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GUEST ESSAY: ‘Cybersecurity specialist’ tops list of work-from-home IT jobs that need filling

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In fact, these jobs are expected to increase a whopping 31% by 2029. The level of education you have is not a critical factor; training and ability are the keys. The educational requirements are variable, from high school completion through a bachelor’s degree, depending on the employer. Median pay is $26.33/hr.

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Integral Workflow Automation Tools to Propel Document Imaging Demand, Finds FMI

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The market will thrive at a robust double digit CAGR during 2019 – 2029, attributing to the accelerating adoption of automated document imaging solutions that can provide secure print and document imaging services. Government entities, educational institutions, law firms, and several industries remain prime users of this technology.

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Quantum Computing Cyber Treats: Does Your Organization Have a Crypto Center of Excellence?

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Quantum computing has made continuous progress, and Gartner estimates 1 that by 2029, it will be able to weaken existing cryptographic systems to the point where they are no longer safe to use. People: Educate and enable business units and define collective ownership of crypto assets.