Feel Good Ukraine Tractor Story Highlights Ag Cyber Risk

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Related Stories DEF CON: Security Holes in Deere, Case IH Shine Spotlight on Agriculture Cyber Risk Episode 235: Justine Bone of MedSec on Healthcare Insecurity Episode 234: Rep. But the contact said that ‘it seems that the hijackers have found consultants in Russia who are trying to bypass the protection,’” CNN reported. Though it is making news [link] the theft happened in March and was first reported in early April. Growing Threats to agriculture. The good news?

“Edited by Laura Thornburgh,” Pioneer of Motion Picture Education

Unwritten Record

It might be surprising to learn that there was a time when the case had to be made for the value of motion pictures in education. It may require digging into the USDA’s textual records, but we hope they will be uncovered someday.


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The U.S. Forest Service Presents: Winter Olympics

Unwritten Record

The film Winter Olympics is from Record Group 16: Records of the Office of the Secretary of Agriculture and was produced by the Department of Agriculture to document the contributions of the U.S. Forest Service (an agency of the Department of Agriculture) to the Olympics.

Queens of the Air: American Women Aviation Pioneers

Unwritten Record

It was the famous Ruth Elder , the first woman to attempt a transatlantic flight. Once the United States entered World War I, flying for non-military purposes became restricted to save resources for the military and the Stinson School of Flying was forced to close.

Hunting the ICEFOG APT group after years of silence

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The cyber mercenaries were recruited by governments and private companies, it was composed of highly skilled hackers able to conduct sophisticated attacks. Military contractors, shipbuilders, satellite operators, high-tech companies ) in Japan and South Korea. The group of hackers went dark just after the Kaspersky shared findings of its investigation in September 2013.

Caretakers of the Sky: The Wright Brothers and Recording the Aerial Age

Unwritten Record

After successful tests on a five-foot biplane kite, it soon became obvious that the weather conditions at their home in Dayton were ill-suited for sustained experiments. It weighed nearly five times more than their 1902 glider, requiring a launching system to get it up to flying speed.

Visual Cues and Clues: Looking ON the Photo

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Moreover, sometimes you can track down the archival institution that houses a photo you found online or in a book by simply examining what markings you can find on it. If you’re looking for information on the photo, typically it will be marked in the corners or along the sides of the image.

50 Years Makes a Difference! How Film Research Has Changed Since the 1972 Conference on Audiovisual Archives

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1] Now we have more than half a million reels of film, one of the largest collections of film in the world, and it grows every year. It is easier than ever for researchers to obtain viewing copies of films and make their own copies for further study.

Summer Road Trip: Los Angeles

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Los Angeles, the City of Angels, La-La-Land, Tinseltown, no matter what you call it, the city of Los Angeles has long been a center of commerce, culture, and entertainment in the United States. It is a must see on any road trip through California. Still from FC-FC-2434 “Nature has been extravagant in bestowing gifts upon Los Angeles…” NARA’s Motion Picture Branch has numerous films in its holdings related to Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

Summer Road Trip: Chicago and Pittsburgh

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While we enjoy the modern cosmopolitan sights, it’s fun to remember the lengthy history of the city as an agricultural and industrial hub. Projectiles for guns below 5″ High explosive Nose Fuel Shell French and English; 165-WW-198D-24 : Standard military filed kitchen manufactured by Variety MFG. Despite loosing its industry in the 1980’s, Pittsburgh was able to transition its economy to one focused on cutting edge research. We head next to Chicago!

Student Societies of Amherst Academy & Their Questions

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Nor are the school’s connections to Emily Dickinson and Mary Lyon the only highlights of its existence. That’s supplied by folks like me who get to look at these things and describe them in hopes that it helps you find them. It includes items about the history of Amherst Academy as well, and last week I stumbled upon two particular treasures: notebooks of minutes from the Franklin and Platonic Societies of Amherst Academy. Hey, don’t judge a book by its cover.

Web 2 Preview: DigitalGlobe: The World Is The Index

John Battelle's Searchblog

And it's known for having the stalwarts of the Internet industry represented as well - leaders from Google, Twitter, Yahoo, AOL, Newscorp, and Microsoft will also be there. It sends super expensive satellites into space, and takes high resolution, geographic-data tagged pictures of every square foot of the earth. It then makes these images available to anyone willing to pay* (and sometimes to those who can't but really need the data, as it did with the recent LA fires).

Summer Road Trip 2019: San Francisco and Yosemite National Park

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The area began as a military garrison built by the Spanish in 1776 and, after nearly 150 years as a U.S. This hand-colored glass lantern slide is one of a series found in the records of the United States Department of Agriculture. In Patriotic Activities (Local Identifier: 111-H-1215 ), we see how the military installation was used to train women in basic formations, flag signalling, and first aid. But it was the age of the automobile which really drove Yosemite’s boom.