Target Sues Insurer Over 2013 Data Breach Costs

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Lawsuit Claims Insurer Owes Retailer for Coverage of Card Replacement Costs Target has filed a lawsuit against its long-time insurer, ACE American Insurance Co.,

Healthcare giant Magellan Health discloses data breach after ransomware attack

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Magellan Health, a for-profit managed health care and insurance firm, was the victim of a ransomware attack. Magellan Health is a for-profit managed health care and insurance firm that ranks 417 on the Fortune 500 list of the largest US corporations by total revenue.

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Yahoo Takes Second Swing at Data Breach Settlement

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Million Settlement Would Be Largest Ever for a Data Breach, Plaintiffs Say Yahoo is hoping a revamped proposed breach-related settlement will pass muster with a federal judge who rejected the first one for myriad reasons, including high attorney fees and a lack of transparency.

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in July 2020 ­– 77 million records breached

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After mammoth amounts of personal data were leaked in May and June, we’ve seen a reversion to the mean this month. You can find our full list of publicly disclosed data breaches from July in this blog. Bitcoin scam leaks personal data of users from across the globe (248,926).

Target Seeks $74M in Data Breach Reimbursement from Insurance Company

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The funds would cover some of the money Target paid to reimburse financial institutions for credit card replacement after the 2013 breach

Insurer: Breach Undetected for Nine Years

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Dominion National Says Recently Discovered Incident Dates Back to 2010 A dental and vision insurer's revelation that it recently discovered a 9-year-old data security incident offers an extreme example of the difficulty some organizations have in detecting data breaches

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in February 2020 – 623 million records breached

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The 632,595,960 breached records accounts for about a third of January’s total, and is considerably lower than the figures for this time last year. Ordinance Survey discovers breach of employee data (1,000). Altice USA employees’ data stolen in phishing attack (12,000).

Blue Cross of Idaho data breach, 5,600 customers affected

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Blue Cross of Idaho announced to have suffered a data breach, hackers accessed to the personal information of about 5,600 customers. We have not identified any unauthorized use of personal data and will keep close watch for illegitimate activity,”.

Health Insurer Reports Data Breach That Began 9 Years Ago

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Dominion National first spotted something awry in April of 2019

When Do You Need to Report a Data Breach?

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The way in which you respond to a data breach has a significant impact on how severe its consequences are. The number of data breaches that were tracked in the U.S. The way in which you respond to a data breach has a significant impact on how severe its consequences are.

Maryland Department of Labor discloses a data breach

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The Maryland Department of Labor announced it has suffered a data breach announced that exposed personally identifiable information. . The Maryland Department of Labor suffered a data breach, hackers accessed databases containing personally identifiable information (PII).

AccuDoc Data Breach impacted 2.6 Million Atrium Health patients

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Hospital network Atrium Health suffered a data breach, hacked accessed patients’ personal information after compromised the technology solutions provider AccuDoc. The archive did not contain financial data or clinical/medical information. The data breach impacted roughly 2.65

Oregon Department of Human Services data breach impacted 645,000 clients

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Oregon Department of Human Services announced it was a victim of a data breach in January, roughly 645,000 potentially impacted. “The Oregon Department of Human Services is notifying about 645,000 clients whose personal information is now at risk from a January data breach.

Tens of Million patients impacted by the AMCA data breach

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Recovery agency for patient collections American Medical Collection Agency (AMCA) suffered a data breach that could impact many of its customers. The security breach has impacted roughly 12 million of Quest Diagnostics ‘ patients and roughly 7.7

US-based children’s clothing maker Hanna Andersson discloses a data breach

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The US-based children’s clothing maker Hanna Andersson has disclosed a data breach that affected its customers. The US-based children’s clothing maker and online retailer Hanna Andersson discloses a data breach, attackers planted an e-skimmer on its e-commerce platform.

Desjardins Data Breach Worse Than Originally Reported

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The June data breach of Canadian financial institution Desjardins was wider in scope than initially reported and compromised the data of all 4.2 The breach, initially detected in December 2018 and announced in July 2019, was originally estimated to have affected 2.7

Girl Scouts data breach exposed personal information of 2,800 members

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A Girl Scouts of America branch in California suffered a security breach, hackers accessed data of 2,800 girls and their families. Hackers breached the Orange County, Calif. 1, Girl Scouts of Orange County notified every member whose data has been compromised.

First American Financial Corp. Leaked Hundreds of Millions of Title Insurance Records

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The Web site for Fortune 500 real estate title insurance giant First American Financial Corp. based First American is a leading provider of title insurance and settlement services to the real estate and mortgage industries. Data Breaches Ben Shoval First American Financial Corp

Cybersecurity Insurance

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Good article about how difficult it is to insure an organization against Internet attacks, and how expensive the insurance is. But even with 20 years' worth of experience and claims data in cyberinsurance, underwriters still struggle with how to model and quantify a unique type of risk.

