“Edited by Laura Thornburgh,” Pioneer of Motion Picture Education

Unwritten Record

While women often served as editors or scenario writers in the early days of film, we had seen little evidence of women working on military films, or really any early government films, so this was cause for excitement. Army Signal Corps United States Department of Agriculture

Special Media Catalog Updates

Unwritten Record

General Radio Programs Recordings Relating to Secretaries of Agriculture, 3/8/1941 – 1/19/1993 (NAID 100989, Local Identifier 16-GENERALa) (1483 new item descriptions, no audio files). Motion Picture Library Stock Shots, ca. Moving Images Relating to Military Activities, ca.


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Visual Cues and Clues: Looking ON the Photo

Unwritten Record

The United States Army Signal Corps have long been the units responsible for photographing military activities, especially during wartime. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service.”

Web 2 Preview: DigitalGlobe: The World Is The Index

John Battelle's Searchblog

In essence, the US Government uses DigitalGlobe for the same reason it uses FedEx to move military supplies around the world: it's just faster, better, cheaper, and easier. OK, so there's the answer for why the US Government is such a big customer (and it's not just military, of course. There's NASA, there's NIH, there's Agriculture, you get the picture, no pun intended). I had an extraordinary day yesterday, in terms of who I got to talk with.