management Data governance