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Retailers can tap into generative AI to enhance support for customers and employees

IBM Big Data Hub

trillion on retail businesses through 2029. While generative AI currently makes up only 9% of the retail industry’s bottom line impact in 2023, IHL anticipates generative AI will grow to represent 78% of the total financial impact by 2029, reaching a total of USD 4.4 trillion in that year.

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Integral Workflow Automation Tools to Propel Document Imaging Demand, Finds FMI

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The market will thrive at a robust double digit CAGR during 2019 – 2029, attributing to the accelerating adoption of automated document imaging solutions that can provide secure print and document imaging services. The recent past has seen rapidly growing interest of customers in multi-functional printers and mobile printing apps.


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GUEST ESSAY: ‘Cybersecurity specialist’ tops list of work-from-home IT jobs that need filling

The Last Watchdog

In fact, these jobs are expected to increase a whopping 31% by 2029. They may work with computers or handheld devices, or other linked systems, such as point-of-sale machines. That makes fighting cybercrime a definite growth industry. A wide range of companies, in just about every field, are adding computer security specialists.

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10 everyday machine learning use cases

IBM Big Data Hub

Machine learning (ML)—the artificial intelligence (AI) subfield in which machines learn from datasets and past experiences by recognizing patterns and generating predictions—is a $21 billion global industry projected to become a $209 billion industry by 2029.