The Emerging Trends and Growing Role of AI and Machine Learning in Cybersecurity


billion by 2029. According to a recent market research analysis, the market for artificial intelligence in cybersecurity will rise at a CAGR of 24.2 percent and reach $66.22 The market.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday, June 2022 Edition

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The IE desktop application will be disabled, and Windows users who wish to stick with a Microsoft browser are encouraged to move to Microsoft Edge with IE mode, which will be supported through at least 2029.

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GUEST ESSAY: ‘Cybersecurity specialist’ tops list of work-from-home IT jobs that need filling

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In fact, these jobs are expected to increase a whopping 31% by 2029. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic turned many office workers into work-from-home (WFH) experts, the trend toward working without having to commute was clear. Related: Mock attacks help SMBs harden defenses. As internet bandwidth has become more available, with homes having access to gigabit download speeds, a whole new world of career paths has opened for those who want to control their work hours and conditions.

Integral Workflow Automation Tools to Propel Document Imaging Demand, Finds FMI

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The market will thrive at a robust double digit CAGR during 2019 – 2029, attributing to the accelerating adoption of automated document imaging solutions that can provide secure print and document imaging services.

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History Doesn’t Repeat Itself in Cyberspace

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This 10-year milestone is exactly the right time to contemplate what may be said about the Cyber Command in 2029, and sentiment will hinge on technology decisions it makes in the near term. Without a sea change, 2029 won’t mark a happy anniversary. Originally published in Dark Reading on Aug. 13, 2019. The 10th anniversary of the US Cyber Command is an opportunity to prepare for unknowns in the rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape.

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Informe de Mercado de Transferencia de Archivos Gestionados Globalmente

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2020–2029. Informe De Mercado De Transferencia De Archivos Gestionados Globalmente, Tendencias Recientes, Factores De Crecimiento, Desafíos, Oportunidades, Estrategias, Desarrollos Recientes, Segmentos De Productos Y Pronóstico De Crecimiento 2019-2028. link]. El mercado global de transferencia de archivos administrados se valoró en US $ xx Bn en 2018. Se espera que alcance los US $ xx Bn en 2028. Se espera que el mercado registre un crecimiento significativo entre 2019 y 2028.