Report: Unknown Data Breach Exposes 80 Million US Households

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vpnMentor ’s research team discovered a hack affecting 80 million US households, and the incident is still actively leaking data. This isn’t the first time a huge database has been breached. This reveals open holes in web systems, which they then examine for weaknesses and data leaks.

Supreme Court Won't Review CareFirst Data Breach Case

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Case Now Heads Back to Lower Court for Potential Trial The Supreme Court has declined to review the data breach case involving CareFirst, and so now the class action lawsuit against the health insurer is headed back to a Washington federal trial court.

France data protection agency fines Uber 400k Euros Over 2016 Data Breach

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France’s data protection agency had fined the ride-sharing company Uber with 400,000 euros ($455,000) over a 2016 data breach. The data breach suffered by Uber in 2016 exposed the personal data of some 57 million clients and drivers worldwide.

Two thirds of organisations unlikely to survive a data breach

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Two thirds of UK organisations are uninsured against the financial impact of a data breach, a survey has revealed. Of the 1,800 respondents surveyed, 56% were most concerned about lost customer confidence and 52% were more fearful of the reputational damage inflicted by a breach.

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in October 2019 – 421 million records breached

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In a month where security experts across Europe were boosting awareness of cyber security , organisations had mixed results in their own data protection practices. It was also a particularly bad month for the UK, with 9 confirmed breaches. Data breaches.

Hunton Insurance Head Comments on Hotel Data Breach Coverage Dispute

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As reported on the Insurance Recovery Blog , Hunton Andrews Kurth insurance practice head Walter Andrews recently commented to the Global Data Review regarding the infirmities underlying an Orlando, Florida federal district court’s ruling that an insurer does not have to defend its insured for damage caused by a third-party data breach. To me, it’s clear that there were two reasonable interpretations of the insurance policy here.”.

Insurers Sue Trustwave for $30M Over '08 Heartland Data Breach

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Lawsuit filed by Lexington Insurance and Beazley Insurance is in response to a Trustwave legal filing that called their claims meritless

Lab test provider LifeLabs disclose a data breach that exposed personal info of 15M customers

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Lab test provider LifeLabs has disclosed a data breach that exposed personal information for up to 15 million Canadians. The exposed data dates back from 2016 and earlier, most of the information belongs to customers from B.C. ” reads the data breach notice.

American Insurance firm State Farm victim of credential stuffing attacks

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The American group of insurance and financial services companies State Farm disclosed a credential stuffing attack it has suffered in July. The insurance firm is notifying the impacted customers, but it did not disclose the number of affected users.

The Data Breach Case Study & Protection Guide

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Even the tiniest security gap can lead to a data breach. million settlement, Nationwide Insurance’s breach serves as just one example of the growing number of data breaches each year—making it all the more important you have protections in place. The post The Data Breach Case Study & Protection Guide appeared first on Record Nations. Data Breach/ID TheftAfter a $5.5

Know your enemy – understanding the 7 different types of data breaches

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Every day almost 7 million data records are compromised , with no organisation or sector immune. Organisations are facing a war on data breaches, so it’s imperative that ‘know your enemy’ becomes part of their battle tactics. Are you prepared for a data breach?

Vermont’s Amendments to Data Breach Law and New Student Privacy Law Effective July 1, 2020

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On July 1, 2020, amendments to Vermont’s data breach notification law, signed into law earlier this year, will take effect along with Vermont’s new student privacy law. Security Breach Notice Act. Student Data Privacy. Security Breach U.S.

The cost of a payment card data breach

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Most people generally understand what happens after a data breach: the crooks use or sell the information to make a quick profit, and organisations must spend money recovering from the incident and paying legal fees and penalties. There is also the cost of the breach response.

Equifax to pay £561 million to settle data breach

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Equifax has agreed to pay up to $700 million (about £561 million) as part of a settlement with US regulators following its mammoth data breach in 2017. How did the breach occur? However, a large part of that loss was offset by the organisation’s cyber insurance policy.

GUEST ESSAY: Cyber insurance 101 — for any business operating in today’s digital environment

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To help mitigate the risk of financial losses, more companies are turning to cyber insurance. Related: Bots attack business logic Cyber insurance, like other forms of business insurance, is a way for companies to transfer some of numerous potential liability hits associated specifically with IT infrastructure and IT activities. In other words, you are just about as likely to suffer from a security or data breach as you are to experience a hurricane or earthquake.

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in June 2019 ­– 39.7 million records leaked

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After a rampant start to the year for data breaches and cyber attacks, it’s about time we went one month without at least one massive security incident. Security breach costs Ripple cryptocurrency holders 23 million XRP (12). KY, school breached (7,000). Data breaches.

Nonstandard auto insurtech reports data breach

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Bridger Insurance says the incident, reported in Sept. 2018, involved some access of insurance application data. Data security Data management Data breaches Data governance Data storage

List of data breaches and cyber attack in March 2019 – 2.1 billion records leaked

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There’s a new compiler at the helm of our monthly list of data breaches, following the departure of IT Governance stalwart Lewis Morgan, who leaves me with some mighty big shoes to fill. All-in-one widget ShareThis discloses data theft (617 million). Data breaches.